The Book of Enubin Chapter 5

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The Fourth Dialogue

Chapter 5 (v.1) - The Book of Enubin Chapter 5

Submitted: February 01, 2016

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Submitted: February 01, 2016



The Book of Enubin, as recorded by Tristan Biggs.


The Fourth Dialogue.


The universal war between the forces of Good and Evil will bring about division, even in the most intimate of relationships. Brother will be pitted against brother, sister against sister, husband against wife, father against son and mother against daughter. In fact the family will be the worst hit because it is the very nucleus of any community, the fibre of society. It is little wonder that - even now - the family is being targeted.


Even so, families must make every effort to stand as one against this onslaught. This may not always be possible however. For what if the battle lines are found to be drawn between members of the same household? Would they then be forced to sacrifice their allegiance for the sake of family unity? Gods forbid! For, so doing shall the individual members be proven to be hypocrites!


Alas there is no room for neutrality in this conflict. For to remain inactive and noncommittal against the evil of the day is to allow that same evil to persist. Even now there are those who believe that - if one ignores the darkness - it will not harm you. But, if these same people were to honestly search their own hearts, they would see that evil has ravaged them too, or at least rendered them powerless against the violence that rages, despite their turning a blind eye and denying its existence. In short, our enemy cares not whether one believes in them or not. They will not rest until humanity, and all those allied with them are either no more or subdued into slavery!


The only way to stop the Tyrant, in whatever shape of form he may manifest, from riding roughshod over one’s life, one’s family, one’s community, … is to resist him. Yeshua’s exhortation to turn the other cheek does not mean that one should condone or ignore abuse or violence, but that one should refuse to repay these evils in kind. This is a safeguard against seeking revenge or retribution, not a call to inactivity.


Ideally we war not against flesh and blood, for we know that the real conflict is against principalities and powers of darkness that are enthroned in high places. But it would be foolish to believe that such powers do not have their physical agents, and that these operatives are not amongst us. Let it be understood that these have chosen to collaborate with the forces of evil willingly, though perhaps not entirely wittingly. Certainly they have been promised much, nor have they been told of the horrors of spiritual death - the fruits of their malevolent labour - but their choice has nonetheless been made, and they must learn that such choices carry with them dire consequences!


The Great War is not restricted to the Human domain alone. Indeed in other dimensions of the Multiverse the campaign has been raging for a while. In most of these cases there is no room for those who deny its existence or refuse to take sides, for both would cause either of the aforementioned to face the danger of becoming a victim and a casualty.


Both sides have called their followers to arms, and the fighting is terrible indeed! Mankind must know that the time will come to pass, and indeed is at hand, when these circumstances will arise on Earth as well. Alas many who claim to stand up on the side of Righteousness are expecting their Captain - or perhaps the Angels - to fight the war on their behalf, rather than heeding His call to stand and ‘… Fight the good fight with all your might …’. Not only that, but they have turned on each other claiming that they have sole right to the Kingdom. So doing, they have treated their own spiritual family as a cursed and evil thing. The same believe that - because they confess with their mouths to be followers of the Light, and have some vague acquaintance with the Truth - that their allegiance is established. Alas, many among them seek the benefits and the blessing that accompanies this allegiance, but are not prepared to pay the price or make the sacrifice that it demands of them. But be assured that - when the battle lines are drawn - they will find to their utter dismay that their hearts are partnered with the Darkness instead. Not only that, but those among them whom they considered ‘evil’ and ‘demonic’ will be standing in righteous opposition to them, along with the same Captains to whom they had claimed their fealty.


But remember that - as has been said before - to become a hero in the Universal War, one must first begin to fight the inward battle for the heart. ‘… As a man thinks in his heart, so is he …’ This statement has been presented as an excuse for iniquity by those who believe that their hearts are utterly wicked, and therefore they cannot help but follow the evil desires of their depraved hearts. But let it never be said that awakening to one’s true spiritual state is an excuse for evil to be perpetuated! This declaration means that if one is a champion in the inner conflict, then one will stand equally tall in the outer. In contrast, if one should shrink back from the battle of the heart, how can that same person hope to take a stand in the contest for the souls of others? And that is what this war will be ultimately about: For the one who controls the Soul of Man controls the whole of Man.


Fear not! Be assured that Light will always prevail against darkness. Even though this war has been raging in eternity passed, and will ever more, those who are allied on the side of Righteousness are assured of victory. Love is still Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Thus to be in allegiance with Light and ambassadors of Divine Love is better by far.


No matter what promise the agents of darkness may use to entice the heart and ensnare the soul, they cannot guarantee their fulfilment. Indeed, once they have seized their quarry, how quickly they forget the riches, power, fame … that they promised - even denying that such pledges were ever made! Not so those who walk in Righteousness, for their desire is not to ensnare but to liberate. As is written: ‘… It is for freedom that you have been set free …’


Those known as the Dark Horde seek only to steal, kill, and destroy - as do their Masters. In contrast to this, the mighty host on the side of Light seek to fulfil the command of their Captains: To do only that which is for the good of all, and wherever possible harming none; to promote the Perfect Law of Liberty; to bind up the broken hearted; to set at liberty those who are oppressed, and to spread the message of Divine acceptance.


Even as humanity is being prepared for the next phase of evolution, do not be deceived into hoping that this means escaping the conflict. For wherever the agents of Righteousness are present, evil desires still to dominate. Wherever Light is present, Darkness is there also. Thus conflict is inevitable, the question is whether one consciously takes a stand against the evil that will persist, or becomes an unwitting casualty in this war.


The best defence against any form of tyranny is to dethrone the Tyrant in one’s heart first. The soul that is truly free can never be held captive and the one that is fully alive can never be destroyed. The worst that our enemies can do is destroy the mortal body, and so doing release our spirits so that they can be reborn or become one with the fabric of the Multiverse. For the truly awakened, this offers the opportunity for the soul so liberated to traverse the Heavens freely and unbound, without necessarily taking on physical form at all. This is why it has been written: ‘Death, where is your sting?’ For the fear of dying is a direct result of the belief that the soul has only one physical incarnation. While it is true that - for those who would flagrantly abuse this knowledge to go through life without due regard, presuming that one can merely put things right the next time round - reincarnation is not guaranteed, the option is offered to those who are on the path of enlightenment, of returning as many times as they need to fulfil whatever destiny has been set out before them. The only limitation is that set by the oversoul in the Divine Council.


But if the same aforementioned Tyrant is able to rule over the heart, how terrible is that tyranny? For then the soul is never truly free, and the living never fully alive! For a soul in this state, Heaven - Nirvana, the Buddha State … is ever beyond its reach, and the sting of death all too real. Thus the most precious gift given by the Creator to those who are in allegiance with Divinity is the freedom of choice. But with this gift, as with all privilege, comes great responsibility. This choice can truly be a matter of life and death, freedom or enslavement.


Spiritual evolution can be summarised in the mantra that says: Sanctus, Kyrie, Kyrie, Gloria - meaning Transcend, Purify, Purify, Glorify. In order for the soul to progress, it must transcend those standards and norms of its previous state. To do this the soul must remove any hindrance that may stand in the path. Hence a process of purification must take place. And - finally - the end thereof is a greater degree of glory than before. Thus not only are these three the stages of spiritual development but also the yardstick by which one can measure progress. If one looks back on one’s life, the question should be: “Have I surpassed my previous state, or are there obstacles and hindrances that would still hold me back?” It is written that, though we have not reached perfection as yet, we are indeed being transformed from one degree of glory to another.


And what is the end of this process? As a possible answer to that question, consider the following: At the start of the Second Dialogue there is a quote that is reported to have been written by King David of Israel. In this Psalm the writer gives us a glimpse into a very powerful Council - ‘The Divine Council’ - in which the ‘gods’ are present. Those who would have us believe that there is only one God have said in error that the Elohim refers to God Himself. The error is exposed by this: If there is one Deity, to whom is this passage addressed? Not only that, but the word 'Elohim' is in the plural, the singular being 'Eloi'. There Yahweh, Israel’s deity is also present. In this council, Yahweh makes an astounding statement. To humanity as well as the others present in the chambers, He says: “… You are gods, sons of the Most High - all of you - nevertheless you shall die like men, and fall like any prince …”


Is it not possible that the Great Deities revered in times of old by the Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians - as well as those who held such sway over the Norse, Celtic and other ancient civilizations - are from an even earlier work of Creation that achieved their ascended state before our ancestors even walked the Earth? It is believed by some that they are guides and heralds unto those who would seek their own ascension. Thus when Yeshua-a-Messiah stated that He was ‘… the Resurrection and the Life …’ He was in essence saying that those who follow His example would reach the same ascension that He achieved. In the same way, those whose allegiance is with the likes of Apollo, Thor, Rah, and Danu - as well as the manifold deities of antiquity - would also share the same glorious destiny as their masters.


Is Yeshua not reported to have said that His followers would imitate what He has done, and achieve even greater exploits? This promise is common to all Deities, and how can it be otherwise? Is this not the ‘Law of Continuance’? Is it not the same principle that is at the heart of every creature that would have its legacy or line passed on to future generations?


This Law of Continuance should become the goal of the present generation, otherwise what shall become of the next? If this constructive transformation can begin its infancy now, how much more glorious shall be the prospects of the age to come? But if this aeon is allowed to stagnate or even recede, then it will be all the more difficult for future generations to restart the process of positive development again. Thus the exhortation is once more not only to grow in one’s personal capacity, but also to encourage our offspring to do the same. Change is inevitable, but whether that change is for the better or not is a matter of individual choice.


Herein lies the fundamental difference between those known as the Dark Horde and the Allies of the Light: The latter would encourage, promote, and even assist in such development, whereas the former would not. Indeed they fear it because they know full well that - if it were to prevail - the struggle would not work in their favour. The lack of real resistance that presently abounds in the heart of mankind has enabled such evil to succeed. Remove this sense of ennui, and the darkness will be forced to retreat to its allotted place.


But there is encouragement for those who have partnered themselves with the Light, for they have a secret weapon at their disposal, and that is Authority. As the forces defending a nation from an invading army have the sanction to use whatever force and resource needed to fulfil their task, so Divinity has granted the Divine Allies all the resources in the Universe, both spiritual and physical, so that they can withstand this hellish onslaught. Not only that, but those who are truly awakened are Children of Light, whereas the worst of our enemies is but an archangel - and a fallen one at that!


As was mentioned before, those who are spiritually dead are cut off from the Source. This means that they have no access to the power and energy that the Source provides. This Divine power is called ‘Original Power’. It is boundless and knows no limitation. However, it is not given unconditionally. Those who would tap into it must remember these words: ‘Harm none, and do for the good of all’, for this is the only condition that Divinity would place upon those who deign to make use of this provision. In every faith, these words are echoed: Yeshua spake thus: ‘… Do unto others as you would they do unto you …’ No-one would wilfully harm themselves. Therefore if one would keep this command, one would not harm another.


Any who would seek to transgress this precept can only do so by seeking alternative sources of power to achieve their purposes. This is known as ‘Derived Power’. The problem is not that the power is unavailable, but that any who claim to grant it cannot do so freely. They in turn exact their price upon any who seek to make use of their resources. And how can it be otherwise? For they too have no access to the Source, and have to gain their power from elsewhere. And this they do from the very ones who seek their aid. These beings are mere parasites. They consider all other forms of existence but their own as but a food source.


This is why those known as the Dark Horde would not that humanity reach its full potential. They know full well that, were this to happen, they would be forced to relinquish one of their most abundant suppliers of energy. Thus it is imperative that each individual make this choice: Either to rise above the state of being mere fodder - the rank of ‘slave’ - and become the Child of Light he or she is destined to be, or to allow this carnage and coercion to persist. This is the issue at the very heart of this Great War.


Therefore, o Child of Adam, let this be your motivation: That greater is the Light that shines in you than the Darkness that is against you. Furthermore - as Divinity’s workmanship - you are destined for greatness. Against this grand future neither weapon nor craft of any who would oppose you shall prosper. Those who are diligently and earnestly following their path shall not grow weary, neither shall storm nor torrent of antagonism threaten them. Instead of being a stumbling block or a hindrance, opposition shall give the Child of Light an opportunity to test the validity of his or her conviction. Far from mourning their defeat when confronted with contradiction, they shall rejoice when the power of their faith - regardless of what form that faith may take - overcomes it.


This is not religion, nor is it mere doctrine. Its purpose is not to demand that any follow a set of precepts, or to dictate certain conditions for any to adhere to in order to gain entrance into ‘Paradise’. Instead it is an offer, an exhortation to inform humanity of that which is within your reach, a state of living that - rather than restricting one to a stringent set of laws - would free one to fully live. Do not allow preconception to rob you of this self-realisation, but rather open your mind to that which your heart has always known to be your authentic self.


The riches contained within these writings thus far are available to all without exception or reservation. Again it is merely a matter of choice, a matter of faith.


Those that oppose this would convince us that we are not worthy of such greatness. Shall it be said that Divinity has made it known that these things are within our reach, and then said that we are forbidden to attain to them? May it never be! For then would the Creator be proved false and untrustworthy, and if this be the case, then to whom shall we turn? If this indeed be so, then the Universe is truly a cruel and desolate place!


But thanks be that we can place our trust fully in the One who is beyond reproach. Not only that but we have the twin counsellors of Intuition and Conscience within us, and they too testify to the truth. Therefore, o Reader, let your soul be your guide. Go forth with the assurance that all who follow and stand for the Light are with you. For this does the whole of Creation - the entire Mulltiverse - eagerly await: That the Children of Light, with Eternity in their eyes, be revealed!


In preparation for this Great War, it is meet that the warrior should examine his or her weaponry, as well as the authority of the One in whose honour he or she chooses to fight. If a soldier would embark on a campaign - no matter how noble or honourable it may appear to be - he or she needs to first enquire of the Sovereign to ascertain whether such a venture is in accordance with the ruler’s will. But if the same is fighting to fend off any marauding foe, then may the defender go forth knowing full well that his or her liege - if the ruler is indeed just - would not oppose such a course but would throw his or her full weight behind the campaign.


Our enemy is not from some distant realm, but one who has sought to infiltrate our ranks and wage this war amongst us, even within our own hearts and souls. Thus we must go forth and reclaim that which our foe has taken from us. Our calling is not only for defence, but to go on the offensive if needs be. And how shall it be otherwise? Is it not written that the Kingdom of the Righteous suffers violence, and that the violent take it back by force?


Therefore the Warriors of Righteousness, whether they be Angel, Sidhe, Human - or any of the manifold races that inhabit this Multiverse - can advance in full assurance that their cause is just, and that our endeavors shall be blessed for they bare the Divine stamp of authority. Not only that but the full measure of Creation’s resources are at our disposal. Herein lies our confidence!


But as a soldier would look to his or her equipment, we too should pay attention to ours. It has many names - and may take on a number of forms - but the elements remain the same. In one ancient text it is known as the ‘Full Armour of God’.


According to this same description, our sole weapon is known as the ‘Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God (Divine Revelation)’: At first glance this may appear to be a mystery. How can mere words be used as a weapon? The truth is that the words we speak can determine our reality. It has been said that a victorious warrior wins first and then goes to war, whereas a defeated warrior goes to war first and then seeks to win. For this reason the armies of yore would shout battle-cries and chant war-songs ere they went to face their enemies. The victory over any foe begins in the heart of the warrior, and that determination then manifests itself in the field of battle. Simply put: If one believes one is defeated, then the battle is lost ere it has even been fought.


Not only do words determine reality and outcome, but they also convey and can even change the attitude. Divinity has given those who would repel this evil onslaught every resource in Heaven (the Spiritual Realm) and Earth (the Mundane Shell). It has been said that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing, and given all things pertaining to a god-like life. Not only is this true, but those who walk in the Light have been given a title that is greater than that of their worst enemy. In one text this title is ‘Children of the Most High’. Those who choose to walk in darkness are created beings, and fallen ones at that. They have no connection to the Source of Original Power, and must live as parasites upon those that have been deceived into giving them their allegiance. For this reason did a sage of yore state that those who oppose us consider us as mere fodder.


The full weight of the Universe has been thrown behind those who would take their stand for Righteousness’ sake. All the Principalities and Powers of Light - be they god, angel or any other form, both known as well as those yet to be discovered - have pledged their fealty to this same Light. Shall they not also give those who follow in their mighty footsteps of their extensive reserves?


From the ancient Israelites are two examples that illustrate the power of words: In the first instance, Israel stood on the very brink of seeing the promise given to them via Moses, and even from the time of Abram, fulfilled. The so-called ‘Promised Land’ stretched out before them. It was there for them to enter in and claim. Wisely Moses sent seven agents to spy out the land. Among them were Joshua and Caleb, both valiant men, faithful and true. Alas, the same could not be said of the other five.


Upon their return, these five informed Moses that it would be impossible for Israel to claim this land promised to them, as it was inhabited by ‘Giants’ so formidable, that they made these spies appear to be mere worms before them. Joshua and Caleb had no such misgivings. Though they did not deny that such an endeavour would indeed be perilous, and though they did not underestimate their opponents, they were certain that these so-called ‘Giants’ could be defeated.


Their assurance came not from superiority of numbers, nor by the might of their forces, but because their guarantee of victory came from above - from the same mighty hand that parted the Red Sea, the same Strength that had safeguarded them with the pillar of cloud by day and the flames at night, the same Provider that caused manna to fall from the sky and water to pour down from barren rock, so that they would not go hungry or suffer thirst. Was it not this god Yahweh that smote the oppressive Egyptians with plagues, and confronted them with signs and wonders that they were forced to let Israel go?


But alas - instead of hearing the counsel of these wise, valiant and faithful men - Israel chose to believe the report from the other five. As a result they wandered aimlessly in the Negev for forty years. When this era was over - and those who had doubted, including Moses himself, were no more - who should be chosen to lead Israel into the Promised Land, but Joshua himself.


Some time later, under the same leadership, Israel is said to have defeated the mighty Canaanites. Again it was not by an enormous army with advanced weapons that this momentous victory was gained, but by the exultation in their voice and the blasting of the ram’s horn. And all this because Joshua had been told that Israel should shout, for this same Yahweh had given them the city.


But this weapon is also called the ‘Sword of the Spirit’. This Holy Being grants us three mighty gifts. These are: Faith, Discernment, and Revelation. The first reminds the warrior of the manifold promises our Captains have made to us, as well as of the times when these have proved themselves trustworthy in the past. Would Israel have followed Joshua’s instructions before the defeat of Jericho if he had agreed with the five faithless spies? By the second the warrior is instructed as to the best strategy to ensure a positive outcome, or at worst to avoid a negative one. And by the third, we are given access to supernatural information that would further guarantee the success of our endeavors.


These too are mighty weapons in the Warrior of Light’s already formidable arsenal. But mighty weapons would be of little benefit to a soldier whose armour was deficient. Thus the one who fights on the side of righteousness has been equipped with defences that are as effective as the dangers that he or she faces are perilous.


Again it is worth mentioning that each element represents a spiritual attribute that would translate into the various defences for the soul in the realm of the spirit. ‘Righteousness’ is the breastplate, ‘Faith’ the shield, ‘Truth’ the belt, ‘Preparedness’ sandals, and ‘Salvation’ a helmet … Together these protect the soul against the weapons of the enemy.


To better understand how these attributes act as our spiritual defences, it would be prudent to examine them individually:


Righteousness: This term has often been misconstrued, and even misrepresented, as being moral or ethical purity. The first problem with this definition is that it is subjective. In other words, according to whose moral or ethical point of view is one declared righteous? In this Pontius Pilatus was correct in asking: ‘What is truth? An unchanging law?’ Secondly, if this were the case, how then can this be imparted to another, or bestowed upon someone as a gift? Instead this word speaks of a firm and positive standing before Divinity. It is to be united with the Divine Purpose. This is the innermost desire of every creature, and is realised by those who are awakened.


But, one might ask, does this mean that only those who have pledged their allegiance to a specific Deity will be declared righteous? This is what many religions would put forward. The problem lies in the fact, that each of these religious systems claim that the only Deity, that is able to bestow this gift upon man is the particular ‘God’ that specific group worships, whether it be the god of the Christians, Muslims, Jews …


The answer lies not in the Deity of one’s choice or tradition, but with the side to which that Deity has sworn fealty. How then shall a person discern whether his or her allegiance is with the right camp? Simply put, by the fruit of their actions. If the stem of a plant is good, then the fruit will be wholesome. But should the stem be corrupted, how shall it produce good fruit?


It is said that fear can pierce the heart and force the soul to shrink back into inactivity. The most destructive of these fears is that Divinity does not approve of the individual’s way of life. If a child doubts his or her parents’ approbation, then the child will not have the boldness to speak or demonstrate his or her triumphs, and will seek to conceal his or her failure. Likewise, one who fears the harsh judgements of his or her Source will shun any contact therewith. If this is allowed to persist, then there is a danger that this would result in the spiritual stagnation known as spiritual death.


In contrast, the knowledge that Divine Grace has already guaranteed one’s standing and approval before one’s Source, acts as a repelling force against this fear. Thus as a breastplate would protect those parts of the body that are vital for our physical survival, so this Righteousness safeguards the connection between the soul and its Source.


Faith: This can be defined as the determined trust in the good, benevolent, and holy intentions of one’s Deity or Source towards the individual. This acts as a shield when one’s opponents would assail one with such weapons as doubt, fear and uncertainty. Faith gives the spirit warrior the assurance that he or she is on the victor’s side, and that this benevolent Source is on his, or hers.


There are those who believe in what is known as ‘Blind Faith’. This is a contradiction in terms. If faith is based on trust, then how can one put one’s trust in a Source about which one knows very little, if anything at all? During the Burning Times, only the clergy were allowed to become versed in the Scriptures. Because of this, the unlearned commoners were forced to believe in what was being presented to them as ‘The Truth’ without the opportunity of testing its validity. This is in contrast with Yahweh’s promise that all shall know Him ‘… from the greatest to the least’.


Again, one can test whether the revelation that one has received is trustworthy or not by asking two simple questions: Firstly - ‘How does this knowledge impact my life?’ and secondly - ‘Does the Source of this revelation demand the glory for his, or herself, or would it rather defer the honour to another - perhaps even higher power?’ Yeshua stated that those who would hold to His teachings would ‘… know the truth’, and the truth would set them free. Alas, many of those who seek to follow in His footsteps have not found greater freedom, but bondage to fear, condemnation and bigotry. Even those who claim to be teachers of His ‘Word’ have further ensnared their followers in chains of theology, doctrine, dogma, and religiosity.


Does this mean that Yeshua’s words were in error? By no means, but the problem lies with that which has been put forth as ‘Truth’. Surely - if these words are true - then one can measure one’s acquaintance with this Truth by the liberty that such knowledge affords.


Truth: The knowledge and assurance of these truths is like a belt that holds the rest of the armour in place. Negatively, if one is ill-acquainted with the Truth, one’s spiritual defences are inadequate to withstand the enemy’s tirade. Without this firm foundation, the warrior would soon find him or herself tossed by every falsehood the enemy would present, in order to rob the Soldier of Righteousness of his or her assurance. Truth; and more importantly, being rooted and grounded therein, gives the rest of the armour stability. This also ensures that one’s weapon is firmly in place, as a sword’s scabbard is attached to the belt. In the same way our weapon should be wielded wisely and drawn from a firm understanding of this Universal Truth, for - in this treacherous age - there is little room for error.


Again the question must be asked: ‘What is Truth?’ The Christian church claims that theirs is the only truth - but then again so do the Muslims, the Hindus, and so on. As has been mentioned before, this Truth Universal is greater than the sum-total of its manifold facets. As Faith needs to be rooted and established in the Truth, much has already been said concerning the manner in which one can measure the validity and efficacy thereof. But let it be known that ultimately one’s acquaintance with the Truth is intensely personal, and should not be equated with that of another. If your knowledge of the Truth is sufficient to allow you the freedom to grow unto a greater self-realisation, then let no-one gainsay it.


Salvation: Many believe this to mean that one is saved from the fires of damnation. Others are of the opinion that salvation means that one has in some way been able to curry favour with a Deity that is at once angry - and thus needs to be appeased, and also condescending - and therefore willing to accept the ‘faithful’s’ gifts of religiosity and piety. But what sovereign is there that would willingly accept that which is not wholeheartedly given? Conversely, what father would not gladly accept the sincere and pure affection from his own offspring.


If there be any need for salvation at all, it would be that we are rescued from a life of meaninglessness and futility. A wise man of yore likened this life with being lived ‘under the sun’. His summary thereof is echoed in these words: ‘Vanity! Vanity! All is in vane!’ By this definition, salvation is to be set free from captivity as a caged eagle is able to soar once again, once the doors of her cage have been opened. In the same way, true salvation is what allows those who would be free to express their own god-selves without fear or reservation. This he called life ‘under Heaven’.


Thus salvation transforms the individual from a life in which he or she is always the victim, to one in which he or she is a champion. This assurance safeguards our thoughts when we are assailed by fear and troubled by doubt. By this we are able to protect ourselves when negative thoughts of failure and inadequacy would bombard the mind. Salvation is not so much being rescued from the Kingdom of Darkness, but being restored to the Kingdom of Light. What good would it do if a prisoner’s chains were loosed, and he was not told that the door of his cell is opened and he has been released from his incarceration?


Preparedness: This has been compared to sandals for two reasons: Firstly because none of the above would avail the warrior much if he or she still refused to go out and fight. Secondly because the symbolism is itself twofold.


In the first instance it illustrates a willingness to take a stand against the evil of the age, as a soldier wearing combat boots would be swift to respond to his or her Captain’s call to arms. In the second, it speaks of the warrior’s training and preparation. What Commander would issue his forces with weapons and armour without ensuring that they are fully and thoroughly prepared, and proficient in their use?


In this mighty spiritual war, if all these elements are working together as one, then the ancient prophet’s words are truly proven: ‘No weapon formed against us shall prosper!’


At this juncture, let it be known that although morality has oft been given an elevated status as godliness – and even righteousness – virtue alone will not avail much if it is not combined with a firm and vital connection to one’s Source. What good shall a warrior achieve – no matter how noble his cause or how just his intent – if he stands alone?


Having said this, however, virtue and integrity must never be disregarded! An immoral life is one polluted by guilt and negativity. These in turn impede the vitality of the link between the individual and his or her inner being. Just as poor circulation would weaken - if not kill - any living creature, impurity of lifestyle would inhibit the spiritual progress of the soul that accommodates it. Oftentimes Yeshua would refer to a tree and its produce. He said: “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot produce good fruit” or, “By their fruits you shall know them” (speaking of the distinction between the righteous and the unrighteous).


Notice He says: “By their fruits …” This indicates that a good code of ethics is not an end in itself. As a fruit tree requires fertile soil and clean water in order that it may produce good fruit, so the soul needs to maintain a dynamic union with its Source. Many believe that one has to be morally sound in order to gain such a status, but the bearing of ‘good fruit’ is a product of one’s right standing before the Creative Centre and not the basis for it. Therefore the truly awakened do not have to search for excuses for their failings, moral or otherwise. The true Children of Light are assured that every provision has been made for them, and is indeed within them - not so that they would struggle to reach what they perceive as their ‘lot in life’ - but that they might exceed their expectations and thus reach their full potential! After all, what infant on the day that he or she learns to walk would ever consider that one day he or she might become a famous athlete? But - unbeknown to him - the potential is there. All it needs to do is grow and develop. Within the humble acorn is a mighty Oak.


Of what benefit is morality then? Shall it be said that it is of little consequence? May it never be! As has been mentioned before, the offspring of immorality are guilt and negativity. But it also impacts the individual’s intentions. One who has rejected the wise counsel of their own conscience is more likely to plot an ever more destructive course unto his or her own demise, unless he or she once again inclines the ear to its wisdom. Hence immorality leads to ever greater wickedness.


Then there is the issue of Karma: While it is most certainly true that our Source - the Divine or Creative Centre - has nothing but good intentions for those that are called the Children of Light, this does not mean that the knowledge of such Grace should lead to presumption. In order for Love to be pure, it must also be just and free from corruption. This justness does not demand that one follow a mere set of abstract laws and regulations. On the contrary, Divine Law is sensible and infinitely reasonable. The basis thereof is summarised in the ancient Creed that states: ‘For the good of all, and harming none.’


Evil is called ‘evil’ because it seeks to cause harm, destruction and disharmony. It seeks nothing but its own selfish ends - and in the final analysis - benefits no-one. Divine Justice seeks to bring an end to evil’s tyranny, not evil itself. As has been mentioned previously, the Creative Centre knows full well that for Creation to maintain its balance, everything must have its contrary: Light and darkness, life and death, growth and decay, summer and winter … even Good and Evil. What parent would condone destructive behaviour from its offspring, especially when such behaviour is self-destructive? Know this, all evil is destructive. But not every destructive force is necessarily evil: If there is no control over the population of a certain species, that creature would dominate and eventually that domination would bring about the same being’s downfall. At the heart of Divine Law is balance, thus anything that seeks to destroy this equilibrium is in opposition to Divine Law.


Evil has not the power; nor the inclination to create. All evil is destructive, both to the victim and to the perpetrator. Such is the Law of Karma, for it states that ‘… every act - whether good or evil - shall return to its originator threefold.’ And be assured, even if one does not reap the karmic harvest for one’s actions at once, these shall be fulfilled - regardless of how many incarnations and lifetimes it may take.


Karma is either a reward for those actions that are praiseworthy, or a debt that needs to be paid for those that are not. But there is another factor that must be taken into account, and that is motive. If good deeds are accomplished only to reap a reward, then this motive can but pollute the good that is done. True acts of righteousness must therefore be done out of a pure intention, hence the second law spoken of in the ancient Creed: ‘In perfect love and perfect trust.’ Because of its very nature, perfection will suffer no impurity. Thus - if one’s motives and intentions are pure - then one’s deeds are truly righteous. But if the intent is corrupt, even the greatest deeds of righteousness are as worthless as filthy rags. If these achieve their intended purpose, then it is by Grace alone.


Returning then to the question: What good is there of holding to a wholesome code of conduct? From a spiritual perspective, it acts as a defence against such weapons as accusation and guilt. Just as one who is falsely inculpated has the truth on his or her side, so the awakened soul whose conscience is clear is able to withstand the one who is aptly called the ‘Accuser of the Brethren’. Not only that, but it assures one of the Source’s goodwill towards one, because the heart is free from any negative karmic influence.


It also reassures the individual that his or her intentions are good. Thus the true Warrior of Light may know that the cause is just, and therefore would have the approval and support of all who have allied themselves therewith - even the Divine Centre!


This means that a clear conscience is a vital component of a Spirit Warrior’s arsenal. But how shall one who is imperfect attain to such a lofty ideal? Surely one’s past failures would remain as blights upon one’s record? The answer to this is that a man is defined by what he does today. Put differently, one should acknowledge that one has not yet reached perfection, for to do otherwise is to deceive oneself. But, having done this, one must forget that which is in the past, and press on to reach the higher goal for which one is destined. It is not a sin to fall but, if one would remain in that fallen state, therein lies the travesty. True spirituality is progressive, from one degree of glory to another. As it is for a child to grow unto its full stature, and for a butterfly to undergo the slow process of metamorphosis, so it is our responsibility to mature in our spiritual walk. If this truly be our goal, then shall Grace turn that humble seed planted in fertile soil into a mighty tree.


Throughout any history, regardless of the race, there have been those who were prepared to sacrifice all - even unto death - for their beliefs. Even human history speaks of such heroism: The Christians who suffered persecution, first from the Jews and then from the Romans. The Pagans who were tormented and brutalized by the so-called Christian Church during the Burning Times. The Puritans whose blood was spilt for their opposition to the Papist oppressors. Those among the First Nations who resisted the onslaught of the European in North America … The list is endless, and has no regard for race, colour or creed. The underlying truth remains: Those whose consciences are clear do not consider dying in order to keep it thus a sacrifice but rather as an honour!


If one truly holds onto the Truth with a pure heart, then the worst that any foe can achieve is to destroy the outer shell - the body - so that the soul is set free to become one with its Source. In contrast to this, an assailant that successfully entices the heart to travel upon a path of wickedness and destruction, will not only have desecrated the body but ensnared the soul as well.


To conclude this fourth dialogue, a quote from a wise sage: ‘It is not the critic who counts, nor the one who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the one in the arena, whose face is marred by dust, sweat and blood, who strives valiantly. The one who knows the great enthusiasms - and the great devotions, who spends him or herself for a worthy cause. The one who - at the best - knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and at worst - in the face of failure - that he or she failed while daring greatly. Such a one’s place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who have never known neither victory nor defeat.’




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