2 Atoms in a molecule

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Ophelia's You're average unpopular Teenager. she's doesn't tend to care what people say about her , she wears what she wants when she wants and hates being told what to do.
However , after being expelled from her previous high school, and the family moving to England, she's forced to Join a Private school. King Edwards , fully of bitches , wannabe 'Jocks', science geeks and general snobs. But then she falls , falls hard for someone out of her league. And to make things worse...Things are going to happen that seriously jeopardise everything and everyone.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - 2 Atoms in a molecule

Submitted: May 24, 2012

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Submitted: May 24, 2012




“Private school!?” I choked the words, amongst a mouthful of hot tea. It burnt my throat as I forced the liquid down, in an attempt to avoid a mass sprinkler effect of PG Tips, all over the living room. I was sat on the soft 3 seated Recliner, Laptop on well…my lap, tea in hand (and stomach), and Complete bafflement upon my once content face. I stared wide eyed at my dad and mum, who stood, arms folded above me. I swallowed the last of the tea and placed the china cup down on the floor. Taking a large breath in, I managed to find words.

“You’ve got to be kidding me? Right?” I chuckled. Although I admit it was more of a concerned laugh than an ‘Oh.My.God…you guys are just sooooo funny! I almost forgot to laugh’ Type chuckle. My parents both looked at each other blankly, before my dad reached into his pocket and produced a small leaflet. He threw it down on top on my laptop. The Red writing and fancy crest made me feel sick. I hadn’t even read the god damn thing and I knew exactly what it was: King Edward III’s School of majesty and English culture. I glanced at the paper, then to my supposedly loving parents.
“I am not. I repeat, Am not going there!”

~~~yeah short introduction but I wanted to get something up :D
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