A light in the truth.

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Chapter 13 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



"She's just teasing, you know?" Calbien spoke trying to calm his fidgety partner in the car.

"I know." Maxwell mumbled with a firm clamp on his bottom lip.

"Being nervous is not good for your health." Calbien smirked as he took a sharp turn.

"Having a bad driver doesn't help either for your health." Maxwell chucked as well as Calbien. "My house is right there!" Maxwell informed just in time for Calbien to stop the car.

The house had to be at least five times Hellen's and Miranda's house, it was painted the purest white and was surrounding by neutral roses; the roof was a tar black setting the house semi off balance. The entry to the house was surrounded by a huge porch that looked like a venue.

"I hope my house isn't too dirty, I haven't been at home to much to keep up with it." Maxwell explained.

"It's fine," Calbien spoke as he entered the huge foyer.

"This way then." Spoke in a hushed manor; he lead Calbien through a series of halls and doors before they reached the highly decorated door. The room door border was plated with gold and silver, the door knob was made of an huge opal. Calbien twisted it to reveal a young girl with snow white hair and a small scrawny body shape. The closer they go the more she breathed.

"Calbien is the only one I want in here." She stated in a monotone voice that was much more sophisticated than how she looked; Maxwell exited.

Her dress was silk and laced down her arms and legs; almost agelic laying upon the grey day bed sofa. Her body arose in a elegant fashion before she opened her eyes.

"Calbien, let me see your eyes.. they must be gorgeous." She inquired as she moved her body down the stairs leading to her day bed.

"I wish not to blind you, mistress." He spoke with distinguishment.

"Look into mine and tell me what you see." She requested while removing his sunglasses.

"The universe.." He gasped before continuing "You are the woman who freed me; but you're so young!"

"I know, my body was unreliable so I had a new one be made; this is not the point though." She snapped while holding her composure. "Have you ever inquired why I saved you that day? Why I prolonged your sister's survival? Why I called you here?" She questioned while starring in the sky which was reflected in his eyes.

"I haven't been all there ma'am." Calbien apologized.

"Oh, please forgive my insincere comments, I forgot you were trying to leave that part of your life behind." She sneered. "I protected you two, I wanted to see how both would live. Or to phrase it better, how you would live."

"You used us?" He guessed.

"Indeed, being alone here had me question if there is a stronger force than humans; what we call God you would think exists but with all our testing we couldn't unlock our brain power! Was he trying to keep us less them himself? Some of the test subjects died when we got so close to unlocking knowledge!" She cried "We tested on living people! God doesn't care for us though, we are not his children; we are the mutants made in labs." Her sobbing grew louder "We are forced to live without purpose, we can only try now to try."

"What do you mean try?" Calbien questioned not quite understanding the concept.

"You and your sister didn't need my help, you are on a more heavenly level than I. God favors you, but woe me; he didn't care about me." She wept with rage. "He didn't create a plan for me." She cried even more.

"You don't understand! He had you made for a reason we don't know, not everything is obvious and you can't rely on a force. But when you understand everything becomes clear." Calbien argued.

"Spoke like a true angel." She sighed clasping the side of his face.

"I just want to know the truth." Calbien sadly revealed.

"Don't we all? I must know but, the lies is what keeps me from understanding what is real or not." She sung as she walked back up her stairs.

"Madame, what are you doing?" Calbien spoke with a frightened while she retrieved a dagger from a pillow.

"Oh holy dagger, claim my life so I know what I haven't been told." She cried softly before impaling herself through her forehead.

Calbien stood there unsure of how to act, her death was in vain as similar to his sister's; their lives were claimed needlessly.

"If I could give anything of worth I would to protect those who have not understood their purpose yet." He prayed His body moved out of the room to see Maxwell leaned up against the wall sleeping. Calbien put on his sunglasses; The world was so bleak.

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