A light in the truth.

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Hopeful sanity

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



The house they got to was not paint splattered nor dull. It was painted carefully a bright sunlight yellow with a ocean blue roof, the door was blue too.

"Well aren't ya goin' to come in?" she spoke while opening the door. The porch almost seemed new and it would be a shame to put his sis there so he put her behind the house.

"When you take a shower gimme ya' clothes." She spoke while going to kitchen. Calbien shrugged it off and assumed where the shower was.

The shower and clean clothes felt nice on his skin, when glancing in the oblong oval he noticed his eyes were still covered by the sun glasses he had always wore. The black sleekness that covered his face was to mute light but also to hide the mistake in his eyes. Calbien put them in the sink and gently rinsed them. He looked as if he belonged on the surface world but he had never felt it.

Knocking on the door startled him before he heard:

"Heya' mister I bagged the thingy you were caringin"

"Thanks, I'll be out in a little." He replied while taking a hard glance upon himself and he put his glasses on his face and opened the door to find the little girl looking at him with her metallic silver eyes.

"Want some food?" She asked while bouncing.

"I would  be taking advantage of your kindness then."He sighed before she took his hand and led him downstairs to a  prepared diner. "This is really unnecessary.." He grumbled while sitting down.

"momma' will be comin' home soon." she smiled while making a plate for everyone.

"You mean your guardian, right?" He questioned while shoveling the food on the plate into his mouth.

"Well she asked me to call her that." she returned to sit with him and eat a lot slower.

"Why don't you smile? Why do you wear sunglasses inside? what's the thingy?" She questioned in an annoying manor.

"I don't know..." He bluntly shrugged as he eating in a fast fashion. She glanced out the window to see her mom walk in from her black sleek car.

"I'm goin' to greet her." She excitedly spoke while Calbien was occupied with food.

The blue door swung open to reveal a women with short brown hair with chestnut eyes. 'How could she live here is she is not spunky?' Calbien questioned in his head.

"Hellen, how was your day?" She spoke in a loving tone ,similar to Calbien's to his sister, she continued to her kitchen in her designer pants suit. From the corner of her eye she noticed a young man lounging in one of her chairs.

"Momma' this is Calbien!" She tried to introduce before her mother pulled out her gun that almost alway paralyzed people for life or what many called the "Paralyzer".

"Hellen, he's not recognizable in my recollection so get back!" She growled while yanking her closer to herself. Calbien's eyes grew big staring at the chaotic woman and her semi terrified child.

"Let me explain.." He spoke trying to calm her but it was no use and by inching towards the open window he quickly decided his escape route. Blood rushed through his body as he threw himself threw the poorly designed plan of jumping out the window and grabbing on the ledge to let himself down; it was no different from roof climbing or building scaling. When reaching the ground he found a note which inscribed;

'Heya Calbien,

The field of pretty flowers is just two miles from here northbound. I kinda know that momma was going to freak out. hehe. I'll be there soon! I hope to learn more about you and help you with many things.

See you soon,


He smiled at the note, he didn't think he could be happy over that; he barely knew the young lass.


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