Xiao and Bree (A Lesbian's Story)

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Xiao and Bree are best friends. They both live in Tokyo Japan, and they both share the same feelings. Except...for one day, when they go too far, will anything ever make them together? Or will it make their friendship end forever.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Xiao and Bree (A Lesbian's Story)

Submitted: April 27, 2013

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Submitted: April 27, 2013



"Okay Xiao. Truth. Or dare!" Bree scooted closer to Xiao and smiled. 
Xiao tilted her head. "I choose....Dare!" 
"Alright you little dare devil! I dare you...to kiss me " 
Xiao laughed. "Oh come on! I can do that!" She rolled her eyes and kissed Bree lightly on the hand.
Bree shook her head. "Nope. On...the lips." 
Xiao sucked in her breath. She widened her eyes and scooted back. "W-what? You're serious?!" 
"Yes. 100 percent." 
Xiao sighed. "Alright. But you can't tell ANYONE. Ever." She crawled closer to Bree. Suddenly, just as she thought, their lips touched. Xiao closed her eyes. Surprisingly, it felt...Good. Almost like a real kiss. Except, with her best friend. 
She started kissing a bit faster, tilting her head left as Bree tilted right. 
"Oh. My. God." 
Bree quickly opened her eyes and stood up, Xiao standing beside her. "I- it's not what you think!" She said hurriedly.
Standing at the door with wide eyes was Romeo, Bree and Xiao's friend. "It kinda looked like you two were enjoying it."
Bree shook her head. "No no no, of course not! It was a dare!"
Romeo smirked. "How can I be sure? I took a picture, I could send it to everyone I know." 
Xiao narrowed her eyes. "You wouldn't."
"I won't send the picture....IF! You kiss me. Full on the lips. And maybe a little something else?"
Xiao rolled her eyes. "You wish." 
Romeo tapped his phone. "Now who shall I send this to first...your MOM?" 
Xiao sighed. "FINE. I'll do it." She walked up closer to Romeo and leaned in. She shuddered as he slipped his tongue in as soon as they touched. He put his hand down to her back. A bit too low... She flashed her eyes open. "No. Not. Ever. Again."  
Romeo blushed. "Sorry." 

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