A light in the truth.

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Chapter 16 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



The night was cold hitting against Calbien's uncovered eyes; his sunglasses laid upon his dresser. He was halfway to the capital that the Art eblouissant and Confroment brun shared. He knew where it was from his recalled memories but he still couldn't recall how to enter the building.

Lights flashed through the cities, Calbien was not caught for exceeding the speed limit. When he finally arrived the building was magnificent. The pillars were made of Ivory, and the letters that inscribed the building were made by skilled artists. Upon entrance there were many people who tried having him be exiled from the building but a man a wheelchair stopped them.

"It must've been ten years since I've made that mistake of leaving you in that room Cal." The old man chuckled.

"It was fate that let me out; not your mistake." Calbien growled.

"Ah, but you see my boy there is not fate; when did you rid of my glasses my boy?" He commented. "But this is idle chat doesn't matter, I knew that you would return for me to kill you."

"You killed my sister! Wasn't that enough?!" Calbien aged. "We would've lived in harmony in the sewers, you know?"

"But that was not true." He retorted.

"Then what is truth?" Calbien sneered with anger filling his body.

"Truth is what we say; we are the prophets of God! He will accept us because we heed his will."

"You killed in vain, how would anyone except that?" Calbien reasoned. There was a silence and the old man she a few tears, he wheeled closer to Calbien before watching the sunrise in Calbien's eyes.

"I came to shoot you; I wanted to put you out like a flame, but I realised it was not your flame that will go out.," He continued " I wanted to show you the truth when you are in the dark but I do not know truth either."

"Don't be rash, we can figure out the truth." Calbien convinced.

"Don't be stupid, there is one way to know endless information." The man yelled.

"But if you never work for the knowledge, what's the point?" There was another silence before one could hear two gun shots.


{Cal and his sister can make it!" A woman's voice yelled.

"He's trying to sleep!" A softer voice yelled.

"What if we let her live until she's sixteen."

"Deal, but why do you want him to live?" The man questioned in distress.

"So all of us can see..."She answered"}


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