A light in the truth.

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 11, 2015



A tapping sensation was felt on Calbien's left shoulder, Calbien glanced at Hellen's curious grey eyes then decided to turn to wanted his attention.

"Sir are you on business?" A slender man with brushed blonde hair spoke while returning his hand to his waist.

"My guardian got me a job here, so I'm waiting til she's done." Calbien explained.

"Oh , you are Mr.Calbien?" He politely asked while running his hand through his silk hair and bit his bottom lip awaiting an answer.

"Yes, I am." Calbien proudly stated.

"Where have I seen you before?" He pondered aloud.

"I have no idea sir, I have been in brief contact with everyone for my past ten years so I would not know." Calbien quickly defended.

"No need to call me sir; I am but a member of your guardian's council." The man continued "I'm M. Birchtime."

"What does M. stand for?" Calbien questioned breaking his act of property. The man bit his lip and looked down then back up to meet the man's sunglasses.

"It means-" He was cut off by Hellen.

"Why do you bite your lip a lot? Momma' tells me it's a nervous thing and shows you're weak." She blurted which caught them both off guard.

"Hellen!" Miranda scolded then spoke again "You better apologize now!"

"Sorry.." She cried softly.

"It's fine Ms.Pasen, It was fine." Mr.Birchtime tried to convince her to calm down but it was no use it seemed.

"Hellen, it's okay." Calbien tried reassuring her but she continued crying."Mo, do you remember why we are here?" He tried recapturing her attention away from yelling at Hellen.

"Oh yes, your job!" She regained her composure and marched off to the transport tube in her sleek red heels making a click-clack noise. Everyone followed the newly calmed woman in a cowering fashion. Transport tubes were new to Calbien considering he has almost never been to a place so advance in technology since he was nine and even then they still used elevators, like Hellen he wanted to ride it multiple times again but didn't express it like her.

"Calbien, you are my second in command!" She announced to the whole floor in joy. Miranda was tier seven boss meaning she had more power because there was only ten tiers. Everyone was clapping like drones making Calbien feel uneasy around these people.

"Well this is a pleasure to meet you Mr.Pasen." The man smiled while trying to walk away but stopped by Calbien's grip around his hand.

"Call me Cal or Calbien" Calbien spoke. The man nodded and walked away; Miranda glanced at Calbien's relaxed face in a curious manner; 'They've had to meet before to hit it off their first impression like that.' Miranda thought.


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