A light in the truth.

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



It had only been around twenty minutes before he had arrived. He decided to lay in the multicolored flowers and look up at the sky, nightfall happened while walking so it was pitch black out; The flowers he laid in were soft like newly grown grass that had never been cut.

He awoke suddenly to a kick in the side, he saw the young lass in the moonlight of the beautiful night sky above them.

"You want to burry it now?" She questioned while holding her shovel.

"She died in vain, you know?" he signed while tears welled up in his eyes. "I thought maybe if I ran away with her away from the lab, away from the bloody testing, away from possible execution..." He continued with many sobs in between his words. "I'm just spitting out nonsense." He had stopped talking as tears ran from his sunglasses.

Hellen stood there with a sad confused face; her brain was boggled by Calbien's words. She innocently kicked a bright red flower into the dirt while trying to look calbien in his face.

"I'm sorry for ranting, I just need to figure things out." He yawned while laying down next to his sister's grave.

"Well, while momma is out we can ponder what to do. Until then goodnight Cal!"She replied before running into the night.


{"Cal is no longer needed, oui?" A man with grey-white hair urged in his english-french accent.

"His sister is and going to be executed tomorrow as well." The brunette muttered.

"It's such a shame, and a waste of materials." The grey-white haired man scolded. They bickered for awhile then closed the door.}

Calbien awoke suddenly and wiped the sweat off his forehead; he moved his sunglasses up his face to their normal spot and stumbled towards the house.

Hellen was tying her hair in pigtails then she threw on her  orange jumper; her mother entered, but not in her work clothes.

"Hellen, where are you off to this early?" Her mother questioned.

"Out to play in the flower field.." She softly spoke knowing it was a lie.

"Want me to come with you?" Her mother replied. Hellen knew if she was caught she would be punished.

"No, but we can picnic later; we kinda' need food." Hellen  slyly replied.

"Well have fun, I'll be back soon." Her mother sighed.

Hellen met Calbien halfway, he had a flower stuck in his bedhead and his glasses gleamed from the sun.

"You have an idea of things now?" Hellen asked worried for his mental health.

"Sort of, it came back to me in a dream." He replied.

"Oh really?" She yelped excitedly.

"I still have a lot to figure out." He laughed in her excitement.

"I bet the answer is simple!" She smiled.

"Well I hope! By chance could I speak to your 'mother' when she gets back?" He questioned awaiting an agreement. Hellen was weary of her mother pulling out her trusty Paralyzer but reluctantly agreed and led him back to the yellow-gold house where her mother  awaited her return.

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