A light in the truth.

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



Hellen and mom got back home around six in the afternoon, they just watched him from the foyer; he looked so at peace with everything.


{"Hey cal!" a young boy with messy blonde hair screamed down the hall. "You look upset! Is your sister okay?" He concernly frowned. "Call, don't- do this... We can beat it!" He argued. "If you leave, I won't have any friends..." He cried. "What do you mean about the execution?" he sobbed}

He awoke to have been stared at by two sets of eyes.

"Well you should go to bed Hellen." THeir mom smiled as the young lass ran upstairs to get ready for bed. "Well did you sleep well?" She spoke quietly.

"I remembered something." He recalled.

"Was it of the lab?" She frowned.

"It was a memory of one of my friends crying." He glances at the soft carpet beneath the couch.

"Do you know his name?" She traced the doorway with her fingers.

"Maxwell, he was being protected in the lab because he was slightly ill." He grumbled. She raised an eyebrow at this; the name was oddly familiar.

"Well assumingly you want to stay up since you took a long nap, but if you want we have a small room which can be yours." She offered. He was led up the staircase with walls full of pictures, majority was of Hellen, but more surprisingly all photos were not holograms; When they finally got upstairs there was four doors.

"Well go in, it's yours now." She nudged him into the door. He opened the door to reveal a simple room with a double bed and a vanity.

"This is more than I have ever had." He laughed and she shrugged while  moving her way to her room. Calbien closed his door and took off his glasses, he glanced in the mirror to see the evening sky in his eyes; he had wondered if Maxwell had seen his eyes.

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