SongBird: The Story of a Dark Angel

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SongBird, a dark angel, lives in the poor city of Amnia. A city which is terrorized by Shadows; creatures of hell who wreak havoc on the poor town.

Together with her friend, Kioko, a fellow angel, they rid the city of Shadows and the other demons of hell sent to earth by Maiyda, the queen of the underworld.

But as time progresses, their loyalty will be tested, and one of them might end up dead.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - SongBird: The Story of a Dark Angel

Submitted: September 04, 2012

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Submitted: September 04, 2012




My name is SongBird, it’s not a nickname, just the only name I’ve ever known. Well not really. Growing up, I never knew my parents and I’ve been called a lot of names. Each worse than the last. I went from “Little Girl” to “Cutie” to “Beautiful” to “Sexy” to “Bitch” to “Slut” to “Whore.”

I decided to stop letting people define who I am and adopted the name “SongBird.” It fits me I guess, I’ve got a killer singing voice, literally. I’m also an angel, then again, my wings are black, so I guess I’m evil. I don’t feel evil. I do a lot of good. Maybe that’s just my way of proving everyone wrong.

The world I live in now is a mess. The sky is black and the air smells of death and agony, families turn on each other at the drop of a dime, just for a penny. It’s really sad. The world is also being terrorized by what we call Shadows; sneaky little bastards who rise from the depths of hell to cause more misery on this sad world. That’s where I come in, I guess I’m some sort of vigilante. With my combat skills and vocals, I send those Shadows right back to the bowels of hell.

I also get help from my only friend, Kioko, he’s half like me. An angel of some sorts, he has a white wing and a black wing.

Together we fight the Shadows, and whatever other form of agony hell wants to bring on us. Maiyda, the queen of the underworld, despises us. She wants us dead. We will never give her the satisfaction.

Kioko and I have been on the brink of death but somehow we pull through. We fear that one day one or both of us will end up dead. But, it’s our sole duty to protect the people of Amnia. By the end of this story I might not be alive, but for now, just listen to what I have to say.

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