There's more to her

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This piece is about a popular high-school girl and ways in which she is misinterpreted.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Friends and her.

Submitted: January 11, 2013

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Submitted: January 11, 2013




Her ways gave her a sense of power, even if it was just being able to kiss the most wanted guy at a party. She didn’t do it for the praise or to be envied, although she was flattered at times. For her sometimes when things got complicated or even if her plans worked out better than she expected she felt this all mighty emptiness. And it wasn’t the empty, unwanted feeling that someone whom perhaps gets bullied would feel, it was more that she had everything and was pleased with nothing. She got the beauty compliments, had friends from many places, got the boys she had her eyes on, she came from a fortunate loving family and was in the gifted class at school, but at times she was just so hollow, feeling like a transparent feather floating in the wind. People who were close to her, even her family didn’t realise how much more there was to her, all going on inside her head. It was like people’s judgments of her would be whatever the wished to believe, rumors and stories true or false, people used her as gossip, and she knew this was a down fall of her social status. She never tried or asked to be popular, but she soon realised that once you have reached a certain height you must be very careful to no plummet back down. Most people spoke fond of her looks and charm, but saw her as a somewhat conceded, typical minded girl. After moving schools her new friends came to find her personality, she was confident and was not afraid of acting stupid and crazy just to laugh at herself. 

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