Forbidden (A Paranormal Love Story)

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: November 20, 2012





Mikaela sat in her Science class, staring at the circular clock on the white washed wall. She was counting down the seconds until school would be over. As soon as it hit 3:30, the school bell rang. The entire class picked up their bags, books and other belongings and rushed out the class, barely paying any mind to whatever the teacher was saying.

Mikaela weaved her way through the sea of her schoolmates and walked to her locker. She waited until the hall was less congested before she opened it. She entered her combination and pulled the dark blue locker door open. The inside was filled with books and papers which Mikaela knew she should throw out but was too lazy to do so. The inside of her locker door was covered with pictures of her, Erin, Seth, Kaden, Vinessa, Tenille, her father and deceased mother.

She was just about finished stuffing her books in her cluttered locker when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around and had to catch her breath when she found herself starting directly into a pair of familiar seductive green eyes. They were filled with desire, and warmth but somewhere deeper, there were pieces of darkness. She quickly straightened her body and smiled, “Damien.”

“Hey Mikaela.” Damien returned the smile, showing his perfectly straight and white teeth.

“What are you up to, besides hanging around my locker?” Mikaela smiled nervously, trying to keep her cool.

Damien chuckled but avoided the question, “Are you doing anything…” Damien abruptly cut his words and although he kept a warm smile, anger clouded his green eyes. “Never mind,” his voice was low and his whole body was tense. “I’ll see you around.” He breathed and smoothed her hair; it was as smooth as silk.

“Ok.” Mikaela stood there confused and watched as Damien walked away.

“Mikaela.” She heard Seth call her name.

Her entire mood changed as she remembered how Seth acted toward her at lunch. She took a deep breath and turned around to face him, she made sure not to hide her annoyance. “Yeah?” She answered, flipping through her phone for nothing in particular.

Mikaela’s mood slightly threw Seth off balance, he had known Mikaela since childhood and never once had she shown such anger, until today. “Look,” Seth began as he looked everywhere but at Mikaela. “About earlier, I’m sorry.”

Mikaela stared at him for a few seconds as if contemplating whether to accept his apology or not. “It’s ok.” Her features softened as she offered a weak smile.

“Um…I’m heading home now, if you want a ride.” Seth silently waved to a classmate of his who was passing by.

“Oh, I can’t.” Mikaela shook her head, “I joined the journalism club and we meet today. In about five minutes actually.” Mikaela lied as she pulled out her phone to check the time. Though she did in fact join the journalism club, the meeting wasn’t for another 45 minutes.

Seth lingered for a bit, shifting his weight uncomfortably from one leg to the other. “Ok.” he finally spoke up. “I’ll catch you later.”

“Bye.” Mikaela waved.

With over a half hour to kill, Mikaela made her way to the gym. She pushed open the wooden double doors and was almost knocked out by the thick, musty smell. She paused at the door for a second before attempting to step inside. She made her way to the bleachers furthest away from the shirtless boys who were engaged in an intense game of basketball.

She dug her iPod out of her messy bag, placed in the ear-buds, leaned back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the soothing jazz music that was now caressing her ears.

After a few minutes of almost dozing off, Mikaela sensed as if someone was looming over her, instantaneously she felt a cold breath on her face. Her eyes flew open, only to find herself staring at the ceiling of the gym. She sat up and looked around. Nothing except the shirtless boys playing basketball

Mikaela took a deep breath and buried her face in the palm of her right hand. She pulled out her phone to check the time and was shocked to find out that she only had five minutes left before the meeting. She gathered her stuff and exited the gym.

Mikaela broke into a brisk walk as she approached the Journalism classroom but she stopped in her tracks when she saw a note taped to the door.

Journalism Club meeting canceled.

Rescheduled date to be announced.

-Mr. Cooper

“Thanks.” Mikaela sarcastically smiled at the note and quickly turned on her heels and headed out the door. Hopefully she had enough time to catch the bus.

When she stepped outside the sun was out but it was drizzling and cold. Mikaela headed down the steps and was about to cut through the parking lot when a couple who appeared to be a few years older than Mikaela appeared in front of her.

The girl had deep, red hair which flowed in loose curls past her shoulders and the way the sun shone down on it, it looked like it was woven with fire. Her green eyes bore holes through Mikaela which made her shudder. She was wearing a fitted black v neck which exposed her flat, toned stomach and long, black fitted jeans.

The boy had tar black hair and his features were similar to Damien’s, but where Damien was lean and toned, the boy was buff and muscular. Where Damien appeared aloof, the boy appeared cocky. Where Damien appeared a mystery, the boy appeared the epitome of pure danger. Both the boy and girl gave Mikaela an unsettling vibe.

“Excuse me.” Mikaela quietly said, keeping her head down as she tried to cut in between the couple.

They blocked her path.

Mikaela looked up at them, fear causing her heart to pound through her chest. “Can I help you?” she asked with fake bravado.

“You’re very pretty.” The red head purred as she ran her fingers through Mikaela’s hair.

Mikaela jumped back and desperately looked around for a place to run or for someone to help her. No luck.

“Don’t be scared.” The boy spoke in a deep, rich voice, his green eyes slowly scanning Mikaela up and down.

“Yeah, don’t be scared.” The red head parroted, “I’m not into girls. Well…” A sly smile pulled at the corner of her lips. “at least not yet.”

A gust of wind disturbed the eerily silent atmosphere and the pounding of Mikaela’s heart deafened her.

“What do you want from me?” Mikaela raised her voice, hoping someone would hear her and come to her rescue.

“We wanna do bad things to you.” The boy smiled, exposing a set of straight, pearl whites, just like Damien’s.

“Really naughty.” The red head slowly licked her lips.

Instinctively, Mikaela started backing away but the boy reached out and firmly grabbed her by the arm.

“No you don’t.” He pulled Mikaela up to him, wrapping one hand firmly around her body and the other one over her lips.

Mikaela struggled to break free but the hold the boy had on her was too strong.

The red head smirked, “Dirty nephilim.” She whispered as she stepped closer to Mikaela. She brought her face so close to Mikaela that they were only a few centimeters away from touching lips.

She stared at Mikaela with hatred crisscrossing her jade eyes, which, to Mikaela, appeared to be glowing.

“I am going to enjoy this.” She smirked once more. She pulled out a black handled knife from her pocket and Mikaela’s eyes widened. “Show us you wings first!” Her voice was low but firm.

Mikaela’s eyes widened and the wheels in her head were spinning. What on earth is going on? This has to be some dream she thought to herself as the red head dragged the sharp knife gently across her skin.

The red head began applying more pressure and as soon as the tip was about to pierce the first delicate layer of skin, a saving grace appeared. “Stop!” The voice was gruff and harsh. “Let her go!” Mikaela noticed who it was. Damien.

“Look who it is.” The red head said with venom in her voice. “Little brother.”

Brother? Mikaela thought.

“Let her go!” He narrowed his eyes at the boy who had an even firmer grip on Mikaela. “Azel.” Damien spoke the name as if it was foreign to him, “Let her go, or I’ll make you do it.”

Azel loosened his grip but still had Mikaela in his grasp. His features were hard.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Damien smirked. He closed his eyes for a few seconds and when he opened them, all the green was gone and replaced by a shiny black with silvered streaks.

Mikaela couldn’t believe what she was witnessing.

Suddenly, Azel released his grip and doubled over.

Mikaela wanted to run away but she was captivated by everything that was going on.

Azel was holding his head and screaming in pain. “Make it stop!” he yelled.

The red head took careful, measured steps toward Damien, her hands balling into a fist.

“If you take one more step Lilith, you’ll be next.” Damien smirked as Lilith took a few steps back. “Thank you.” Damien blinked a few times fast and his eyes were back to their natural green. “Come.” He extended his hand toward Mikaela, who reluctantly took his hand and he made her stand behind him.

Lilith quickly ran over to Azel and helped him up.

“What the hell are you two doing here?” Damien spat.

“We thought you were being greedy and keeping all the good stuff to yourself,” Lilith disgustingly eyed Mikaela who was cowering behind Damien, “which you are.”

Damien shook his head and turned to Mikaela, “Let’s go, I’ll take you home.”

Mikaela stared wordlessly at Damien, though there were a million and one questions swirling in her head, for some reason she had lost the ability to speak. She simply nodded and followed Damien to his car.

“Hey!” Lilith shouted, anger draping her disturbingly beautiful features.

Damien and Mikaela turned around.

“Great to see you again brother,” She smiled, “and I look forward to getting to know you better, Mikaela.” She slowly waved and smiled.

Damien gently pushed Mikaela forward and led him to the car.

Now that his siblings had found him and knew of Mikaela, he knew that he now had to do everything he could to keep her safe. Even though the blood running through his veins were begging him to kill her.

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