A light in the truth.

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Chapter 17 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



A red light made a mountain then a valley, a beeping noise went off very frequently; his eyes remained closed.

{Cal, let’s play!” The boy smiled while taking Cal’s hand. “Cal id you don’t smile, I won’t know what to do with you!” The boy playfully growled before coming up in Cal’s face. “You smile is very important to me, cause’ I really like you.” He kissed Cal’s cheek}

His body was stiff, lifeless, many crowded around his body hoping he would be okay.

“Calbien! Please… I need you brother.” Hellen cried while holding the doll who resembled him.

“Hellen it’ll be okay,” Miranda reassured trying to make Hellen smile even though she couldn’t smile herself. They went to the waiting area and slept while Maxwell studied him; Maxwell got up.

“Cal I remember, I remember you, the lab, the days I was sick, they deciding if I should die, when you smiled…” Maxwell was no sobbing while grasping his hand careful of the IV. The hand slowly grasps back sending Maxwell in shock. “Open your eyes for me…” Maxwell asked while grabbing harder.

The sun's rays glowed from his retinas they flickered before glancing at the blonde. THe sun that day was bright and shined the earth with a gold touch, the warmness comforted or could comfort any who may be upset; this is how Calbien’s eyes felt. Maxwell bit his lip nervously awaiting Calbien to speak .

If you don’t stop biting your lip I’m going to bite it for you.” Calbien smirked while shooting a glance at Maxwell. He was soon pulled into an embrace where Calbien held him.

“This isn’t professional!” Maxwell stuttered while hiding the blush on his face.

“But you are kind of cute.” Calbien smirked while bringing his face closer to his; Maxwell’s face grew very red, Calbien pressed his lips against his philtrum.

“I like you; but no homo.” Calbien whispered in Maxwell’s ear making his hair stand up on his neck. Calbien smiled before putting him down; Maxwell left briskly.


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