Sonic Heroes

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sonic Heroes

Submitted: January 02, 2013

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Submitted: January 02, 2013



1 ~ A Corrupted World

It doesn’t matter now what happens, I will never give up the fight

There is no way I will run away from all of my frights

Long as the voice inside me says go I will always keep on running

There is no way to stop me from going to the very top

It doesn’t matter who is wrong or who is right

~ It Doesn’t Matter, Theme of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure

. . .

Imagine you are in a movie, behind the camera. It pans, across the set, taking in every detail. These details, though, you wish you’ve never seen.

This set, this world, is destroyed, corrupted, and in flames. The Flames of Disaster have risen again.

. . .

A small, Sonic-blue hedgehog lay unconscious on the ground, hidden between two boulders. Flames engulfed almost every surface nearby but she was somehow protected.

Silver the Hedgehog and his best friend and partner Blaze the Cat walked by the area.

“Seems like the Iblis biters and Iblis himself are taking it easy today,” Silver noticed.

“Hmm, yes it does,” Blaze agreed.

Silver sat down on one of the boulders and sighed happily. “That means we can take it easy too.”

Blaze shook her head. “No, it does not. We need to be as alert as ever,” Blaze disagreed.

“What?!” Silver jumped up with surprise. He missed the boulder on the way down- almost. He got stuck in an awkward bent position between the two boulders. “H-help Blaze!”

Blaze sighed, facepalmed, then grabbed Silver’s outstretched hand. She noticed something behind behind/under him. Gasping, she pulled Silver up and let go.

"Waaah!" Silver cried as he flew through the air. "Umph!" He hit the ground hard. He scratched his sore head. "Ow, Blaze. What was that for?"

"Quiet!" Blaze ordered. "Somebody's between the boulders." She started to charge a fireball.

"Wait Blaze!" Silver rushed up to her.


Silver used his psychokinesis to lift up whatever was between the boulders. The Sonic-blue hedgehog rose up. Silver carefully manuvered her so she would land in his arms. "She looks like a female Sonic, in a way," he noticed.

"Yeah, sure. Now put her down, Silver, so we can go. I sense Iblis starting up again." Blaze started to walk away.

"You're just going to leave her here? Even when Iblis is starting up again?" Silver exclaimed.

"Yes, she could be possessed by one of Iblis' biters. Or be a danger to the few left standing."

"Well, you can leave but I'm staying. She needs help." Silver stroked her scuffed up forehead. "Nobody deserves to be destroyed by the wrath of Iblis, danger or not."

Blaze stopped in her tracks. "You're so naive Silver. I'll stay so that doesn't make everything blow up in your face." She gazed at the ground. "And because I care about you," she added in a whisper to quiet for Silver to hear.

"Good, let's go find some shelter for her." Glad that Blaze finally saw his side for a change, Silver smiled.

Before Blaze could reply, the blue hedgehog in Silver's arms moved.

Author's Note ~ I know I said I was serious about "The POKEGAMES" and that I'll finish it, but that probably won't happen. I've lost interest in Pokemon. But this one, this has so much planned that it will be finished. This chapter's a little short, and so will the next one. Here's a quick review on the song chosen for this chapter, It Doesn't Matter (SA1)- AMAZING. Hopefully you all enjoyed it and want to see more. ~ Sylvia

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