A light in the truth.

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Chapter 10 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



"Can I come?" Hellen asked.

"I can't see why not?" Calbien spoke reclaiming his smile upon his distressed face. THe trio toured everywhere it seemed and once they got to the daycare center Hellen was left there. When they got to Tier two Calbien decided this would be the place to strike up normal conversation.

"Thanks for showing me around, let me pay for diner for you tonight as a 'Thank you'." Calbien insisted.

"That's not needed." He fired back.

"You can't say no to a Pasen." Calbien laughed before reaching for Mr.Birchtime's hand again.

{"Calbien if you want to grab dinner or something just get my car and card." Miranda offered.

"Thanks mom!" Calbien replied}

"Okay so where do you want to eat? I don't many places so I can drive and you can direct me." Calbien suggested while Mr.Birchtime bit his lip again.

When they arrived at Birchtime's favorite restaurant and took their seats, Calbien looked at Birchtime who was shaking.  The place was lit like it was christmas and decorated with lanterns and candles which felt very relaxing a tad bit sensual. While they waited for their waiter Calbien took of his blazer revealing his black button up and burgundy tie. Birchtime sat uneasily an Calbien was very curious about him.

"You know you can relax?" Calbien commented. Birchtime looked around eighteen, his eye color was undefined since it changed around his surroundings like opal. He looked really young to work such a stressful job but he did live in the Conformement Brun so it seemed fit.

"I know, I just feel at edge." He sighed.

"Oh sorry for the wait, here's a complimentary bottle on us, So what may I get you?" The waitress questioned.

"Thank you, I would like the special." Calbien spoke then awaited Birchtime.

"I would like the same!" He spoke flustered. She nodded and walked off; leaving Birchtime shuffling in his seat. Calbien examined the wine bottle before pouring it in the glasses.

"Drink some; it might calm you a bit." Calbien sighed before sipping the fine wine.

"O-okay.." He tried smiling but still had a flustered face to him.

"Why don't you give me your first name, since you already know mine."  Calbien tried breaking the ice.

"It's Maxwell." He shyly spoke making it almost inaudible.

"I used to have a friend named Maxwell, he was sick quite often so I would read and play with him. He has occupied my thoughts of late because he was my closest friend and I was always curious what happened to him." Calbien smiled pouring himself another glass.

"I don't remember my childhood very much, but much like your tale I remember something like that." Maxwell informed. He relaxed his shoulder and laid back a little more.

"Maybe you're the boy." Calbien hiccuped.

"Well our food's here." Maxwell remarked as the waitress returned with their food.

They had returned to the office to find Miranda and Hellen sitting in the lobby.

"Where were you?" She questioned

"This cool place Maxwell showed me!" Calbien's breath smelt of over intoxication and Maxwell's face was pink and he was equally intoxicated; they barely made it back with out wrecking.

"We are going home now! so say bye to your boyfriend and let's go!" She scolded while Calbien waved goodbye.


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