Chapter 1: Kisses From Paris

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 1

I quickly slam my car door shut and lock it. I was so late. It was dead winter and first period was about to start. My first class was all seniors. You probably think I'm a student, right?

Wrong. I'm the teacher, and if I was principal, I'd probably have fired myself right about now. This is my third time being late this week.I just hate Monday mornings, not to mention seems to be below 30 degrees outside. The roads are slippery too, the ice on the sidewalk almost caused me to fall and spill all of the papers I graded last night and my coffee. And since I'm wearing a white coat, that would not make me a happy

Did I mention I hate Monday's? Like a lot.

I throw open the door just as the bell rings. Ugh, I'm late. All of the classrooms are in the front of the school, but the teachers parking lot is in back. I pass the gym, cafeteria, auditorium an stop at the main office. I go in and grab what's in my mail box.

"A little late aren't we, Pyper?" Susan, the front office manger, teased.

"Only a little." I reply as the late bell rings. I rush down the main hall, pass guidance and take a right. My room is in the middle of the hall way and thankfully on the first floor.I dig my keys out of my bag and look up, all of my seniors are waiting patiently by the door. I quickly scan their faces as they part so I can get to the door.

They all have stupid smiles on their faces; in other words they're laughing at; cruelest high schoolers you teachers will ever meet. Why? Because they're no longer afraid of you. "You all need to become freshmen again."

I say opening the door and let them all charge through room is set up in a rectangle, my desk in the far corner with ten tables for the students to sit at. I let my older kids sit where they want, with the idea that they can handle themselves and pick their seats wisely.

"Were the roads slippery this morning, Ms. Ryann?" a girl named Sophie asked. She's always worrying about others.

"They weren't too bad today." I sigh and drop my bag underneath my desk, my laptop bag goes on my desk. I toss my keys down and move my hair out of my face. I didn't have much time to beautify myself this morning so my long brown hair is in a messy bun and I've got my glasses though it's Monday and I really don't want to dress up I am wearing dressy pants, boots and a nice shirt. And my jacket since I haven't taken it off.

I unbutton my jacket and groan; today is going to be long. "Take out your homework." They all start to shuffle and unzip their bags, murmuring quietly to themselves. My jacket is laid on the back on my chair and I grab my assignment book.

I start at John Addison and work my way down to Jenny Winters on checking homework which was a small reading assignment. It's the beginning of a new trimester, but we're two weeks in so I don't think a little reading would kill them.I'm a major book worm, and my students hate me for it. "Are we discussing today?" The class clown, Trevor, asked as he always does.

"Don't we always." I reply moving my chair so that I'm now apart of the circle. "Now let's begin."

Fifty minutes later the bell has rung and all of them jump up. I swear that thing wakes the dead. The discussion went well, as it always does with them. It's my freshmen and, believe it or not, my juniors that I can't have a decent discussion with.I have freshmen next, thankfully they're still not used to me yet, so they all still behave and I don't have to yell.I spoke to soon. Half way through second period one boy, who obviously thinks he's the shit, starts mouthing off to me.

"Get out." I simple say.

"Make me, you stupid slut." the other students mouths drop.

I get up and walk over to the door. I open it and in a stern voice I say, "Get out, now."

"Fuck you!" is his elegant reply. I pinch the bridge of my nose.

"Okay," I slam the door shut. "I'll yell at you right here than." I march over and stand right in front of him. I don't raise my voice, but it's deadly just the same. "You will respect me in this class room and anywhere else you see me. I don't care if I seem like a bitch right now. Deal with it. I am not some fragile woman who is going to cry because a shit head freshmen called me some names." I lean foreword and I can see he's not enjoying this. "Get out of my sight. Disrespectful brats like you are not worth teaching."

I stand up straight and go back to my chair. I stare at him until he finally starts to pack up his stuff. "The office." I say as he heads for the door.

He looks at me and flips me off before leaving and slamming the door shut.I heave a breathe and stand up. I call the office to let them know he's supposed to be there, though I know he won't show up. I sit back down and an awkward silence has taken over my classroom.

"Anyone else want to say something?" I ask. They stare at me, absolutely horrified. "No? Then let's continue."

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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