California Dream

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



Chapter 2


Inside Crystal and Taren's local bar spot, they sat right in front of the bar. “So girl tell me hows your love life going, besides Eric Bates.” asked Taren. Crystal giggled, “Well I can definitely say besides Eric my love department is null and void.” “So you mean to tell me no one has at least caught your interest?” Taren retorted. “Really no. You already know I'm way too busy to keep up with the dating scene.” Just as Crystal said that a tall, slender male approached her and Taren. “May I buy you ladies a drink?” “Sorry, I don't let people buy drinks for me but thank-you.” Crystal explained. “Well I don't know about her but you sure can buy me one!” Taren exclaimed. The male just looked awkwardly trying to be nonchalant, and walked off. “See that's why love can't get to you, you won't let it. You could of just said yes.” “Huh, seriously he was a stranger I don't let strangers buy me drinks and you know that.” “Crystal who cares! He was being nice, you need to loosen up!” “Okay, maybe I was a little uptight but I don't want to get drunk I have to drive.” “Excuses, excuses, excuses.” “Yeah, yeah but lets go I have a press conference tomorrow.” “Alright, lets go.”



Eric woke up feeling upset about his date with Elise. Once again he left feeling that love was not there. He felt that no matter how hard he tried love would not come. Although feeling this way he knew Elise was not the one. She was a little ditzy. He discontinued his moping and got ready for his album press conference. Once he finished up he got into his Maserati and drove off. On the way there Eric's car phone with the caller ID Saying it was his agent Bryan Mitchell. He answered. “Hey man what's up.” “Hey so you ready for this press conference?” asked Bryan. “Yeah! Lets do this I'm ready.” “Ah man me too. But hey, how did your date with Elise go?” “Um... It was okay she wasn't really my type.” “Again! Man you need to pick better women.” “You're one to talk! You can't find a girl to save your life.” Eric retorted. “Whatever. Anyways lets do this today show them who is still on top.” Bryan said. “Yep, I'll see you there.” Eric hung up the phone. Was Bryan right, am I picking the right women to deal with? Eric wiped the question out of his mind.



Crystal and her staff finally arrived at the press conference present and ready. “Okay everyone this is the day we have to be ready for any questions that come our way.” Crystal exclaimed. As Crystal took her seat she glanced to her right and saw Eric Bates walk in with his entourage. She noticed how the light reflected of his beautiful caramel skin, the way his casual suit fit him and his surrounded muscles. Crystal looked down as soon as Eric walked past and took a seat in front of the press table a few feet away from Crystal. She noticed how enticing his spiced cologne smelled. Just as Eric sat down the announcer let everyone know they would be live and to be as silent as possible for people to speak. The first question asked by a reporter was, “So, how long will it be before we expect a release date for your album?” “Well, I reassure you that Love Is All I Have will not be pushed back any. So expect it to be out his week.” Eric told her. “Is this going to be an issue with your movie coming out next week?” the next reporter asked. Eric did not immediately answer the question. Crystal spoke on his behalf. “For our client Eric it will not, in fact this album should boost his ticket sales.” Eric looked over and met Crystal's gazed and gave her a gracious look followed by a wink. Crystal nearly melted out of her chair, even though he turned away Crystal continued gazing looking at his go-tee and admiring how it complemented his strong jaw-line. When she heard one of her employees whisper to her she jumped out of her head. “Are you okay?” “Oh, I'm fine just thinking.” Crystal told her. By the end of the press conference Crystal answered about three questions on Eric's behalf. Crystal told her employees they could leave or go to the after conference party. She stepped down the stairs and felt someone lightly pull her arm. She looked over and saw it was Eric. “Hey, I wanted to say thanks for saving me out there, these questions were crazy.” “Oh, you are very welcome trust me it was my pleasure. I kept myself prepared for it.” Crystal told him. “I see, but what I really wanted was to tell you I saw you staring me down from the corner of my eye.” Crystal looked down and felt her face become flushed. “Um... Sorry didn't think you would notice.” “Oh, its cool I get it sometimes. So do you want to go out to dinner with me?” Eric asked. “Sure I would be glad to!” Oh my goodness! Is this really happening to me? “Okay so how about this weekend?” “Perfect, thank-you so much.” “My pleasure.” Eric kissed her hand and smoothly walked away. Crystal walked away happy and content with the press conference and a date. Eric was so suave and handsome, he asked her out not anyone else. Crystal was high stepping all the way to her car.

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