A light in the truth.

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



"Calbien is my guardian dead?" Maxwell spoke soft words. Calbien slid next to him sitting on the cherry wood floor.

"She was gone for much longer." Calbien revealed.

"I guess I wasn't ready to admit it to myself... there was nothing I could do to help her." He buried his face in his hands. "I was her guardian as she was mine and I failed my mission." Maxwell cried even more.

"Maxwell- it will be okay" Calbien tried but he sobbed more; Maxwell's chin was lifted by Calbien's hand revealing his tears streaming down his face. Calbien kissed his forehead before Maxwell collapsed in his arms.

Much time had past while he was crying in Calbien's embrace.

"Maxwell, it'll be okay I'll make it right!" Calbien promised while stroking his back and caressing his face.

"Cal- I just want.." Maxwell sobbed before Calbien's lips crashed onto his.

"I know.." Calbien reassured him. Maxwell nuzzled calbien's neck seeking the comfort he was willing to give. Calbien kissed his forehead to stop him from shaking.

"You said you needed to go to the doll store?" Maxwell whispered.

"I almost forgot, are you up for a little shopping?" Calbien smiled.

"I have no reason to be here." Maxwell softly sighed.

"Come on." Calbien spoke while grabbing Maxwell's hand and pulled him in to a embrace.

"Can we stay like this a bit longer?" Maxwell mumbled and Calbien just nodded.

When they finally got in the car and headed to the doll store both of them were quiet. Occasionally one of them would glance at each other but when both did it was embarrassing. When they got to the store Calbien glanced at Maxwell who was biting his lip harder than usual.

"If you don't stop biting your lip I'm going to bite it for you." Calbien teased seductively. Maxwell's grew into a deep blush as they entered the store.

"Hello sirs, are you here for your daughter?" A sales consultant interrupted them.

"Oh yes, but she's my little sister." Calbien smiled.

"Well do you plan to make yourself into a doll?" she questioned while leading them to a computer.

"Yes I believe so." Calbien answered.

"Oh well that's easy; first you take a photo on the machine then it scans your body structure to determine the dolls." She explained.

"Sounds easy enough." Calbien answered and sent the consultant away. He scanned his body and face to make a doll just like him. Calbien studied the doll, it was a carbon copy of him and his defined muscle structure.

"It looks amazing, she's going to love it." Maxwell quietly exchanged.

"Make a doll of you." Calbien commanded.

"Why?" Maxwell asked.

"So when you are not at my side I can have something to hold." He flirted while wrapping his hand around his waist.

"That's super weird and stalker-like." Maxwell returned.

"But seriously, make a doll of you!" Calbien commanded again, Maxwell didn't want to argue so he a model of himself too. Calbien purchased them and left with Maxwell to his house.


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