A light in the truth.

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Chapter 19 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



The wind blew through their hair and the heavy scent of peaches filled their noses while they were driving through the countryside, the sunset was gorgeous but it wasn’t quite over yet; Calbien sped up to the end of the road which was on a hill.

The hill overlooked the city or what seemed like the world. The grass wasn’t cut making it about knee high and soft.

“Come on.” Calbien spoke while holding Maxwell’s hand.

“This is really cliche.” Maxwell snickered.

“How could you say that.” Calbien playfully tugged on him.

“Are you going to let me see your eyes?” Maxwell sarcastic commented.

“You got me.” Calbien chuckled while joining Maxwell on the ledge.

“”Well let me take off your glasses then.” Maxwell blushed. “Y-you know for d-dramatic effect!” He spoke flustered as he shakily removed the glasses to reveal his eyes. “I don’t care what you say, I’m in love with your eyes.” Maxwell commented gazing deeply in Calbien’s eyes.

“Wow that went in a completely different direction than I thought it was going in.” Calbien sighed.

“I’m not cliche like you Cal and, thanks for ruining the moment there.” Maxwell laughed the bit his lip. Calbien leaned in on Maxwell bringing his face closer to his; Maxwell’s face got redder, Calbien first kissed him passionately then bit Maxwell’s bottom lip.

“Oww Calbien why?!” Maxwell whimpered.

“I warned you many times.” Calbien smirked as he rested his hand on Maxwell’s face. “Let me make it up to you.” Calbien spoke suggestively while stroking Maxwell’s chin.

“Ehh-hhhh Calbien!” Maxwell spoke before he was cut off by the orange haired man’s lips. Their hearts fluttered as they fell into a cuddle in which Calbien stared directly at Maxwell; Maxwell tasted of sweet strawberries. They slowly drifted away before Maxwell whispered; “No homo.”

They both laughed gazing up at the stars, it didn’t matter if the stars were created by man or a holy force; it was perfect for them. Calbien’s sweaty palm grabbed Maxwell’s hand sending both hearts into a faster beat.

The sky was beautifully arranged with the stars surrounding the moon in a vast sea, a gust kicked up sending all the redbud flowers into a vortex surrounding the couple; the cliche of scene was strong but neither partner cared to comment.

“Goddamn you’re handsome.” Maxwell blurted.

“Well considering there may or not may be a god, I’ll take that as a compliment.” Calbien smiled.

“Let’s pretend there is one, not to hope for a better afterlife but for a hope for us.” Maxwell suggested.

“I can agree with this.” Calbien grinned before he pecked Maxwell’s cheek.

“You won’t ever leave and almost get yourself killed again, will you?” Maxwell’s eyes welled up with tears.

“I don’t want to again, I really don’t ever want to leave your side ever again.” Calbien sighed while staring up at the stars.

“Good.” Maxwell hummed while cuddling close to Calbien, he slowly wrapped his arms around Calbien’s neck. The couple slowly dozed off into a blissful slumber holding each other.

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