Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: June 12, 2012





Mikaela Glass was having that dream again. The dreams began on her seventeenth birthday. It was the same thing every other night; she’d be on a secluded island, then the blue sky would open and a ray of light would beam down to earth. From that light hundreds of angels would descend. At this point of the dream everything goes black and when it resumes, the angels appear to be distraught. The sky turns black and refuses to let the angels in. This is where everything freezes and Mikaela wakes up.

Mikaela’s eyes slowly opened and she stared up at the dark ceiling. She looked over at the digital clock and the red LED display told Mikaela that it was 3:33 AM. Strangely, that was the time she would always wake up whenever she had that recurring dream.

She laid flat on her back and took in a deep breath, her room was cold and it was raining outside, again. That’s one of the many things she hated about life in Port Orford, Oregon.

Tomorrow was the first day of school, the first day of 11th grade, which means that she only had one more year left before leaving this god-forgotten town. She twisted and turned in her bed until she fell asleep, and had the dream about the angels again.


Mikaela was sitting at the limestone kitchen counter. She was reading a book and was completely oblivious to her surroundings. She barely noticed her father, Charles, sitting at the end of the counter, reading the paper, nor did she notice the bowl of cereal that her step mother, Tenille, placed in front of her. She tucked her curly black hair behind her ears and picked up the yellow highlighter and started marking passages from the book that she found interesting.

“Vinessa, time for breakfast!” Tenille called out to Mikaela’s twelve year old sister.

Vinessa came rushing to the counter from upstairs, her black hair in pigtails. “Hey Mika.” She greeted her sister by the name she had been calling her since she was three, primarily because at that age she had a hard time pronouncing Mikaela’s name.

“Hey.” Mikaela robotically responded, lost in the book she was reading.

“What are you reading that has got you so wrapped up?” Tenille asked as she cocked her head forward, trying to get a view of Mikaela’s book.

“The Book of Enoch.” Mikaela quickly glanced up for a few seconds before returning to the book and highlighting more passages.

Tennille’s eyes widened and she was at a loss for words.

“Why are you reading that?” Her father, Charles, asked as he folded the newspaper and placed it on the countertop.

“These dreams I’ve been having.” Mikaela automatically answered but quickly wished that she could have taken the words back.

“What dreams?” Tenille asked with piqued interest.

“It’s nothing.” Mikaela shook her head and closed the weathered book.

“What dreams?” Tenille repeated, her voice a little more firm this time.

Mikaela expelled a hard breath, “Just about angels coming to earth and then the sky going black and refusing them access. I’ve been having them for a while, so I did some reach and came across this gem.” She tapped on the book’s front cover.

Tenille stared at her for a second and then directed her attention to Vinessa, “Are you finished?” She smiled.

Vinessa nodded and handed Tenille the empty bowl.

“Mikaela, hurry up with your breakfast and take your sister to the car, I’ll be there in a few. You guys don’t want to be late for your first day of school.” A tiny smile pulled on the corners of her lips.

“I’m not that hungry.” Mikaela pushed the bowl of cereal toward Tenille, picked up the book and highlighter off the counter and hopped off the chair. She picked up her bag that was on the ground, threw it over her shoulder and called out to her sister, “Come on.”

“Bye dad.” Vinessa kissed her father on the cheek.

“Bye angel.” He smoothed the top of her head.

“See you later dad.” Mikaela smiled at her father.

Tenille watched as Mikaela walked her sister to the car and then sat on the chair next to Charles when they were out of sight, “She’s having the dreams early.” She fiddled with the strings of her apron.

“We have to tell her.” Charles nervously tapped on the countertop.

“No.” Tenille shook her head, “It’s too early.”

“She’s having the dreams Tenille. We need to let her know what she is.”

“On her eighteenth birthday, like we agreed.” Tenille tried to smile.

“She needs to know, she’s having the dreams, damn it! She’s not safe anymore.”

“She is safe.” Tenille countered. “Charles, the only reason we moved to Port Orford was because there was no supernatural pull. She is safe. Next year we’ll tell her, until then let her enjoy her life. She doesn’t even know that she’s affianced to Seth. Just let her enjoy one more year of her life. Please.” Tenille pleaded.

“But Seth knows what he is. He knows what Mikaela is. He knows what their purpose is in all of this. It’s not fair to Mikaela.”

“Charles,” Tenille held his hand, “The only reason we chose to keep it from her was because she lost her mother seven years ago. Your wife, Charles. She hasn’t been the same since, and neither have you. It would be too much for her and you know it.”

Charles sighed, deciding that Tenille was in fact right, as always. “Fine.” He breathed.

Tenille smiled, “I’m going to take the kids to school now, take care of yourself.” Tenille squeezed Charles’s shoulder, picked up her purse from the nearby couch and headed out the door.

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