Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: December 22, 2012





Mikaela was stirring in her sleep.

She was dreaming, except this time it wasn't about the fallen angels; it was about Damien.

She was standing in the midst of something that seemed like it was borrowed straight out of an artist's landscape painting.

The sky was blue and clear, not a single cloud in sight. She was standing near a clear river, the grass beneath her bare feet was wet and soft. Tall trees adorned the beautiful field. Rose bushes of vivid red and blinding white were strewn across the field. Butterflies of different colors fluttered through the air above her.

She knelt beside the clear river, stared at her own reflection for a few seconds before disturbing it, the water rippled with hues of gold and silver.

As the distorted image settled back, Mikaela saw Damien's reflection standing next to hers. His eyes appeared as deep and green as the verdant field she was in.

"Hey." She smiled as Damien offered his hand and stood her up.

"You look beautiful." Damien eyed her simple white dress which stopped just below her knees.

"Thanks." She blushed, as she tucked a few stray strands of her black hair behind her ear.

"This place is stunning." Damien looked around in awe.

"Too bad it's not real."

Damien stared at her with a raised eyebrow.

"It's a dream, silly." She chuckled.

"How do you know?"

"Because this is too beautiful, I wish all my dreams were like this..." Mikaela's voice trailed off as a blue butterfly with dark purple edged wings fluttered pass her.

"What kind of dreams do you have?" Damien stepped closer to her and gently stroked her cheek with his thumb.

Mikaela blushed and slightly backed away, " this your dream or my dream?" She avoided the question.

Damien tapped his chin for a few seconds while he sported a pseudo-contemplative look. "Maybe a little bit of both." He gently ran his fingers along Mikaela's arm, causing goosebumps and her blush to deepen. He laced his fingers with hers and pulled her close to him in a warm embrace. "I don't want to wake up." He whispered in her ear.

"You don't have to." She whispered back.

Damien pulled away, and held her at arms length, "But I'm going to." He kissed her on her cheek.

Mikaela stared into his green eyes and noticed that he was slowly fading away. "No, don't go." She tried to grab his arm but her hand went straight through it as if he was an apparition.

"Sorry." His voice sounded distant and had a slight echo to it.

"Damien!" Mikaela yelled but it was as if he was never there. "Bye." She whispered to the empty space where Damien once was.

Suddenly, a cold breeze blew through the calm field. Mikaela wrapped her hands around herself for warmth. It began drizzling, but strangely Mikaela wasn't getting wet. As the raindrops fell on the field, it began to wash away the color. Mikaela looked around puzzled as the green of the field, the reds of the roses and all the colors of the picturesque scene started running to the river, creating a murky brown color.

After a few more seconds, the field was completely void of its vibrant colors and Mikaela looked at what now appeared to be a page out of a coloring book. Slowly, Mikaela felt like she was being pulled out of the dream, she didn't fight it, she simply closed her eyes and when she opened them she found herself staring at the ceiling of her own room.

She got off the bed and started for the bathroom.

"...demon" Mikaela heard Tenille's voice though the closed door of her father's bedroom.

Mikaela paused, tiptoed closer to the door and gently pressed her ear to it.

"He's a demon, Charles." Tenille's voice carried a hint of fear, something Mikaela had never heard in all the years she knew her step-mother. "I think we..." Tenille cut herself off.

Mikaela strained her ears but if Tenille was still talking to Charles, she was doing it in sign language. It was almost as if Tenille knew Mikaela was at the door and stopped talking, which didn't really surprise Mikaela. Ever since she knew Tenille, it was almost as if she had a sixth sense. You could never sneak up on her.

Mikaela lingered at the door for a few more seconds, after coming to the realization that Tenille would not continue the conversation, she tiptoed to the bathroom. She turned on the light and instantly squinted, she kept her eyes closed for a few seconds, allowing them to adjust.

She stared at her reflection in the medicine cabinet's mirror. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders in perfect, loose curls. She looked deeply into her brown eyes and allowed her mind to wonder. A few seconds later, her eyes widened with a sudden realization.

"Nephilim. Demon. Damien's eyes." Mikaela whispered those words to herself, and the more she thought of them the more passages she had read from The Book of Enoch came hurtling to the forefront of her mind. "No way!" She raised her voice in shock as she placed together the final piece of the surreal puzzle.

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