And then there was Molly.

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The classic theme of love takes on a new level as an Angel in the kingdom of Heaven and a Demon of Hell fall in love, and the twisted, tangled tale they spin puts all of the Universe in danger of collapsing.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - And then there was Molly.

Submitted: May 06, 2007

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Submitted: May 06, 2007



"...I love you.." I whispered, and died. My soul rose as I passed away, and I watched my dearest son cry, one of the three times I had ever seen him do so in my later life. My soul was continuing to rise, so I assumed I would be judged. Moments later, I saw it. The gates to Heaven. So, it's real. I thought. A male angel, who I thought looked rather gay in his loin cloth, looked at me, and opened the gates. I laughed and thought about all the times in my earlier life that I had assumed I would go to Hell!

A swarm of bubbly, suggestively dressed female angels surrounded me and stripped me bare. Apparently, as soon as you were in Heaven, you were physical again! They dressed me in some sort of ancient mini-toga, reminiscent of the goddess Artemis's dress, though it was white, not blue like the goddesses. Then, the cheerleader angels, as I aptly nicknamed them, placed a circlet of pure white gold around my head, and a milisecond after, my wings sprouted. Somehow, that wasn't painful... I looked at myself in a looking-glass that one of the blonder bubblies brought me, and saw something astonishing. Coming to heaven had made me look 21 again! Well, it's better than being 45 still... I thought, examining my now-grayless golden brown hair and wrinkle-free face. My body was 21 again too. I was noticably skinnier, and my voluptuous quality that had been sagging since 25 had perked right up! I grudgingly admitted that I looked like a model, even though the bubbly cheer angels had perkier butts...

Later I was leaning out over a cloud, lying on my stomach. Americans were real idiots... I'm personally glad I'm out of there. I thought as I saw yet another bomb go off. Welcome to watching World War 3, 2056. Suddenly, a large burst of fire erupted from the ground and shot all the way up to where I was! A handsome, if terrifying young man stepped out of the flames and laughed. He had 'skater hair' as we called it back when I was a teen, very tan-looking skin, though it was natural.. Probably of some Romanian-like European descent. I could tell he was not supposed to be in Heaven, though, due to the two black horns on his forhead and his black wings.

"Who...Who are you?!" I asked him, not fearfully but in sheer wonder. He looked so familiar...

"Christopher, son of Lucifer, your majesty. I am here to converse with God at our yearly meeting." He said, with an unfortunatley attractive grin.

"Your majesty? You must have me confused with..." Then I remembered the band of white gold on my brow. All the other angel's bands were yellow gold.

"Yes, you are, as the humans call it, the female Jesus." He said, coldly. then, unexpectedly, he gave me a genuine smile. "Not a bad looking one, though... Wish we had more girls like you in Hell.." He said, eyeing my hips.

I floated closer to him. "You look so familiar..." I whispered, and searched his face for any clue as to how I had known him. Then, it hit me, and I broke down into tears. "Christopher fucking that who you were when you were a human?!"

He looked astonished. "Molly?! Is that really...?" He stuttered out, and then we both ended up in eachother's embrace. "I missed you so much, baby... These years without seeing you.. you're so beautiful!"

Yeah. Now that was the same Chris I remembered from all those years ago. He had died when he was 18, we were about to get married. I was only 16 at the time, and had known and loved him since I was 13. "Oh Chris..." I sobbed, holding to him.

"Come to Hell with me, Dad will keep you safe baby... Not even god can take you from me." He whispered in my ear.

I thought. What could it hurt? "Yes.." I whispered back. And so we turned around and stepped into the blazing inferno that was the transport to hell. My wings instantly turned black and i grew the same horns Chris had. I thought everything was going to be happy from there...

I could not have been more wrong.

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