Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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'Demon' Mikaela furiously typed the word into Google's search bar, as the 'Book of Enoch' didn't give her exactly what she was looking for. She clicked on the first link she saw, which was a Wikipedia link. Her eyes instantly fell on the display picture to the right of the page; to her, it appeared to be a drawing of a man being attacked by five or six ugly winged creatures. "St. Anthony plagued by demons." She read the caption out loud.

Mikaela expelled a slow breath and began scanning the contents of the page; words like 'malevolent' 'unclean spirit' and 'evil' stood out. She buried her hands in her raven black hair and closed her eyes. "This can't be happening." She shook her head. She then scrolled back up to the top of the page and entered 'nephilim' into Wikipedia's search bar, she didn't even bother looking at the display picture when the page loaded.

"The Nephilim were the offspring of 'sons of God' and the 'daughters of men'" she began reading, "sons of God, daughters of men." She repeated the phrase over and over in her head until it sounded foreign. Suddenly, her eyes flew open, "Dad's an angel?" She whispered to herself. "No." Mikaela shook her head and continued reading the Wikipedia page.

"Mikaela?" Tenille's voice came through the other side of Mikaela's closed bedroom door, followed by three consecutive knocks.

Mikaela quickly closed the lid of her laptop. "Yeah?" she answered, as she picked up a book that was laying on the floor and pretended to be reading.

Tenille walked in Mikaela's room, her brunette hair in a perfect bun. "How are you, doing?" She smiled as she took a seat on Mikaela's pink bed.

"Fine, I guess." Mikaela shrugged, closed the book that she wasn't reading and sat next to Tenille.

As soon as Mikaela got next to her, Tenille pinched her nose as if the stench of something unbearable slapped her in the face.

"Everything alright, Tenille?" Mikaela's brown eyes were filled with concern.

"Yes, I'm sorry." Tenille shook her head as she quickly regained her composure, "Just felt a little light headed." She smiled. "Well," Tenille began as she slowly got off the bed, "you should get ready for dinner in a few."

"I will." Mikaela watched as Tenille walked through the door.

As soon as she was out of sight, Mikaela opened her laptop and continued reading about the nephilim. The more she read, the more she racked her brain trying to figure out if there was anything that happened in the past which indicated that her father was an angel. She drew a blank.


"I need some help with a research paper." Mikaela cut through the silent dinner.

"What's your research paper about?" Tenille asked as she cut a slice of steak from her plate before popping it in her mouth.

Mikaela took a long swig of her cranberry juice before responding, "The nephilim." She lowly answered.

Charles, Mikaela's father, cleared his throat but didn't say anything.

"Excuse me?" Tenille almost choked on her steak.

"Nephilim." Mikaela reiterated slightly louder.

"Why is your research paper about nephilim?" Tenille grilled, suspicious.

"For English class, we were discussing the universal 'Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark' thing and the teacher assigned us different points of research and I was stuck with nephilims and demons." Mikaela silently sighed, as she ended the lie she had just made up on the spot.

"I see." Tenille nodded, still a tad skeptical. "Vinessa," She smiled at Mikaela's younger sister, who was playing with the peas on her plate.

"Yes." She answered, as she stabbed the peas with her fork with no intention of eating them.

"Why don't you go watch T.V. and let me, Mika and your dad talk about boring school stuff." She winked.

"Ok." Vinessa quickly jumped off the chair and dashed for the living room.

"Sooo…" Mikaela whispered when Vinessa was out of sight, "about the nephilim."

"What about them?" Tenille tried to keep the calm in her voice.

Charles still remained silent.

"Ok." Mikaela sighed, as she realized that neither Tenille nor her father would just give her the answers she wanted, "Earlier, I was doing some preliminary research and it mentioned something about nephilims being sons of God and daughters of men, does that mean that nephilims are the children of male angels who mated with human women, dad?" Mikaela turned her attention to her father, catching him completely off guard.

Charles tilted his head and started at Mikaela with a confused look on his face, he opened his mouth to say something but Tenille spoke up.

"Mikaela, your father isn't doing too well. Go do some more research and we'll discuss this later" Tenille's voice had a slight crack to it.

Mikaela sighed, "But this is important." Mikaela pressed.

"I know," Tenille forced a smile, "but not now."

"May I be excused?" Mikaela tried to mask her disappointment.

Tenille nodded with the forced smile plastered on her face.

"What was that all about?" Charles asked when Mikaela had ran up the stairs.

"That boy." Tenille spoke through clenched teeth, "That dirty demon. He has been getting close to her. He's probably filling her head with whatever he wants." Tenille angrily cleared the table.

"What are we going to do about it?" Charles asked, taking a sip of water.

"I really don't know Charles, I really don't." Tenille took a seat at the empty chair near Charles, and buried her head in her hands. "I wish Camille was still alive."

Charles' stomach knotted at the sound of his dead wife's name.

"I swear, when I find the demon who killed her, I am going to take great joy in ripping its head off with my bare hands."

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