Paradise Island: Castaway

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Scarlett Williams was born to be a leader. She knows how to do well in school, take care of herself and use her resources. On her sixteenth birthday she gets to have a over the top party on a cruise with all her friends. But, the captain swears the boat into a iceberg causing the teenagers to be castaways on a very important island.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Paradise Island: Castaway

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[Part One: Best Party Ever]

Scarlett Williams looked at herself in the mirror. 'your sixteen now' she told herself. She was wearing her new red dress and her brown wedges. She applied mascara to her eyelashes. Scarlett made sure she was going to look great on her birthday. She had friends she hadn't seen in a while coming over. But, she wanted to look great for her best friend, Jonah. 

When Scarlett moved to Arizona in first grade, she met Jonah. They both had to sit out at recess one day. While sitting on the bench together they started talking. Then, one day they met again. They found out they were neighbors and played soccer together on Saturdays. Soon they hung out together everyday and did everything together. Scarlett started developing a crush on him. And so had he. 

Scarlett floated down the stairs looking flawless. Her mother, Jen, was setting up the table. Her twin brother and sister sat in front of the tv. \"Wow honey.\" Jen exclaimed seeing her daughter. Scarlett smiled. \"You think?\" she did a twirl. \"So, I ordered you guys some pizza and wings.\" \"Great. They should be here soon.\" Scarlett said after glancing at the clock. 

A few minutes later the doorbell rang to the William's home. Outside the door Jonah and his mom stood. Scarlett opened the door. \"Jonah!\" she jumped into his arms. 'if only he'd felt the way I did' Scarlett thought. They released ten seconds later. Jonah tried to hide his blushing. Jonah, his mom, Kim and Scarlett walked in the house together. 

Kim set Jonah and her's bags near the computer room. She was excited Scarlett was letting parents come on the cruise with the teens. Even though she did pay for her ticket. But, it was cheap, so it hadn't mattered. A little bit later Ainsley and Amber arrived with their parents. Ainsley and Amber were crazy identical but you could tell who was whom. Ainsley had a lighter strawberry blonde hair and she usually wore her hair down.

Amber had a little bit of freckles and always had her hair in a ponytail. Amber was more like her dad in a way. Her dad, was interested in math and science, and so was Amber. Ainsley, loved fashion and shopping like her mother. \"C'mon in.\" Scarlett opened the door. She looked at her clock again. 'Brittany and Becca should be on their way.' Brittany wasn't related to Becca but they were the best of friends. 

They arrived and shortly after Jake, Cameron and Taylor arrived. Since parents were coming, Scarlett mother allowed boys to come on thee trip. Soon, everyone was sitting at the table chomping on the greasy pizza and eating the wings. Afterwards they made travel plans. The dock was 46 hours away, so they had to drive to save money. 

Jonah's mom had a huge minivan. So Scarlett, Jake, Jonah and Ainsley were going to be in it. Amber, Brittany and Becca were riding with Brittany's parents. Cameron and Taylor were going to ride in the sane car they came in.  

They were off in a half hour. Ainsley and Scarlett both lay in a polyester seat, head to toe under a purple bedspread. In the back of Kim's car, Jonah and Jake had their sleeping bags set up. They silently whispered about Scarlett and Ainsley. \"You need to ask her out!\" Jake screamed whispered. Jonah rolled her eyes. \"Just as soon as you ask her out.\"

\"Are they sleeping back there?\" Ainsley asked not looking up from her flip screen phone. \"Why?\" Scarlett teased. It was no secret Ainsley liked Jake. It seemed kinda chlise, A group of best friends are in love with each other, and they all keep it a secret. \"Never mind Jake texted me.\" 

\"Wow. So we got stuck with no one.\" Brittany complained in another car. \"Don't complain, maybe we can switch in the diner.\" Becca assured Brittany. A few hours later, Scarlett was juggling her plate of general tso's chicken and her drink in the diner. It was a old diner, and it was pretty empty except for a ancient couple.

Jonah and Jake sat across from Scarlett and Ainsley. The parents were all gathered in a booth, all relaxing from the long car ride. Kim poured another packet of sugar into her cup. She could barely keep her eyes open. \"So...\" Steve started to say to Jen. Jen looked up from her IPhone. \"What's up Steve?\" Steve was Amber and Ainsley's dad. 

Brittany, Becca,Cameron,Taylor and Amber sat at the table behind Scarlett's. They all munched on French fries and hotdogs. They kept staring at the parents table trying to read their lips.  

Afterwards, the parents switched out and everyone took a bathroom break. There was a long drive. They filled up their cars in gas and drifted off. 

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