A light in the truth.

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: January 11, 2015

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



The next morning he grabbed his sunglasses and slumped out of bed, he was in his normal clothes that he'd always wore, upon opening the door he found his new sister was sitting in front of his door.

"Big brother!" She yelled before tackling him.

"Morning Hellen." He chuckled while picking himself up.

"Momma' said we were going to get some clothes for you." She yelped excitedly.

"I'm really appreciative of you and her." He sighed before walking downstairs to find his mother yelling through her cellphone. She was awfully normal to be living in the Art Eblouissant.

"Oh you are awake." She smiled before closing her flip phone.

"I got you a job at my office and you need dress clothes." She announced while opening the door.

It took a few hours to reach the Conforment Brun to Calbien he thought that it would take a lot less time to get to there. They exited the black car to see the rest of the black cars parked perfectly parallel, Hellen seemed very confused.

"Hellen, stay close to me." She hesitantly spoke.

"To be honest I can put her on my shoulders, both of us look out of place." He suggested and Miranda agreed leading them to the suit store.

"What's your waist number?" The woman consultant asked Calbien.

"I don't know." He sneered; their mom glared at them.

"Let me measure you." The consultant giggled with a worried smile; Calbien tried no crying in pain but no matter what is side hurt.

They left the store with new clothes for him, he growled about how the clothes were firm and not flimsy. The hair cuttery worked for him; he needed a haircut bad. He sat in the pumped up chair where a young lady slowly cut his hair where it appeared to be spiked in the back and his bangs flipped in anime formation. When cleaning up his face they cleaned him up but when it came to his glasses or opening his eyes he refused. Afterwards he put himself together to reveal how stunning he was. Hellen and Miranda's mouths dropped seeing how nice he looked when cleaned up.

"I guess I look okay." He spoke tugging at his blue violet blazer and tight black dress pants.

"Let's go to work then." She insisted while Calbien was still fiddling with his clothes. When they arrived it was a tall grey colored building, the doors opened automatically and had warning signs everywhere. When Miranda walked in everybody seemed to run up to her as Calbien held Hellen's hand and walked a few paces behind her.


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