A light in the truth.

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Chapter 12 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



{ "Cal, this is going to be hard for you to hear; But you must listen to me! They want to kill you and your sister, but I know both of you can make it out there; I want you to run away!" She just stared then started weeping. "I promise Maxwell will be okay , and my dutie as trust of brains I swear to prolong the hunting of your sister as long as possible!" She brushed her white locks of hair behind her eyes to reveal her eyes. Her eye mirrored the galaxy similar to his which reflected the sky. "Leave, I know it'll be hard but the sewers seem to be the best place for both of you!" She cried. "I'll see you on my judgement day..." She giggled}

Calbien gasped for air, the dream was a remembrance to the night he escaped. 'My sister was hunted by the trust of brains..' he pondered and tried to comprehend. It was a goal to reap revenge on the murderer and now he understood his purpose. He heard a knock on his bedroom door.

"Hey Calbien, your boyfriend is here." Miranda snickered.

"Who?" He was stumped.

"Mr.Birchtime, put on a t-shirt if you're going downstairs though." She requested. Calbien threw on a shirt and walked downstairs to see Hellen and Maxwell speaking; He decided to eavesdrop.

"Why did you come to see my brother?" Hellen spoke like she was hinting at something.

"I-I just found a photo I wanted to give to him.." Maxwell stuttered.

"You're never going to replace me!" She growled.

"Oh, you think, um...." His face grew red.

"I knew it! He's my brother! You can't have him!" She hollered. Calbien couldn't help but go in a laughing fit that almost made his sunglasses fall off; Hellen and Maxwell found the hidden eavesdropper.

"How long were you there!?" Maxwell questioned quite flusteredly.

"Just a while." Calbien sighed wiping a tear from his sunglasses.

"Well anyways, I found a picture from my youth." Maxwell handed the photo over. It was surprising how much or many cameras were still around.

"Wow, it resembles me," Calbien looked over the photo again to notice the other boy looked identical to the one in his dreams.

"I thought about your story story and found this photo." He smiled before returning to biting his lip again.

"You know if you keep biting your lip, you're going to scar it." Calbien chuckled while looking up from the photo. His face was getting redder from the comment.

"Oh my guardian wanted to speak with you soon." Maxwell remembered while brushing his suit.

"Are you working tonight?" Calbien questioned while rubbing his thumb on the photo's corner.

"No sir." He formally respond.

"Agh I told you to stop with the honorifics!" Calbien growled. "The Maxwell I remember is way more alive." He sighed.

"Calbien- I mean Mister-" He got cut off by Hellen elbowing him in the side; his face seemed betrayed.

"Hellen what am I going to do with you?" Calbien laughed.

"Kick him out! So we can play?" Hellen spoke in a quick hostile tone.

"Hellen that's not nice!" Calbien scolded.

"He's trying to take you from me!" She cried in anger before storming off.

"I need to get her something later, you reminded me that I need to get on track." Calbien smiled

"What do you need to do?" Maxwell responded.

"A whole ton, but since you said I should visit your guardian and I need to get Hellen a toy to apologize with. Want to go with me today?" Calbien asked.

"Sure, but is it healthy to have a work relationship like this?" Maxwell questioned Naively.

"Consider it a friendship instead." Calbien answered bluntly.

"Fine.." Maxwell agreed before Calbien ran upstairs and got ready.

Calbien decided on his ocean blue button up and another pair of black skinny dress pants. "I should wear a tie.." He stated while looking at himself in the mirror. His eyes were still covered by the black sleek plastic. He ran back downstairs with a red violet tie, he tied his loafers on by the door.

"Have fun on your date, Calbien!" Miranda loudly teased from the kitchen. Maxwell's face color resembled a tomato's.


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