Past, Present.

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I stared into the face of the king. “No.”
“So be it.”
The step-in-king nodded towards the executioner and he swung his axe down. For a split second the world stopped and I stared on with tears falling down my face as Richard looked at me for the last time.
The blade reached his mark.

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Submitted: May 17, 2012

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Submitted: May 17, 2012




1st: The Start

  • Katarina and Richard: 1422
    • Peasant in 1422 when she meets Richard a rich noble disguised as a beggar. Henry the V had just died and his nine month old son had taken throne. The man that had taken temporary throne had saw Kat in the market and wanted her for himself.
    • Their love is what started it all.


  • Elizabeth and Joseph: 1863
    • Elizabeth was a young 18 year old girl living during the Civil War with her anti-slavery parents in New Orleans. Her father was a man that would buy slaves to free them. Her father brings home a rare Caucasian slave, Joseph. Even though his white, he’s still a slave. The police find out and Joseph is taken away.


  • Marcus and Amitola: 1607
    • Marcus was a white man, best friends with John Smith. Amitola was a Native American, best friends with Pocahontas. This follows Marcus and Amitola and not John and Pocahontas.


  • James and Adina: 1942
    • Adina was a Polish Jew that escaped from a torture camp. James is an American soldier traveling through Nazi-occupied France. His platoon finds Adina in an abandoned building and spot the forever burning number on her arm.


  • Ricky and Naomi: 1977
    • One night after a concert, Ricky and Naomi run into each other, drunk out of their mind. They have a one night stand. Next morning; they look at each other and panic. Both are in a relationship.


  • Jasper and Nuri: 2004
    • Jasper lives in small town in Alabama where nothing ever happens. Nuri is just the girl that moved in next door. As Nuri walks into her next class of her last year of school. Their eyes met. All of their past lives flash before their eyes. Problem? She has a girlfriend.


  • Gabriel and Dakota: 1985

Gab is Motley Crue’s head tech and Dakota is the new band, Guns ‘n’ Roses’ head tech. They met at a tech convention and see each other. They end up just friends until 1996 when they finally admit to each other their feelings. Things are good at first, but when you’re on the road; anything can happen.

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