Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Mikaela stared at the wooden, octagonal shaped clock on the beige wall of her American History class. She was quietly tapping her feet as she impatiently waited for the lunch bell to ring. After last night's dream and what she had pieced together about Damien, she had to talk to him. Although she saw him in English class this morning, he wasn't sitting next to her because after the events of the first day, he opted to switch seats. It stung Mikaela a little at first but she got over it.

There was only five minutes of class left, but to Mikaela it seemed like five hundred years. After what seemed like the longest five minutes of her life, the lunch bell finally sounded off. Everyone packed up their bags and headed out the door, while Ms. Armstrong, the American History teacher mentioned something about a quiz at the end of the week.

Mikaela bobbed and weaved her way through the crowded hallway of Serenity Falls High, in the distance she saw an individual with spiked hair with the tips dyed neon green.

"Spikey!" She yelled out. One girl who was close to her, shot Mikaela a dirty look, Mikaela ignored it. "Spikey!" She yelled again.

She noticed that Spike paused for a few seconds, possibly cussing her under his breath, and then turned around.

Mikaela smiled, waved and continued bobbing and weaving her way through the sea of her schoolmates until she met up with Spike.

"To lunch, my lady?" Spike smiled with his unnaturally green contacts as he hooked his arms with Mikaela's.

"Yes and no, kind sir." Mikaela led Spike out of the crowded hallway and they slowly walked down the stairs that led to the cafeteria.

"Explain..." Spike blinked a few times, his contacts were bothering him.

"I'll be having lunch" Mikaela began, "Just not with you guys."

"Sitting with that new guy, I see." Spike cooed as he and Mikaela entered the open doors of the noisy cafeteria which had the scent different foods all wafting into one entity.

"Shut up!" Mikaela unhooked her arm with Spike's and playfully punched him on the arm.

They both noticed Erin sitting at their regular table, wearing a blue and white, long sleeved, horizontal striped shirt and blue skinny jeans. She was doing what she did best at lunch, counting calories.

"Tell Erin I said go to hell." Mikaela said to Spike as she smiled and waved at her best friend.


"Because she's going to say something smart when she notices that I won't be joining you guys for lunch."

Spike chuckled and headed toward Erin.

Mikaela took a seat on the chair at the empty table, the one she secretly refers to as "Damien's Table". So far, she had sat across from him on that very table twice. Each encounter a bit more interesting than the last.

Mikaela nervously tapped her feet against the cold, hard floor, debating whether she should wait for Damien or go get something to eat. She decided that she couldn't eat. There was too much going on in her mind.

A few students entered the cafeteria but none of them was who she wanted to see. She was getting nervous. "Where are you, Damien?" She whispered to herself as she stared at the open doors of the cafeteria.

Something tiny nipped at her heart as she saw Seth walking in. Oh great, she thought to herself as she imagined the million things Seth could possibly say to her when he sees her.

As if on cue, a confused look curtained Seth's handsomely boyish features and he stalked toward Mikaela, "Hey," his voice filled with uncertainty as he ran his fingers through this blond hair. Mikaela watched as Seth's hair perfectly fell into place as if it was never disturbed. She hated his hair for that because hers was so easy to get messy. "Did you guys have a fight?" He looked from Mikaela to Spike and Erin who were sitting at their regular table.

"No." Mikaela cleared her throat and straightened up in her seat. "I'm just waiting on Damien." She forced a smile.

A mixture of anger, fear and jealousy coursed through Seth's entire body at the mention of that name but he tried his best to mask it. How am I supposed to protect you, if you don't even know what I'm supposed to be protecting you from? He thought to himself as he stared at Mikaela's innocent face. "Cool." Seth tried to appear nonchalant, "Well, um, later then." He smiled at Mikaela, careful not to start another fight.

"Bye." Mikaela smiled back.

Seth nodded and made his way to Erin and Spike.

Mikaela fiddled with her fingers as she continued waiting for Damien to show up.

I dont think hes comin. She read Erin's text which was sent a few minutes ago.

She was in the middle of responding to the text when she felt as if something or someone was looming over her. She looked up and smiled as her brown eyes met a pair of familiar green ones. "Hey." She cleared her throat, trying to hide the blush she felt spreading through her entire face.

"There are laws against stalking." Damien quipped, his voice was just above a whisper. Something about the way he sounded made Mikaela blush even more.

"Get over yourself." Mikaela playfully rolled her eyes as she straightened the collar of her white t-shirt with the word "Angel" across the chest, written in a sparkling pink.

Damien chuckled as he read her shirt.

"What?" Mikaela looked at him confused.

"Nothing." He shook his head.

"Ok." Mikaela smiled, she tapped her fingers against the wooden table top as she played out in her head how she was going to approach Damien with the million questions she had. "We need to talk." She blurted.

Damien rested his elbows on the table and placed his chin in his palm. "Go ahead." He smiled, looking like an innocent child.

"Um." Mikaela thought for a few minutes, she had no idea how to broach the topic. She thought back to the very first time she talked to him at lunch - right there at the table they're at now - she thought about the vision she had when she grabbed his arm. Without giving it much thought, she reached out and grabbed Damien's free arm. Nothing happened.

"This would be really weird if you weren't so cute." Damien smiled down at his hand which was held in a tight grip by Mikaela's. "You're cutting off my circulation." Damien twitched his arm and chuckled deeply.

"Sorry." Mikaela quickly let go, feeling embarrassed.

"Mikaela, what's going on?"

"I need to ask you something." That was understatement.


"Ok." Mikaela exhaled deeply. "Um...are you a..." She cut herself off before she could finish. It sounded stupid in her head and would probably sound even more idiotic if she allowed her breath to give birth to that thought.

"A what?" Damien raised his eyebrow with piqued interest.

Mikaela nervously drummed the table with her fingers, "Um...look, I don't know...are you...I mean, your siblings...everything that has been happening, I don't know." Mikaela's brain was mush. "Are you a..."

"Demon?" Damien finished the sentence that Mikaela was struggling to get out.

Mikaela wordlessly nodded.

"I can't answer that." Damien's voice took on its low tone.

"Why not?" Mikaela sounded as if she was about to cry.

Damien smirked, which made Mikaela want to kill him. "I can't because lunch is almost over." His smirk widened into a smile, exposing his perfectly white and straight teeth.

A few seconds later, the bell rung, signaling the end of lunch.

The students who were still hanging out in the cafeteria began lazily getting up.

"Damien, please." Mikaela pleaded.

"After school." Damien looked into her brown eyes. "Can you meet me somewhere?"

"Where?" Mikaela inwardly cringed at how desperate she sounded. "The parking lot? Gym?"

"No, I can't. I'm not staying 'til the end of school. I have some family things to take care of." His tone was harsh and a tiny scowl appeared on his face as he said the word 'family'.

Mikaela noticed but didn't push it. "Ok, where then?"

"Siren's Cove Cafe." He smiled. "You know where that is right?"

Mikaela chuckled, "I should be asking you that. You're new here, not me."

"Right." He nodded. "Siren's Cove. 4:00ish?"

"Promise you'll give me answers."

"I do. Hope you're ready." And without saying another word, Damien got up and headed for the exit, leaving Mikaela at the table alone.

Mikaela watched as Damien walked away, she took in a deep breath and slowly blew it out. A part of her wanted to know what Damien was going to tell her, yet another part wished she had just kept to herself and left all her thoughts buried.

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