A light in the truth.

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Chapter 18 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



Ripping out the IV hurt  like a stab wound but Calbien still kept taking off the monitors; he pushed himself up and sat on the edge of the bed examining his shot wound. It was the in the side similar to his sister’s, but he didn’t have hemophilia like her.  His sleek plastic sunglasses was sitting next to him along with his work clothes; his mom was a strict mistress. Using majority of his energy he put on his white button up along with a blue blazer and a black tie; his pants were the same black skinny jeans. His hair fell just right today and with a swift moment he slid on his sunglasses.

“You still look classy, Calbien.” Miranda commented.

“Am I grounded?” Calbien chuckled at the sight of his mother.

“How could I ground you? I mean you brought your boyfriend into the house without my consent and ran away.” She snickered.

“Agh well it doesn’t matter, I still don’t feel complete.” He sighed.

“How about settling down for a bit?” She suggested while a young lass ran around her.

“Calbien, I missed you.” She cried while hugging him. Calbien stroked her back while smiling, “It’s been nine days Cal!” She cried even more.

“What if I play dolls with you when we get back?” He promised.

They walked out of the building to see the car and the motorcycle.

“Mom can I drive the motorcycle?” Calbien asked nudging his mom.

“Fine, don’t crash it.” She warned while throwing the keys.

“Maxwell let’s go!” Calbien spoke while staring down Maxwell who was biting his lip.

“O-okay.” He spoke flustered as he got on the motorcycle after Calbien holding onto his waist.


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