Moon Lite Shadows

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - He loves me he loves me not?

Submitted: September 29, 2011

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Submitted: September 29, 2011




As soon as the final bell rang me, Andy and Amethyst all jumped into Andy’s car.

As we headed towards the main street Andy asked “Any good malls here?”

Amethyst smiled and started spewing directions.

Eventually she realized we had no idea where we were going and started pointing from the back seat.

As we pulled up to the mall only minutes later I blurted out “So I have a date tonight with Kade”.

Andy and Amethyst both looked at me and said “What?”

At the same time only Andy’s was mad sounding.

I nodded and replied “He asked me in first hour today”.

They both continued to look at me.

Amethyst smiled and said “Yay finally”.

I pushed her arm playfully as I blushed.

Andy waved her hand in my face as she said “Hello no talk about men!”

She threw her hands up in defeat.

I laughed as I said “okay men are dumb and lame”.

She smiled as she headed towards the doors and said “that’s more like it”.

Amethyst laughed.

We all quickly found Forever 21

It was me and Andy’s favorite store.

As soon as we walked in I saw Blaine.

He would work there as a cashier.

He grimaced as he saw us walk in but Andy just walked past him with a bounce in her step.

She smiled at me and walked over to the summer dresses.

It was her favorite section anyone would notice.

I went with Amethyst to the section with lace and sheer materials.

What can I say I liked layers.

As we were looking through clothes Amethyst whispered “So where is he taking you tonight?”

I looked over my shoulder to see if Andy was close enough to hear us, once I made sure she was not I answered “He said it was a surprise, and technically he said we were going to hang out so I am not sure if it is a date?”

She slapped my shoulder playfully replying “yes it is a date”.

She hit my hip with hers playfully.

“So you are his sister where do you think he is going to take me?” I asked hopeful.

She crossed her arms and shook her head answering “I do not know and I would not tell you”.

I made a pouty face and she laughed.

Andy came over to us and asked “I hope that you are not talking about your date tonight Jo”.

I shook my head and teased “What blasphemy, I would never”.

She smiled as she showed us her choices to try on.

“Good because men stink”.

Me and Amethyst nodded.

But secretly I did not think that at all.

As soon as we had all an armful of clothes each we headed over to the counter where Blaine was flirting with a girl who was clearly allergic to fabric.

We all approached and put our things on the counter.

Blaine sighed in annoyance and started ringing things up.

As soon as we had all paid he looked over at the girl who was very skanky looking as she leaned over the counter.

You could see the same amount now then if she was wearing no clothes.

We all walked towards the exit as Andy said “Thank you guys for coming with me today I really needed a distraction”.

I smiled as we shoved the bags into her trunk and she said “Hey sis I am going to drop you off in the school parking lot and then take Amethyst home okay”.

I nodded as we were practically already there, I had forgotten how small our little town was.

She stopped right next to my car as I climbed out I looked in the car window and said “See you at home”.

I looked at Amethyst “see you tomorrow”.

She smiled as I waved them goodbye

I hoped into my car and started the engine blasting the radio.

Anberlin was blaring from the speakers as I sang out “Do you remember when we were just kids and cardboard boxes took us mile from what we would miss”.

I will admit my voice was not the best but I loved this song.

I pulled out of the parking lot and I suddenly felt watched.

I looked over my shoulder as I pulled onto the road.

Why was I getting this feeling accompanied by goose bumps?

It took me about five minutes to pull into the drive way.

I got out of my car and walked in I saw Andy on the phone and she looked excited.

I mouthed to her who is that?

She blushed as she mouthed back Peter

I smiled as I walked up to my room, my bag of clothes as on my bed.

I looked around at my room.

I sighed as I sat on my bed thinking , I wish my room was messy because then I would have something to do.

I looked out the window and looked at the sky.

I glanced at my clock and saw it was almost seven.

I dumped by bag out on my bed revealing five shirts and a few dresses.

Andy had persuaded me to buy.

I threw on the new white half shirt that stopped jus above the navel.

It was see through with a lace pattern.

I threw it on over a bright red spaghetti strap shirt.

My jeans were good enough.

I smiled as I threw my hair into a pony tail.

I shoved my cell phone into my pocket and put some lip gloss on.

Just as I was heading down stairs the door bell rang.

I opened it to see my dad and Kade talking.

“So where are you taking Joanna?”

Kade was wearing nice jeans and a button up black shirt with black converse and a leather jacket.

So suffice to say he looked good.

He asked just as I opened the door.

My dad looked at me and asked “You did not tell me you had a date?”

I chuckled as I answered “You just got here I did not have a chance”.

He nodded as he realized that was true.

“So dad I have a date tonight and I believe you have met him, Kade this is my dad”.

He chuckled as he re shook my dad’s hand saying “It is nice to finally meet you sir”.

My dad smiled as he walked past me saying “Kade please have her home by eleven”.

He said it so stern and matter of fact that I was surprised.

He nodded and then replied “Yes sir”.

With that my dad kissed my cheek and walked into the house.

I looked at Kade and he smiled at me walking towards his bike gesturing me to follow him.

“Ready?” He asked as he climbed on and handed me his helmet.

I nodded as I climbed on and replied “Ready as a person can be with no information”.

He laughed as he started the bike asking “Is someone harboring a little bitterness?”

I leaned against his back as I hugged his waist and shook my head.

He chuckled as we drove off.

It always seemed like his bike was the fastest thing on the streets and yet with him I felt as safe as if I was in a car.

I listened to his breathing just as the bike stopped.

“We are here, now close your eyes” He demanded.

I groaned in protest as I closed my eyes and felt a fabric covering my face.

“Hey I closed them” I said as he tied the back.

He chuckled as he replied “I know but I don’t want any peeking out of you”.

I smiled wondering if he could see me blush.

The fact that he was in a five mile radius of me was intoxicating.

A second later I was in the air.

I gasped as I realized I was in his arms.

He had just picked me up as if I had the body weight of a feather and not a teenager of 115 pounds.

I wrapped my arms around his neck for leverage.

He laughed as he said “I got you”.

With out even thinking I retorted “I know you do”.

I blushed again as I could feel his heart beat speed up.

It took us a few minutes to get there and within that time frame he had managed to find out my favorite color, movie, music and flower.

As he set me down I asked him “So tell me your favorite, flower, music, color and movie”.

He stopped me walking and answered “My favorite color is teal.

Movie is star wars, music artist is RED, Anberlin and The Classic Crime and flowers well don’t tell any one but lilies”.

I smiled at his honesty and then he flung the blind fold off.

I gasped at what I saw.

We were on a dock over looking a beautiful lake.

It was too small to be one of the great lakes but it was very gorgeous still.

We were standing on a blanket and in the corner there was a basket over flowing with only fruit but I could not be sure.

Candles illuminated the area we were in.

Flowers were set all around us, we must be in a tiny meadow somewhere and it was wonderful.

Next to the basket there were two glasses and then a bottle of sparkling cider.

I was smiling so wide I thought my face was going to explode.

He smiled at me gazing into my eyes asking “How did I do?”

I blushed as I answered “You did great, not that I would know, I have never been on an actual date”.

He looked at me with a confuse expression.

He blushed for the first time before saying “Me either”.

I gasped as I searched his eyes and found truth.

He sat down on the blanket and patted the space beside him gesturing for me to sit.

As I sat down he laid down and then said “see the best part of being out here”.

I laid down next to him and I saw what he meant.

The stars were amazingly bright and they were everywhere.

It was so perfect right now, the only way this date could get any more perfect would be if I could fly.

A minute later he turned onto his side facing me as he asked “Are you hungry?”

I heard my stomach growl as I turned towards him leaning on my elbow and nodding.

“What do you have?” I asked as he sat up and pulled the basket to us.

He smiled as he answered “I have cheeseburgers from Dairy Queen and fries, and then some fruit”.

I laughed as I reached out and replied “the burger and some grapes please”.

He smiled as he handed them both to me.

He laid down next to me as he took a bite out of his burger and then gulped it down as if his throat was sore.

I quickly ate my food so I would not get nervous in front of him.

I could eat a little easier when I saw the mess he was making on his face.

I laughed as I reached over and wiped off some ketchup that had escaped his burger and found his cheek.

As I rubbed my finger across his cheek his eyes flashed so passion and then went away.

I removed my hand and looked down at my half eaten burger suddenly not hungry anymore.

I placed it down and looked up to see his eyes gazing into mine.

With a blunt tone he says “So why did you agree to come out with me?”

I open my mouth to speak when he moves closer.

“I thought it was obvious why I said yes” I whisper.

I look down at my fingers that were now playing with the blanket as he says “Well explain it to me as if I am stupid”.

I stand up now, not knowing how to react to this pressure and fear of his feelings.

He follows me keeping in perfect timing with my step.

“Joanna please” he whispers as he grabs my wrist.

I turn around now but not in sadness or because I feel like I owe him an answer but because I am very frustrated and everything I have been feeling is now about to explode.

“You want to know?”

I screeched as I threw my hands up in the air.

“I can’t stop thinking about you, your piercing is very cute and your tattoos are sweet, but its your eyes I can’t seem to live without and the way you make me feel I am drawn to you”.

I let out a breath as I looked up to see him smiling.

Without another breath he cups my cheeks and brings my lips to meet his.

My hands as if instinct wrapped around to reach into his hair.

We pulled away a second later and he gazed into my eyes, making my heart melt into a puddle in my chest.

“I was hoping you would say that” he breathed.

I smiled as his thumb rubbed a soothing circle by my jaw.

I leaned into him and hugged him to me.

This evening was turning out to be better than perfect.

He pulled away a second later making me feel a coldness without his touch as he said “I was hoping to call you my girlfriend after tonight”.

I smiled up at him as I replied “I will answer to that”.

He chuckled as he leaned down and kissed me.


After the confession of the night it was almost ten thirty so we had decided that we would head home.

As we walked hand in hand to his bike I looked back to the area we were at and asked “What about everything are we going to take it with us?”

He smiled as he replied “ I love that you are concerned but I will come back after I drop you off”.

He climbed on the bike and I suddenly felt watched again.

This feeling was seriously starting to freak me out.

I climbed on and wrapped my arms around his waist and he touched my hands before starting the bike.

We sped off faster than I remembered that the bike could go.

It all happened so fast.

I saw the creature coming at us before it happened almost.

It was huge.

It was running fast.

It had dark black fur and big blue eyes.

They eyes almost seemed familiar.

The creature hit the bike and before I could hit the ground there was a pair of strong arms  wrapped around me.

Kade was holding me like a protective shield.

But that did not stop something from hitting me.

As we hit the ground we landed on his back.

He let go of me as he hit the road scattering me into the brush of the trees and forest around us.

He kept rolling at an intense speed.

He looked like a tangled mess of limbs and scrapes.

My heart was literally breaking as I watched his body continue to be mangled.

I struggled to get up as I saw the other creature now sitting on its hind legs looking at me.

Anger was in its eyes.

It was huge at least the height of a semi.

Its body was that of a wolves and it was staring at me.

Kade stood up a minute later.

I was panting now.

I thought for sure the way we had landed he was dead.

His clothes were torn and his arms had blood on them but there were no cuts or anything.

What was happening?

He looked at the beast which was now growling and baring its teeth at him.

Kade looked at me as he said “I am so sorry Joanna, please for give me”.

As he said those words he ripped off his jacket and turned into almost a replica of the creature that was staring at him.

I could feel a stinging in my body somewhere.

I reached down and felt the source of my pain, my leg was bleeding profusely.

I looked down to see a puddle forming around my leg but what scared me the most was the giant claw looking gash I had in my flesh.

I was fading into the blackness of unconsciousness and before I lost it all, I could see both of the creatures attacking each other.

“Kade” I whispered before everything was dark.

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