Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Tenille finally pulled up to Serenity Falls High School, the lawn was green and always well kept. A huge oak tree stood near the white steps that lead up to the white and blue building that was Serenity Falls High.

“Thanks Tenille.” Mikaela smiled at her stepmother as she hopped out of the navy blue minivan. The air was crisp, and they sky was slightly grey. “Have fun in school, V.” She waved at her little sister who was reading a picture book in the back seat.

Tenille honked the minivan’s horn and drove off.

Mikaela looked around at the school yard and took in a deep breath, “Just one more year in this hell hole.” She whispered to herself. She started for the front steps when she heard a high pitched squeal. It was annoying and humanly impossible, and only one person could make such a sound. “Erin!” She turned around with a wide smile on her face to face her best friend Erin Howell.

Erin had been Mikaela’s best friend since the ninth grade. She was tall with a flawless caramel complexion. Her hair was cut short, like a boy’s. She had beautiful brown eyes, long eyelashes, a slightly broad nose and full lips. She reminded Mikaela of a supermodel.

“MiMi!” Erin squealed as she extended her arms.

Mikaela hugged her tightly, “Despite this niceness, I’m still mad at you.” Mikaela pulled away from the embrace.

“What did I do?” Erin smoothed the left sleeve of her pink fitted blouse.

“You went to Brazil and left me all alone to suffer.”

Erin laughed and gave Mikaela a sympathetic hug, “I’m so sorry but,” Her eyes widened “I had the best time ever! I think I got like ten fake boyfriends. Oh my god!” Erin squealed, “Brazilian guys are so hot! They walk around in those tight clothes, or even better, shirtless!” Erin started to fan herself with her hand, “Lawd have mercy!”

Mikaela let out a hearty laugh, “So for the entire summer all you did was stare at boys?” Mikaela tried to control her laughter.

“What else is there to do?!” Erin squealed, “Oh my goodness, this one time I was at the pool and there was this olive skinned Brazilian with just a speedo, and his friends were with him and all of them had just big chests and tight abs. I was in boy heaven.” Erin faked swooned.

“Calm down sweetie.” Mikaela grabbed Erin’s shoulders and steadied her. “Did you talk to any of them?”

“Oh hell no.” Erin shook her head from side to side, “I didn’t wanna embarrass myself. I don’t speak Spanish.”

“Portuguese.” Mikaela corrected.

“Huh?” Erin sported a confused look.

“They speak Portuguese in Brazil.” Mikaela chuckled.

“What the hell ever.” Erin curled her lip, “It’s a language I don’t understand, therefore it’s Spanish.”

Mikaela laughed, “Get help.”

“I will as soon as I find me a Brazilian shrink.” Erin laughed.

“So we have the same first…” Mikaela’s words were cut off by the honking of a car’s horn.

They both turned around to see a crimson red Jaguar pulling up.

“Oh look,” Erin waved at the driver, “it’s Seth, your boyfriend.” She snickered.

“Not my boyfriend.” Mikaela whispered through clenched teeth and elbowed her in the ribs.

“If you don’t claim him I will.” Erin teased.

“Didn’t he reject you when we were freshmen?” Mikaela laughed.

“Yeah well I’m a junior now. My boobs are bigger.”

“Shut up!” Mikaela laughed even though she didn’t want to.

“Hey girls.” Seth waved as he got out of the car, his blonde hair was a mess, possibly because of the wind. He was wearing a black leather jacket over his black and white t-shirt and a pair of stone washed blue jeans.

“Hey Seth.” Erin smiled and hugged him.

“Hey Erin.” He smiled back and stood there slightly uncomfortable.

“Aren’t you guys gonna hug each other?” Erin waved her hand between Seth and Mikaela.

“We saw each other for the entire summer.” Mikaela smiled at Seth.

“Oh, I see.” Erin cooed.

“Not like that!” Mikaela playfully slapped her on the shoulder.

Seth chuckled and shook his head at them both. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to check the time. “Ten more minutes left before first period. I need to get to the registrar’s office.” He sighed.

“Why?” Mikaela asked.

“Drop a class and add another. Hopefully they let me do it.” Seth quickly hugged Mikaela and headed towards the school building.

“We have English first period, if you want to be with us.” Erin yelled out.

Mikaela shook her head and sighed.

“What?” Erin asked.

“Nothing. So should we get going?”

“Sure, oh by the way you’re an English freak right?” Erin pulled out her cell phone and replied to a text message she had just received.

Mikaela smiled, “Not really a compliment but sure.”

“Ok good, cuz I need help with…” She paused for a second as a smile swept across her face, “Who is that Adonis?”

Mikaela followed Erin’s stare and her eyes fell on a shiny black hair that was sleeked back. He had a tan complexion and his face looked like it was woven with danger and mystery and adventure. “Must be a freshman.” Mikaela shrugged.

“No,” Erin countered and shook her head, “he seems too confident. Well,” Her voice perked up, “seeing as I’m just beaming with school spirit, I’ll go welcome him.” Erin smiled.

“Beaming with school spirit?” Mikaela repeated with disdain, “You don’t even know the first line of our school song.”

“Well I’m beaming with boy spirit.” Erin grinned, “And he is a boy in our school, so yeah.” Erin waved at Mikaela and made her way toward the new boy.

“Ok,” Mikaela spoke to herself as Erin walked away, “I’ll just walk myself to English class, which we have together.” Mikaela shook her head as she saw Erin obviously flirting with the new kid.

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