California Dream

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Crystal Jones was an ordinary woman working as an executive for a promising music production company, with a life full of money, friends, and peace she feels as if something is missing in her life. Love was something she simply did not have time for even though she continually dated. Were men all the same? Could they change with the right woman in their life? It was all something she contemplated.

Eric Bates was a successful actor and singer who is always looking for love, but in the wrong places. A man with everything any person could want, still felt as if love would never be something he could really experience. Until he meets the one, Crystal.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - California Dream

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013






Chapter 1




Alright everyone, please join me in the conference room stat!” Crystal announced from the door of the room. Everyone immediately gathered in.

Okay, as I've said all this week we are going to be present at the, Dream Time Music Inc., press conference representing Eric Bates for his latest album Love Is All I Have. We have to be100 percent ready so if his agents don't have the answers to when and where his album drops.” Crystal walked across the room to show her sales chart to her employees. “According to the chart based on our promoting and producing our sales have gone up 50 percent since last year. I would love it if we could keep up this pace and crank out music to the people as soon as possible.”

But what if Eric announces he is going to push his album back again?”, asked Diana one of Crystal's more anxious employees. “Well I did have a conversation with his manager who said that it would not be an option, because he finished his latest movie so he can put this album.” “Okay so I guess that's not an issue anymore, great!” Said Diana. “With that being said, everyone I want you to have an awesome weekend, get some good rest, and be prepared for next week's press conference.” Everyone left cordially until the building was empty and only Crystal was left. Crystal had always admired Eric Bates' work, constantly working and seemed to have a hit single or album out followed by a box office smashing movie. She thought he was sexy, intelligent, and had a good head on his shoulders. No matter how busy Crystal was she made time to listen to Eric's latest album or go to the theaters to see his next movie. Crystal was looking at a gossip site showing Eric in a Calvin Klein underwear photo shoot. Crystal was in a daze as she looked Eric up and down, admiring his caramel light-skin, broad, muscular shoulders, and strong abs. The phone rang suddenly and took Crystal out of her trance. It was her best friend, Taren Moss calling her. Crystal answered her phone, “Hey girl it's Taren.” “Hey Taren, huh you took me out of head, I was so busy today planning for Eric Bates' press conference.” “Or were you obsessing about him again?” She said in a sarcastic voice. “No, you are always hating on my ideas for him.” “Mmm... Okay Crystal, anyway I called to see if you wanted to go get some drinks and chill on this fabulous Friday night.” “Yeah sure, let me finish this paper work up and I'll meet you up at our spot.” “Cool.” Crystal hangs up the phone and continues to stare Eric's photos rather than, “finish paper work”.



Eric Bates came in from a long day at the set finishing up for his latest movie. He steps out of his black Maserati and into his Californian beach-side mansion. Eric kicked his shoes off and went to his balcony to look out at the beach and the sunset. He was admiring the view while thinking about his date with model, Elise Milton. Eric thought Elise looked great and his friends agreed too. He washed up put on an expensive Armani suit and drove off to Elise's house. Eric pulled up to Elise's driveway and met her half way. “You look gorgeous” Eric told her. “Oh, Thank-you Eric, you look great yourself.” “Yeah, I do don't I?” He chuckled and led her to his car. Eric took Elise to one of his favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. Once there, Eric was very chivalrous and even ordered for both of them. “So, how are you tonight?” Eric asked. “I'm fine, but um, why did you order for both of us? I like to eat.” “Well I wanted to show you some new things, you know get to know me.” “I see but I order for myself I like my independence.” Said Elise. “Okay, well I'm sorry I was just trying to be nice.” Eric explained. After their less than intimate dinner Eric took Elise home. That was the last time they saw each other.

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