Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: July 04, 2012





Mikaela sat at her regular lunch table as she slowly examined the lunchroom as the aromas of the lunch that laid on everyone’s tray swayed through the tiny cafeteria. The first table she noticed was filled with awkward and out of place looking students, most likely freshmen. They were in the corner by themselves and kept their eyes only on the people at their table. In about two years they would branch off and act like they don’t even know each other, Mikaela thought to herself.

Then they were the geeks and nerds that fit the clichés and stereotypes to the letter; glasses, braces, acne, 50’s hairstyle, grandpa’s hand-me-downs.

Her eyes later fell on the popular kids and jocks, their potent smell of arrogance was so thick that it could be cut with a knife. Those were the people that only dated and hung out with people within their circle and if any member was to step out then they would be shunned.

Lastly was her table, the group that didn’t really fit in anywhere. First there was her friend, Kaden “Spike” Pierce, his bleached blonde hair was thick with mousse and spiked with the tips dyed purple. He wore heavy eyeliner, purple contacts and black nail polish. A tight black t-shirt screamed for its life as it clung to his muscular body, and he also wore leather pants which were a little too tight.

Then there was her best friend, Erin, who was reading the ‘Nutrition Facts’ of her energy bar and apple juice and entering characters into her iPhone. She was probably counting calories again, something Mikaela never understood and didn’t care to.

She finally looked over to the empty, orange chair. That’s where Seth would’ve been. Where is Seth? She thought to herself. As if hearing her thoughts she received a text message. She pulled the phone out of her bag, read it and slightly frowned.

“Seth won’t make it to lunch today.” Mikaela spoke to her table, “Still trying to do something with his schedule.” She took a stab at her lasagna.

“Cool.” Kaden nodded.

“So how are classes so far?” Mikaela smiled at Kaden.

“Boring. I’d rather be dead.”

Mikaela giggled, “Can’t be that bad, Spikey.”

“I’ve already told you to stop calling me that.” Kaden pointed a fork at Mikaela, “It’s emasculating.”

“Says the guy with eyeliner and nail polish.” Erin rolled her eyes.

Kaden stared at Erin for a while as if looking for something to say, when nothing came to him he just stuck up his middle finger and went back to his lunch.

Erin and Mikaela laughed at him.

“How about you guys, how’s classes?” Kaden looked at Mikaela.

“Great.” Mikaela answered. “Me and Erin got a class together.”

Kaden shook his head and began snickering, “So I guess no work at all will be done.”

“If MiMi would stop bothering me when I’m trying to get an education…” Erin snickered.

“No,” Mikaela pointed an accusing finger at her best friend, “don’t even try that, you’re the one who began talking to me about that new kid.”

“What new kid?” Kaden curiously asked.

“Damien.” Erin answered. “The one MiMi scared away.” She took a sip of her apple juice.

“I did not!” Mikaela protested. “He’s just weird.”

“Confused...” Kaden darted his eyes back and forth between Mikaela and Erin.

Mikaela sighed and gently tucked her black hair behind her ears. “There’s this kid that transferred or something from North Carolina. He had English class with us and when Erin tried introducing me to him, he got all weird, told me to stay away and practically ran out of the class.”

“Ok,” Kaden slowly smiled, “Interesting.”

“Like I said,” Mikaela began, “Weird.”

“Not true.” Erin countered, “I had third period with him and he seemed just fine.”

“Did you talk to him?” Mikaela asked, a little too enthusiastic.

Erin shook her head. “I got to class late, he was sitting next to Risa. I asked her to switch seats with me but she was being a bitch and said no.”

“How does that make her a b?” Mikaela asked.

Erin stared at her and curled up her lip, “You’re seventeen and still refuse to use bad words. Anyways, she was a BITCH because she knew why I wanted to switch seats. Don’t know why she cared to sit next to Damien anyway, she’s a lesbian.”

“Really?” Kaden stroked his chin and smirked.

“No she isn’t!” Mikaela stared at Erin, “Stop making up stuff.”

“Whatever.” Erin rolled her eyes. “She dresses like one, plus when I was talking to her, she was starting at me a little bit too long.”

“Get over yourself.” Mikaela smiled. “Point is, that Damien dude is weird for whatever reason he bolted out of class today.”

“Why don’t you go find out what that reason is.” Erin wryly smiled at Mikaela.

“What do you mean?” She asked confused.

“He got here five minutes ago and has been staring at you ever since.” Erin nodded toward a lunch table on the far end of the lunchroom.

Mikaela followed her gesture and saw Damien sitting at a table by himself, who was deeply staring at her but when he noticed Mikaela staring back, he quickly averted his eyes.

Mikaela turned around to face Erin and Kaden, “I’m…I’m gonna go talk to him.” She stuttered nervously and began getting up.

“Cool.” Erin nodded, “Make sure you tell him that you and I are NOT that close at all, just in case you still freak him out and he wants to date me.” She flashed a smile.

Mikaela rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and made her way toward Damien. She noticed that Damien sat upright and stiffened when he saw her approaching. “Hey.” Mikaela smiled as she took the seat opposite Damien.

Damien kept his expression stern and his eyes were looking everywhere except at Mikaela.

“Look,” Mikaela tried to make eye contact with him, “what’s your problem with me? I know I took a bath this morning so I’m sure I don’t smell bad and I may not be as hot as your North Carolina girls but I know I’m not ugly. So what’s wrong?”

“I can’t get close to you.” Damien’s hoarse voice was barely a whisper, “Why are you provoking me? I came here to get away from your kind. Leave me alone!”

“My kind?” Mikaela slightly raised her voice, clearly insulted. “What do you mean by that?”

For the first time since they met, Damien finally looked Mikaela in the eyes. The gaze of her deep brown eyes caused a warm feeling to surge through his veins but he quickly shrugged it off. “You really don’t know do you?” His voice was cryptic.

“Don’t know what?” Mikaela asked, anxiousness leaking in her voice.

Damien stared at her innocent face for a second and a tiny smile tugged on his lips. “Nothing.” He shook his head, his face taking on its serious look. “I gotta go.” He pushed off the table and started getting up.

“Wait!” Mikaela reached for his hand. The second her palm made contact with his forearm, a quick and sharp pain cut through her head, then came a blinding white light. Visions of angels being tortured skipped through her head. Their agony filled wails, their tear stained faces, blood running all over them.

Damien quickly pulled his arm free, breaking the connection, and stared at Mikaela with concern laced on his face.

Mikaela stared back, dumbfounded. Whatever it was she saw, whatever it was she felt, she knew that Damien saw and felt it too. “What was that?” She asked through ragged breaths.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Damien quickly responded. “I gotta go. Bye.” And just like that, he dashed out of the lunchroom.

Mikaela stared as Damien ran out of the lunchroom, and as he did she thought about the short lived vision she had. Though she couldn’t explain it, somewhere in the deep corners of her mind, she had a feeling that she should hate Damien, that she should hate him and fear him.

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