Dug mr (do you get my riddles)

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do you like riddles? well so do i try you inteligents agenst some of these ps i know this is not a novle but this way i can have like 2 chapter 1 for the riddles and 1 for awnsers

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dug mr (do you get my riddles)

Submitted: February 26, 2012

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Submitted: February 26, 2012



Hi and welcome do Dug mr some of these riddles you may of heard before but some are ones i made up

Some will be easy and some will not

hope you enjoy it by clicking on shapter 2 you will be able to see the awnsers.

ok here we go.

1. How meny Apples can you put into an empty basket?

2. what goes round the house in the house but never touches the house?

3. A man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water.

the bar tender pulls out a gun and the man says thank you and then leves


4. 6 men go on a trip when they come to a river and the is a gard who aressts them

he takes them to a room and said that he will put a colourd dot ether black or red.

there a 3 red and 3 black and if they can tell them what coloured dot they have he will let them go

the room has no windows or mirrows or water and the gard makes sure that no man .

after a while one of them men says ive got it i have a red dot

shocked the gaurd said "how did you know i thought i had made this puzzle impossible if you tell me i will let you

all go in the end the men walk free but how did he know the colour of the dot on his head?

5. a red house is made of red bricks a blue house is made from blue bricks whats a green house made of?

6. brother and sister r talking whenthe boysays

"you know sis if i took 2 years awa from my age and give them to you,you would be twice my age how cools that."

hissister replys "Well if you give me 3 years from your age i would be 3 times you age"

how old is the girl and how olds the boy?

7. how far can you walk into the woods?

8. a man lives in a hotel on the 14 floor.

evey day he takes the lift down to the lobby to go to work.

when he returns if there r people waiting at the life or if its been raining

he will take the life strate to his floor.

if there s no one there or if it hasnt been raining he will go to the 7th floor

and walk up 7 flights of stairs why?

9.romeo and julet are found dead in a locked room

there is no sign of forsed entry and the only clues are

a bit of brokon glass and a small pach of water

how did they die?

what is the next letter in the sequance?

10. O T T F F S S E N ?

11.Give me food i will live

Give me water and i will die what am i?

12. a boy goes to a fair and meets a man who asks him if he fancys makeing some money.

the boy agrees and the man say to the boy "if i can write your exact waight on this peice of paper

then the boy must pay him £20 however if he fail he will pay the boy £40

in the end the boy pays the man £20 but how did the man know if he

has never met the boy before and there are no hidden scales?

13. what instrement can you hear

but can see or touch?

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