A light in the truth.

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Chapter 11 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



{"Calbien hold my hand a little longer." The young lad spoke while staring intently at the sunset. "It's much prettier in your eyes.." He smiled and leaned in}

The next morning, Calbien sat up in his bed with a painful headache like no other.

"Ugh I should be in something more comfy." He spoke with a sloppy tone to himself as he grabbed his lazy pants and didn't bother putting on a shirt. Hellen was on the stairs playing with her dolls, she glanced at Calbien.

"Brother, why aren't you wearing a shirt." She blushed.

"Because I'm a guy and don't have to wear a shirt." He snickered.

"But why do I have'ta wear a shirt?" She questioned innocently.

Desperate to come up with an answer that wasn't something he'd have to explain he quickly responded with "You're a princess and you always must look proper!"

"Oh okay, do you want to play dolls with me?" She invited.

"I can, if you want me too." He answered.

"Okay you can be Lance!" Hellen handed him the black haired boy doll.

"What's your doll's name?" He returned curiously.

"Claire, she the prettiest ever and Lance is her boyfriend." She stated.

"Didn't our mom make one of you?" He proclaimed.

"But Claire is prettier..." She groaned while tossing the doll that resembled her down the stairs.

"Do you have a distaste for yourself?" Calbien asked bluntly.

"Well, momma' isolates me from other children, and when I do talk to them it's confusing." She sighed.

"Being your age is just a facade, but at your age I bet it's better being older that makes you cool. Let me tell you growing up sucks." Calbien grasped his head from his hangover ." I think I'm going back to sleep." Calbien shrugged and passed out in his bed. Hellen just glanced down the stairs at her doll.


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