Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

Submitted: December 13, 2012

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Submitted: December 13, 2012





“Do you mind telling me what the heck that was?” Fear and anger filled Mikaela’s voice.

Damien kept his eyes dead ahead and had a tight grip on the steering wheel.

“Take the second left.” Mikaela spoke through clenched teeth.

“Huh?” Damien glanced at her for a brief second.

“To get to my house.”

“Oh.” Damien turned.

“Are you going to tell me what happened back there?” Mikaela’s voice cracked.

“Do I keep going straight?” Damien avoided the question.

Mikaela stared at him with an annoyed look and shook her head, “Fine don’t answer me. Yes go straight.”

Damien nodded and kept driving.

“Pull up right about there.” Mikaela pointed to a two story, light blue apartment with a perfectly manicured lawn.

Damien pulled up in front of the driveway, still keeping his gaze dead ahead.

Mikaela sat still. “I’m not leaving until you give me something.” She studied Damien’s profile. “Please.” She pleaded, the desperation heavy in her voice.

Damien sighed and turned his head to face Mikaela. The sad look in her big, brown eyes caused a tight pain through his chest. He didn’t know why but seeing her silently hurting so badly made him want to reach out and hug her. Yet, at the same time he wanted to rip her heart right out of her chest. It was an internal battle between who he was and what he wanted to be.

“Well?” Mikaela searched his face, looking for a tiny bit of hope that Damien would give her at least a morsel of information.

“That was my brother and sister back there.”

“Ok.” Mikaela nodded. “And?”

“They’re bad news.” Damien was skirting the edge of the terrible truth.

“Your eyes. Your brother screaming in pain to make it stop. Could you explain all that?” Mikaela had to fight to keep the tears that were stinging her eyes at bay.

Damien remained silent and began silently tapping on the steering wheel. He didn’t know how to explain all of this to Mikaela. He didn’t want to bombard her with so much information at one time.

“Damien!” Mikaela pushed.

“What about my eyes?” His voice was so innocent and naïve that if Mikaela hadn’t seen his eyes change for herself she would have believed that he actually had no idea.

“I saw your eyes change, Damien! Don’t lie to me! And you sister, she called me a nephilim. Isn’t that an abomination of angels or something? What the hell is going on?” This time the tears broke loose without warning.

Damien wanted to reach out and hold her, tell her everything. It took all the strength he could muster to stay still.

“Look,” Damien sighed, “when my siblings cornered you, you were probably just scared and out of it, so maybe your brain just created crazy images to help make your situation better.”

“Bull!” Mikaela yelled out, “Don’t talk me like I’m stupid, Damien. I know what I saw.”

Damien opened his mouth to say something but quickly closed it. His face was hard. “I’m not going to argue this. Listen to yourself, Mikaela. How is what you’re saying making any sense? I think you need some rest.”

Mikaela sat there and thought about what Damien had said, in some ways he was making sense. But somewhere, in the depths of her mind, she knew she wasn’t hallucinating.

The rain began to fall, its soft pitter-patter on the car’s roof was a contrast to Mikaela’s pounding heart. She sighed heavily and pushed her black hair out of her eyes, “Fine.” She spoke calmly to Damien, her brown eyes holding a hint of sadness. “Let’s just forget about this.” She sat there, staring at Damien.

Damien returned her stare with a satisfied smile on his face. He leaned closer toward her and was about to reach his hand to caress her face when there was a loud knock on his side of the window.

Startled, they both turned around and were looking at a concerned Tenille. “Mikaela,” She said with a controlled calmness, “could you please step out of the car.” She kept her eyes firmly on Damien.

Mikaela complied without hesitation.

When she got next to Tenille, Tenille pulled her close and whispered, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah." Mikaela shifted uneasily.

Tenille diverted her eyes to Damien, a scowl on her face, "Are you sure you're ok?" She asked again.

"I'm fine Tenille." Mikaela nodded and smiled.

Suddenly, a shadow quickly passed over them.

Tenille looked up and noticed what seemed to be a large crow circling the sky as if it was about to swoop down and snatch up its prey at any second. She balled up her fists. "Mikaela, could you please go inside? Vinessa is waiting on you for help with homework." Her voice was distant.

Mikaela nodded. "Bye Damien." She waved with a smile.

"Bye." Damien coldly responded, as he tried to make Tenille believe that he had no interest in Mikaela.

Tenille waited until Mikaela was inside before she looked up at the large crow which was still circling the sky, a bloodcurdling caw filled the sky, "Damn shapshifter." Tenille whispered. She zeroed her eyes in on Damien, "You and your kind," she quickly glanced at the large crow, "need to stay away from Mikaela. If you don't, I swear you'll regret it." She stared at Damien for a second and calmly smiled. Suddenly a tiny yelp escaped Damien's lips and he grabbed his chest, at the same time, a painful caw filled the sky and the large crow retreated.

"That's just a small percentage." Tenille walked away from the car and walked inside the house.

The pain around Damien's chest dissipated, he expelled a deep breath and stared as Tenille made her way up the front door, and into the house. "I wish I could," Damien whispered to himself "but I don't think I can stay away from her." He peeled off into the cold afternoon.

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