A light in the truth.

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The Brain trust has been responsible for creating and deciding many fates, but there are those who defy it; even people inside of the trust still believe in a god. But how would they know? Calbien is a young man who has decided to take his own way after having to suffer many ordeals in his life. When a light goes out nothing is revealed.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - unhealthy sewers & the rats who wonder them

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015




Calbien was a strapping young man who took very good care of his sister. He and his sister were very unique compared to the population; they didn’t belong to the ‘Art Eblouissant’ neither the ‘Conforment Brun’. The two sectors were the only places you could belong on the surface planet; the sewers were the only place for the failed projects as far as Calbien knew. Of course, there was the trust of brains; which most were lead to believe they make choices and giving life to knew bodies.
The lights in the sewage drain flickered crazily as if it was a party; Calbien held his sister’s plague filled hand; she was a victim of the experimenting. All of the ‘Conforment brun’ were the successful genetic modifications, the ‘Art Eblouissant’ was neither deformed nor failed; but they were not what was wanted. Their land was paint splattered and hectic; almost all had some different hue for hair and eye color. Calbien believed their language was odd and incomprehensible; you would think they didn’t understand it themselves.
“Calbien, Re-st…” his sister mumbled while stumbling over her one tooth, she was a mess and once she was asleep Calbien can sneak out to gather supplies. She fell asleep next to his legs he knew her body was weak, but what could he do? Upon finding an exit not too far away, he slid on his sunglasses and put on a scarf; the outside was much brighter and colder than the sewers.
"Wow, just my luck.." He sighed as he found himself in the 'Conformement Brun'. His hair has a sunny gold orange often scruffed up  in a bed head fashion. He knew if caught he wouldn't get to his sister again for a couple weeks and that's if she doesn't get moved. Calbien assumed he was in Sycamore quadrant, it was one of the less patrolled areas.
Walking into the market he looked like a sore thumb, he saw the food store and dodged the harsh glances. Everything was so expensive, the cheapest isle was were he typically shopped but since he was low on funds he only grabbed four items. The cashier looked over him, he was really handsome but looked as if he come from 'Art Eblouissant' but his stature resembled those who have been trained at military school.
"Is there a reason you're staring at  me instead of bagging my food?" He spoke with a sneer. She looked down then back up to meet his eyes. 
"You aren't allowed to be here, I could call the police." She smirked, it didn't phase him though.
"I'd appreciate if you didn't." He sighed as he grabbed his groceries and walked away from the scene. He had very little time till he had to find his sister again.
The slim empty streets is where Calbien knew best, his legs were running faster then anyone could imagine, his legs hurt though. Opening the pothole took forever if you were weak but with practice it was easy like roof climbing. He found his sister still resting, he'd wished that she could pretend to be normal too; but she was disgusting.
Her head was deformed into her neck and some of her skin had blotches of scales, her eyelids were vertical instead of horizontal. Back hunched and leg shaped like a goat, his sister's mental value was nothing. He knew that his sister didn't know what had happened or what kind of monster she was.
"Sis, we are about five days out from the 'Art Eblouissant' if you want to start going now we can make it sooner." he spoke in the soft voice he always used for her.
"...Ok...ay.." She yawned. They moved slowly yet efficiently they managed about ten miles but they often stopped out of her sleepiness.
"We can stop now and sleep here." He suggested but she just shrugged. He laid limp on the cement along with his sister.
He awoke suddenly, he was thrown into the sewer water while a rogue held a gun towards his sister's head. Calbien struggled to get out of the water but when he did, he lunged at the man knocking him over but he shot anyways.
Glass and water spilled onto the rough cement, it had seemed to be an android being commanded by a brain in a jar, Calbien didn't care much.  His sister's side was seriously injured and was bleeding profusely a emerald color.
"Hang in there, I'll make it okay!" Calbien sobbed as he applied pressure towards her wound; she was screeching. No matter what he did he couldn't stop the bleeding.
He gave in once it was three have passed her heath. 'She died not knowing the bliss of being human. She died not knowing how to feel. She died in vain.' These thoughts raged through his head. His body was in a infuriating rage in which made him thrash around. He loved his sister and would sacrifice himself for her return.
Emerald liquid covered his hand in a goo, he saw the brain there and decided to pick up the pink squishy body part. Each fold of the brain was deep and in hypnotic patterns. Nobody was around, he heard his stomach rumbled; he was hungry after all.

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