Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 01, 2012





The crisp fall air glided gently along Mikaela’s skin as she got off the bus and walked the rest of the way home. Tenille would be an extra hour at the office and Mikaela didn’t feel like waiting. She tried to get a hold of Seth but he wouldn’t pick up his phone and she couldn’t remember the last time her father got behind the wheel of a car. So the bus was her only option, either that or walk.

As soon as she got to her drive way it began lightly drizzling. Mikaela quickened her steps and fished through her purse for the house keys.

“Dad!” She called out, closing the door behind her, “I’m home.” She placed her keys and purse on the kitchen counter and walked over to the stainless steel double door refrigerator. She took out a vanilla yogurt and ripped the lid off.

“Hey.” She heard a voice which startled her. She quickly swung around, her black hair slowly following her haste movements. “Sorry to startle you.” Her father apologized, smooth lines running along his forehead.

“It’s ok, Dad.” She shrugged it off, and offered a smile.

Her father didn’t say anything; instead he stood there, just staring at her, his grey eyes foggy with sadness.

Mikaela braced herself for she knew what was about to come.

“You look just like your mother.” sadness interwoven within her father’s voice.

“Dad…” Mikaela began with a sigh, fumbling through her mind for something to say. She never knew how to respond when her father got like this. Usually there would be 5 minutes of awkward silence, five long, excruciating minutes.

Thankfully, there was a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Mikaela said, sounding a little too relieved. She opened the door and saw Seth lightly smiling at her, his blonde hair slightly wet. “Guess you weren’t fast enough to dodge the rain, huh?” She chuckled, opened the door wider and stepped to the side so that Seth could come in.

“Whatever.” Seth smiled at Mikaela. “Hey Mr. Glass!” Seth called out to Mikaela’s father, who was making his way up the stairs.

He turned back around, offered a tiny smile. “How are you, Seth?” he asked and without waiting for a response, he turned back around and continued up the stairs.

“OK,” Seth shoved his hands in his pockets, “your father is acting more reclusive than usual.”

“He’s just going through one of his moments.” Mikaela made her way to the white and blue couch that sat in middle of the living room. She sighed heavily and looked out the window, the sky was gray and the rain was falling hard.

“Sorry I missed lunch today.” Seth placed a gentle hand on Mikaela’s shoulder.

“It’s fine.” Mikaela turned around to face him, a contemplative look on her face. She was deciding whether or not to tell Seth about what happened at lunch. She replayed the scenario over and over in her head but it just didn’t make any sense. What was it exactly that she saw? And why was every bone in her body telling her to stay away from Damien. At the risk of having Seth think that she had completely lost it, she refrained from telling him about her “vision” but still mentioned Damien.

“Have you met the new kid, Damien, yet?”

“No, I’ve never met him.” Seth answered, the slightest hint of jealousy in his voice. “What about him?”

“Nothing.” Mikaela shrugged, perfectly masking her true feelings. “Just an interesting character is all.”

“Hmmm.” Seth responded.

“What?” Mikaela questioned.

“Nothing. Nothing at all.” A sly smile crept on Seth’s face.

Mikaela playfully rolled her eyes at him.

Seth was about to say something when the front door opened. They both turned to the door and saw Tenille and Vinessa walking in.

“Seth!” Vinessa beamed and ran up to her sister’s friend.

“How are you, lil’ girly?” Seth smiled down at Vinessa who had now hopped on his lap.

“Hi to you too V.” Mikaela smiled at her sister.

“Hi Mika.” She quickly responded and shifted her attention back to Seth. “So I had a great time in school today, I joined the…”

“Vinessa.” Tenille’s calm voice cut Vinessa’s words, “Give Seth a little break. Get out of your school clothes.”

“Ok. Bye Seth.” She hopped off Seth’s lap and dashed up the stairs.

“Hi, Tenille.” Seth greeted.

“Hello, dear.” Tenille smiled at Seth, “How are you Mikae…” Tenille cut her words short and just stood there staring at Mikaela, a puzzled look on her face twined with a hint of fear.

“Tenille, are you ok?” Seth and Mikaela asked in unison.

“I’m fine.” Tenille shook her head, as if shaking off whatever thoughts were present. “Seth,” she smiled down at him, “I got some groceries in the van, would you please help me out?”

“Sure.” Seth got off the couch, “Be right back.” He grinned at Mikaela and followed Tenille out the house.

As soon as Seth closed the door, Tenille placed a firm grip on his shoulder, her eyes heavy with fear and worry.

“Tenille, what’s going on?” Seth’s voice leaked with concern.

“Did anything strange happen with Mikaela today?” Her breath ragged.

“I’m not sure.” Seth shook his head, “I was mainly in the registrar’s office most of the day. Why?”

Tenille closed her eyes and expelled a slow and long breath, “She has been around a demon.”

Seth’s midnight blue eyes flew open. “Are you sure?”

Tenille nodded. “My nose is burning with the scent.”

Seth blinked a few times fast, speechless.

“He got close to her.” Tenille breathed, “Keep an eye on her tomorrow. Please.” She pleaded.

“I will.” Seth nodded. “I will.”

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