Die With Your Boots On

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

Submitted: February 21, 2008

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Submitted: February 21, 2008



The front door swung open and slammed shut. The foot steps accelerated from the hall. Before Vess could sit up from the leather couch Mick entered fear was obvious from the emotion on his face. “They sent me with a message.” He froze five feet from the door. Vess cocked his eyebrow up, knowing the words streaming from Mick’s mouth he was refuring to Duke. “Come and save him.” His voice raising “They have Domino!”
Bringing his hands to the gently shaven face Vess did not lose control. Mick seen another gentleman rise from a chair in Vess’s computer chair. It was Vess’s mentor Martin. He had his doctorate in psychology and Masters’ degree in business consulting. Both men aware of the urgency in Mick’s voice; silence lost in decision management. The energy in the room grew cold; Mick looks from Vess to Martin, Martin to Vess. “I’ll take care of it.” A relief sigh came from Mick as he left the office.
Carefully arranging the papers on the desk from biggest to small Vess began to sweat from his nervousness. “Your going to go, aren’t you?”
Pausing for a slight moment Martin knew he was not thinking of an answer, still trying to decide he knew Vess’s mind was already set hearing the first words from Micks’ mouth. “Yes.”
“You have not went out on a hit in years.” Objecting to the idea.
Bringing his attention from the papers and toward Martin. “I must. Duke is all that is left in the Oath.”
“Not following.”
“Duke and I started this school. We knew of Dominos’ potential. We made an Oath and did everything possible to get him here. Once Dominos’ family was killed and he was enraged I dismissed all who were involved to keep the Oath sacred. If I do not go Duke will confess the Oath and Domino will destroy me.” Placing his hands on the desk and applying his pshycial weight against it’ he finished the sentence: “Not out of money, but out of rage. For once Domino will not flinch.”
“Duke wants you dead he could have already confessed.” Trying to talk reasonable to the head master.
“No, Duke wants to be the one to have my head. He wouldn’t risk Domino killing me first. He knows I am the only hitman here powerful enough to face him.”
“You are no where near ready to face another head master. You have not trained. Hell all you do is sit on that leather couch and talk about yourself.” Being more flustered than Vess he pointed to the leather couch Vess had risen from.
“I will not be it intimidated by Duke’s threat, you know I do not respond well.”
“You don’t respond well to anything unless you are talking about yourself.”
Vess buttoned the middle round black plastic on his suit jacket. He was not relaxed anymore, his adrenaline was pumping threw his veins. Five years ago him and Duke went on the last hit he would need to participate in. It was not a hit on Domino but a contract to enrage the man. Vess had approached Domino at an Italian restaurant offering the FBI agent a job no other man had declined before. With a pause before the simply ‘no’ Vess knew Domino had contemplated the thought and that’s all Vess needed to ensure killing the mans family would come to Vess for help to seek revenge. “The government created religion to keep the average person living in fear.” Vess begun. “Everyone knows anything above mans’ law is gods’ law. If every religious person knew they would be burned in hell for eternal life instead of living in a cage for fourty five years our crime rate would not be as low as it is today.”
“And this is relevant to Domino?”
“I am not one of those people, I do not fear god. Contracts come in and I send people out to get the job done. I am the one attending to their wants and needs. Subconciously these people think because they are not doing the crime god will not judge them. When a contract comes in I do not ask the customer and why will we be killing your wife today? I take the contract as it is. I do not fear god or man. Everything can be bought for the right price; I paid for Domino and I will not release him.”
“You killed his family.”
“Not everyone can be bought for pennies and dimes. I bought him out of anger. His love was too deep to resist revenge.”
“You speak of what you do not know.” With a deep british accent hung his head low as to missing one he loved.
“I’m a soldier not a monster Martin. I had loved once; and you speak of this to no one understand?”
“Yes.” Still far away in a memory trance.
“Long before any of this, before my obsession to create another world man could escape and be free of any sin. Before any contract a woman tried to save me from this fate. She knew what I was and what I could become. But like any homosapian she could not understand my work. As an intelligent creature we all seek one thing and one thing only; love. She could not understand I was not this creature but a relative of god. As though living in fear was better than a life I could provide for her. She was gone. After that I swore to myself, never get to close. All women do is weaken your heart.”
“Many women do not condone murder.” He was set astray from the path he had once known, love. The human race often does not know how to handle their own inner struggles and pain so they rebel against all they have taught and believed in. Love is like a drug, you become addicted to it, and once lost you spiral out of control. Without with drug the world has a dark cloud around it and nothing can satisfy your needs. You search everywhere for it, and with no luck of receiving it your whole body becomes numb and you live on yours knees instead of your feet.
“I killed my parents at age nine. And my grandmother shortly after that. I was always attending to their needs. Slaving away to clean their house. I was not a child I was consieved to become a personal slave. So I killed them. I was no going to attend to her needs of being loved.”
“Deep down, Vess, you want to be loved. Giving out these contracts for everyone else’s needs. You enjoying the feeling of being needed. You are contributing your loyalty in a different way. All these people need you to kill and you like that feeling. You are in love with attending peoples needs. And as a lovers that is what you do; you just need to switch your energy from contracts to a women, and you could make a fine lover.” Martin thought he had finally broke threw Vess’s armor but as soon as he had opened the gate Vess quickly closed it.
“I’m paying you to listen and not to leture me.” Vess snapped at him. Martin knew underneath the figure Vess put on, he was a normal man. Martin was coming closer to understand Vess’s pain and why he had closed himself off from the world. “Enough with this foolishness. Those days are long gone. Better a man with a gun than a silly girl with a flower.”
“Everytime you open up you quickly shut down. What is it Vess. For god’s sake tell me what plagues you at night, what that keeps you from the world? I have studied the behavior of people for years and I just don’t understand you.” Losing control of his profession Martin could not bare the fake frontman Vess preformed everyday. He needed to approach this bluntly. None of Vess’s soldiers knew a thing about the man. He was like a ghost with no history, no emotions, no fears and no weakness. This is what scared any man that dared to kill Vess. Without losing any sort of control of a situation Vess was always able to think straight and have the advantage of the perp. Nothing could hurt the head master. Another hitman could not capture a loved one for a bargaining chip. The man was immortal. Martin was the only soul alive that knew anything about the man; but yet knew nothing about him.

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