The Lady is a Tramp

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Victoria Marie Blackmoor was always helping others. She helped William hack into Jorge's bank account, she helped Director Sumur get his priceless paintings back, she's even helped various men into their beds. Victoria seemed to be everywhere, hopping from one country to another, or as some like to say, from bed to bed, assisting others. Perhaps some of her internet digging, and hacking would be considered illegal... Perhaps she's taken more than she should've... But she's positive her work is for the better. She's helping people, so that's good.... right?

But what happens when she starts helping the wrong people? What happens when someone steals her identity, and shows the world her dirty deeds, making her appear to be a slut and a criminal?

What happens if the whole world won't stop until they find her? What if Jacques Vega, the most devious criminal of all time, is the only one nasty enough to get her out of this mess?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Lady is a Tramp

Submitted: October 05, 2011

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Submitted: October 05, 2011




She's a Tramp,

But everyone loves her,

Or maybe not...


The light locks these creatures away,

But incomes the night, and Demons will play.

The Sun is drowning, I see it dip lower and lower, until I cannot see it anymore, and it is replaced by a glowing disk, and bright dots. The sky, once blue, was now black as night, and the temperature, once warm, dropped. I pulled my coat closer, and went back inside the building to find William. I've assisted William countless of times, all of them fond memories that I hold dear. Walking into the brightly lit room, I allowed for my eyes to adjust before spotting him typing on one of his laptops. "Ronnie, come see this." I draped my coat on a chair, and walked over so I stood directly behind him. "Mm?" I inquired, peering behind his back at the computer screen. A normal person would have observed millions of parallel lines, all written in gibberish, but we weren't normal, so that didn't apply to us. William understood the message far before I did. This was a coded email, from the illegal undercover group that we've been trying to track down, but this is what makes it better. The email wasn't sent to us, it was sent for someone on their side. "Brilliant. Their next target is in Brazil." I summarized, scanning the email for anything else. "See if they give any details, but then again, they may be too good for such a slip up." I told him, and examined a priceless jewel simply resting on his desk.

There are many males I've led to bed, but William sure wasn't one of them. It's not because he's unattractive, because trust me, he is, It'd just be too awkward to work with him after that. I liked to consider him as a relative, I don't do family. Some might even mistake him for my brother, we do look oddly alike. "December 12. That's when X-1 is going to be in Brazil," William erupted, and I set the jewel back on his desk. "You say, do we know of the target?" I ask, glancing over at the screen. William turned his head so his eyes met mine for a brief moment, "The president."

I remained calm, like I do in almost every situation. We'd take care of this. "I suggest we pack our bags, old chump. We're going on a little vacation." With that William saved the email, shut the laptop, put it in his bag and slung it over his shoulder. I knew this gesture all too well, "Where're you taking me?" I asked, putting on my coat. "Into town. I'm starving, and am running out of clean clothes." He tells me, I nod my head, "Mm. Same here."

We unobtrusively walk into town, coat shoulder to coat shoulder, snowflakes gliding in the air right before dying. The dark air was cold, and I felt myself shiver. Will leads me into a restaurant called Estebou Tou Mi Swi, and I take a seat across from him at a table. We sit in comfortable silence until the waitress gives us our menus. We've been there enough to already know what we want, therefore we kindly denied. I ordered the Shrimp Pasta, and Will got the signature Steak Burger. "Pink would look good on you," He randomly commented, glancing up at my face. I shrugged, "Then its too bad that I'm more of a red-violet then, isn't it?" He nodded, "Shame."

When the waitress returned with our meals, and we had finished eating, I left the tip, and we left. We visited various stores, bought the necessary for our trip, and continued to walk down the block. "I'm assuming we have enough information.." I told him, carrying my overflowing shopping bags. "Enough to save the president," Will replied, and I nodded, thinking. Everything we did was always spur of the moment, always interesting. Thats why I like Will, he can find everything and anything out of nothing. Its quite an admirable talent, and if we really were family, I would hope that the trait would pass down to me. "What's the matter?" He asked, taking me inside of a coffee shop to warm up. "Just thinking," I replied, and ordered a medium cappuccino, whilst he ordered a large black coffee.

After he paid, we walked back outside. "You know what? I think I like working with you," Will commented, and I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. "Bet it took you a while to figure out, mm?" He shrugged, and walked me back to my house. "When are we leaving?" He asked, and I ran the calendar through my head. "I'll set the flight up for Thursday. So in about two days, meet me at Florence Postal Office at 6 am." Will gave a slight nod, and I unlocked the door to my home. "You want to go in?" I asked, tipping my head toward the door. He shook his head, "Thanks, but no. Goodnight, Ronnie." I suddenly felt exhausted, "In two days, Will." I tell him, then shut the door.

I walked into my room to get ready for bed, it was already well past midnight. I didn't notice when Will, still standing outdoors, flipped his phone, and spoke almost regretfully into it. "We'll be there in two nights." He hung up, glanced back at the house, and walked away.

? ? ?

The very next morning I contacted our private plane, and arranged for our flight to Brazil. We'd arrive in the airport at around 2:30 pm, unload in a hidden location, and stalk the president. I did some research on the man, and found out that there was going to be a very important ceremony where is arrival is to be expected. Thousands will arrive, which gets us into a sticky situation. I packed up my luggage, and contacted some people to hook us up with equipment. I looked down at my phone and called William. On the phone we never greet each other. No hellos. No good-byes. They're too time consuming, and we get down to business. "Any leads?" I inquired, pressing the phone to my ear. "I would've contacted you if I did," He replied, a bit tense. "So you have absolutely nothing to share. Thats alright. I suppose you weren't able to find anything." I told him, pushing his buttons. "Sounds great, I'll call you a little later then." He said with too much fake enthusiasm. Something was going on, and I wanted to find out.

Putting on my coat, I walked outside, and got in my car. I parked a little less than a block away from William's house, stuffed a small gun in my coat, and walked through his back door. A look around the house proved that he wasn't at home. I turned to leave when a thought popped into my mind. That's absolutely right, he wasn't at home. That meant I time to search through what I wanted. Right as I was about to pry through his desk, a glimmer in the corner caught my eye. A camera. I turned around, with my eyes wide open. There were camera's everywhere, and they were recording every moment. Thinking quickly, I took a pen from his desk, and scribbled on his notepad. 'Pier. 9 of the clock. ~Ro'

I had absolutely no reason to be at his house, or go to the pier, but thats what I did. For a moment I thought it was rather odd for him to have so many cameras, but then again... it is kind of necessary for his profession. I have cameras outside of my home, and security for the inside. State of the art. I took myself to a local pub to forget about things for a while.

I hit on a few guys, all of them hit back, it was a decent day spent. When 9 o'clock came round, I'd left the pub, and walked over to the pier. I figured I'd tell William information he already knows, about Brazil's President, and the Ceremony. What I didn't figure was William bringing a girl. More specifically, a girlfriend. "Ronnie," I told the blonde, reaching out my hand. "Paige, its my pleasure," She introduced herself. William wrapped his arm around her waist, "She'll be traveling with us." I nodded, "Of course. And out of curiosity, when were you thinking of bringing up this particular arrangement?" He shook his head, "I know it's sudden,..." I gave a small smile, perhaps a fraud, "No matter. I assume you both are set to go?" Paige seemed to think about it for a moment, "Just about. There's a few minor things I'll need to put, but I'm finished packing." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. What she was basically saying is, I'm done packing, but I'm still putting things in there."I suppose I better be leaving. William. Paige. We're taking off tomorrow. Don't be late." William nodded, holding Paige close to him. "Wouldn't even think it in the slightest." I gave an awkward slanted grin, "The one who waits for no one. Guess that would be me."

That night I fell asleep alone, exhausted, waiting for dawn to arrive.


Betrayed, betrayed,

The men I have laid,

Never done a foul deed,

Some assistance I will need.

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The Lady is a Tramp

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