Dan Sherman Space Guardian . All Worlds. Book 11

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Dan Sherman is a retired teacher who had to take early retirement through bereavement. He is selected to be a Space Guardian in his dreams. How will he cope with the endless worlds of God.
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dan Sherman Space Guardian . All Worlds. Book 11

Submitted: June 02, 2014

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Submitted: June 02, 2014



Dan Sherman Space Guardian

All Worlds

Book  11

Other Worlds

By Colin James Platt

Copyright Colin James Platt 2014




Chapter 6-Sionn’s Quest


Chapter 7-Nirvara


Chapter 8-Dan’s story continued


Chapter 9-Reeas story

Chapter 10-Debrief

Chapter 11-The search for Debra

Chapter 6-Sionn’s Quest


Message to Guardian database:

This message will be inserted later for security reasons.

I am at present moving through the inaccessible regions in my quest to find Debra. I want to conceal myself from whoever has taken Dan. I am in high cloaking mode, plus light suit. The mental side of my personality has been strengthened by Mannus himself. I don’t usually put into thoughts anything to do with my private life, but I feel that these recordings will play a major part in helping students to understand how the Guardians work. I have, as you know, had an actual merging with Debra. I don’t know at this time where she is, but I feel she will go to somewhere where Dan would be familiar with. Dan, I feel, will be in a depleted state. He is being held in some region where we can’t access. There is no sign of Dan in any region of God that we know of, therefore, I am going to concentrate my efforts on trying to locate Debra, although I am not in the same mental state as Dan, I am, none the less, capable of reaching her. Students, of course, won’t be able to help at this stage, but if you have had any dream experiences about these on-going events ‘before they happened’ then please contact database. I am receiving a thought message at this moment from the database about this very same thing! A student (a young girl) has reported a sighting in her dreams of a young woman who resembles Debra. I am going to transfer to her region and investigate. All I can say at this stage is that this young girl must be highly receptive as the sighting is from the higher mental region, or the ethereal plane. I arrived at the designated spot. I could see a young girl who was transfixed with looking at a young woman who was trying to get into a university building. I was now out of cloaking mode. I asked her if she knew the woman. She said that she didn’t know her but she wanted to make contact, but the woman wouldn’t respond. I was now receiving information from the database that this young girl was a potential Guardian, and had had many past lives teaching and meditating, in fact, she is similar to Dan. I continued…

‘How did you manage to get here?’

‘I have been here many times, but I haven’t been able to get into the building, just like this young woman. I wanted to see if she managed to get inside.’

‘You should know that this area is restricted to higher entities.’

‘I know, but I have managed to get this far many times, I just thought I should message database about this woman.’

‘You have done well, Selira, I have been searching for this person. Please report to the sub base at Eritanne for your on-going training. You will then be formerly asked if you want to be a Trainee-Guardian.’

I was now alone with Debra. The area is as I said before, a restricted region and very few people manage to even get onto the actual plane itself. Debra was obviously in a depleted state as she didn’t even know me! I knew I had to be careful in how I made this first contact with her. I asked her…

‘Why are you trying to get into this building?’

She looked at me in a confused way. She then sat down on the steps and started to cry. I went over to her and sat down beside her. She said, ‘I have been looking for Dan, but I can’t find him. I have been to many places but he is nowhere to be found. This building is one place where I know he visited more than once, so I want to get inside, but it is locked.’

‘Debra, look at me.’

‘How do you know my name?’

I knew I had to be very careful at this stage as too much contact with her could be critical.

‘Debra, please trust me. My name is Sionn, I want to help you find Dan; I also want to find him, we are work colleagues.’

‘Yes, I can remember a little, you are his boss, yes?’

‘Yes, I want him to come back to the database; we are missing him very much.’

‘Oh, Sionn, I am so lonely without him. I can’t function. I thought I found him a short while ago when I helped to protect him from some spiders, you know he hates them? But after that, I came back here, I couldn’t help myself.’

‘Debra, you couldn’t help that. It was for your own good, and Dan’s also. He has managed to isolate his mind from whoever is keeping him hostage. Can you see? I don’t want you to dwell too much on this situation. All I want is for you to trust me, and agree to help me.’

‘What can I do? I am only a one person.’

‘You are more than that, Debra. You are part of the database, and you are part of Dan. Please let me touch you behind the neck and you will understand.’

Debra turned around to show me her neck while pulling her hair to the side. I had to be very careful when I made the touch as too much contact could be bad.

For Students:

The incident with the spiders could have been catastrophic, as Debra was brought back to Dan in a lower state of consciousness. Luckily, Dan managed to resolve things before whoever has taken Dan managed to link into it. I know things seem confused sometimes, but this is the way things are in the ever changing worlds of God. You have got to realize that you, as a student, can also help, as did Selira. I touched Debra quickly. She disappeared. I knew she was now safely inside my mind and I would have to keep a constant watch on her. I entered the university building. I wanted to access the records to give me some information about what Dan was doing here. Maybe it could help us locate him. I was back under high cloaking mode. I made my way to the computer room and easily accessed the system from the Guardian database. Students will know that I have special permission to access these places. I found that with Debra I could also easily find the exact files that Dan was using. These

files were now telling me that Dan had earlier gained  information about what would happen to him later and about where he would be trapped! I was feeling happy at this time my students. Dan is all that I hoped he would be before he became a Guardian. Some students will already know what happens next, but not many. If you do, please log onto the database for your probable Guardian upgrade. I knew that the man sitting over to my right was a dark agent. He then came over to me with a smug look on his face and said, ‘You will never find Dan Sherman this time, Sionn, we have been expecting you. The data that you accessed was planted by us many weeks ago. It doesn’t matter that you have found me out; I can take whatever the Guardians can give; I am earmarked for the position of second apprentice to Kallo, what do you think of that?’

‘I think you are foolish.’

‘Well, we will let Kallo decide, he is about to inform us about Dan Sherman’s future via this computer.

I was feeling pretty low as Kallo came onto the screen, but I also knew that as a Guardian, and with Debra I would do whatever I had to do. This was a long running saga that wouldn’t be over just yet. One thing was baffling me though. How did the dark agent manage to get to this high region? Whoever is keeping Dan prisoner has to be very powerful and dangerous. Kallo is only a small player in this part of the story; he came onto the screen with a smirk on his face as usual and started his speech with a laugh.

‘Sionn, how could you be such a fool? You completely missed the plot. Dan the Trainee is now in a place that you will never find. Yes, Sionn, I know you have me in the astral prison, for now, but the preparations were made many weeks ago to trap Sherman. All the data that you have is false, also you have been compromised by simply being here, my colleague here has managed to use a revolutionary new device on you. It will…

I made a jump for the dark agent. He was now trying to escape, but I grabbed his wrist. He was now on his knees and in agony. I didn’t need to use any force on him such as physical type strength. All I had to do was simply hold his wrist. The heat was starting to build up in me. I knew it was from Mannus and Debra. The heat was now melting through his bones. I could also access his mind, and I also knew that Dan was still in existence. Message to students:

As many of you know, Kallo made a vital mistake in telling me about the revolutionary new device. He is so wrapped up in his ego that he just couldn’t keep it to himself. All I had to do was grab the agent to neutralize it; also the agent couldn’t resist being nearby to watch the result! I know what some students are thinking. Why didn’t Kallo or his agent know about Debra being outside the university, and why didn’t they try to capture her? The truth is, Dan, in his subconscious mind, managed to keep Debra outside the building. The agent was inside and wasn’t aware of her. This may seem simplistic, but the simple truth is, the building wasn’t just locked, but secured in a highly technological way by ethereal light. How did the agent manage to get in then? I hear you say, Kallo in his planning and whoever has taken Dan, made preparations earlier. That is all I can say. But at this stage, I am inclined to think that the agent was allowed to get into the building so that I could get information from him, also I am sure that he himself was trapped and wouldn’t have been able to get out. The relatively easy way in which I saw through this little plan is leading me to wonder about the way in which Dan was taken. Kallo, even though he is able to control certain aspects of the inner worlds, is not, in my opinion, capable of taking Dan out of all the worlds that we know of, or secreting him in some nether world. Yes, I know he has done this before, but we were able to quickly overcome this. This time, however, I feel a bad sense of thought. I know you probably can’t relate to that, but let me put it this way, the mental realm is very complex and confusing place; entities with a higher than average mental capacity can control large areas. I am certain that Dan has been trapped in one of these. Please excuse me if I haven’t got Dan’s ability to put these recordings in the same format, I am out of practice somewhat. I am going to meditate to the special light region of Nirvara where there is a Meeting-of-the-Masters taking place. Students won’t be able to access this obviously, but you will be able to access these recordings later.


Chapter 7


Message from Reeas:

Tharial was asking people to help in any way with any information that could be relevant to Dan’s predicament. We are expecting a special envoy anytime to appear and preside over the meeting. This messenger will be specially trained and highly spiritual. We can’t even be told his or her name as this could be harmful to whoever it is. Students will ask why? All I can say is that if anyone thinks too deeply about this unknown person by name, then those thoughts could be picked up elsewhere on the inner planes. But we are in an inaccessible plane are we not? Yes, but who knows what or who could be listening in. People here are under stress at the moment and agitated by the higher mental light waves. I know I am. All I can think about is my Dan trapped somewhere in an unknown place.

Tharial raised his arms to quieten the crowd. He said, the special envoy will appear in a few moments, please could everyone be calm and meditate.

I noticed that Mannus was a different colour. He was lighter shade of orange! Students will know that each plane has a different colour. The higher up we go the lighter the colour. The meeting was now in meditation and absolutely quiet. I opened my eyes as a stir went round the crowd. I looked on in awe as Sionn himself materialized in the centre of the auditorium. Tharial said, I’m sorry that we couldn’t disclose Sionn’s name earlier as this could have brought him negative thought waves and could have affected his mission. I will let him inform you what has transpired. Sionn looked around with an unusual stare. He seemed to be looking for someone. After a few minutes he said, there is a dark agent in this arena. Everyone looked around with amazement. Tharial said, ‘I’m sure you’re mistaken, Sionn. This meeting has been personally supervised by me and my associates. Everyone here has been cleared.’

‘Everyone has been cleared, but you, Tharial.’

Sionn then grabbed Tharial by the wrist. Tharial was now on his knees and crying out with pain. Sionn continued…

‘What did the entity offer you, Tharial? Was it unlimited power or the chance to be an overlord? Tharial was by now screaming in agony. He shouted, ‘You have ruined everything; I was going to be upgraded. I could have been a higher overlord. You will never find out who my master is, he is so powerful that not even the Guardian-Network can find him.’

‘I found you, Tharial, and we will find Dan, and when we do, you’re so called master will fall.’

Tharial’s hand now fell to the floor, burned through by the heat. His face was a mask of hatred. I knew Mannus was now about to speak as the arena was getting brighter. His voice was very deep and solemn. He said, ‘Approach me, Tharial.’ Tharial became nervous and tried to turn away but Sionn stopped him. Tharial could do nothing but obey. He walked over to Mannus holding his severed wrist. Mannus then said, ‘I trusted you, Tharial, and you brought in dark agents to deceive me. You were once one of my right hand men, and now you have lost your right hand. And so it will stay. You will be without your right hand from now on. Kallo will also lose his right hand. He is another who deceived me. All people who think they can trick their way into my realm will suffer thus.  Shobdera is expecting you. With that, he touched Tharial on the head and he disappeared. Mannus continued…

‘Sionn, I want you to take a party of trusted friends into the mental realm and find out who is abusing my higher regions. You already know something of importance to do with Dan Sherman through Debra. Keep calm and receptive and you will, in time, prevail. You are too high in consciousness to use Debra in any usual sense. I suggest you nominate someone to take over control of Debra for now.’ Mannus then closed his eyes. Sionn turned to the crowd and said,

‘This meeting is now closed.’

We transferred to an ethereal sub plane (which we have to keep secret at this time.)

Sionn was as usual calm and collected. I have to admit, Sionn is the epitome of a spiritual master. He informed me that I would be taking over control of the messaging system for now. This makes me even more aware that Dan is missing. Dan has, as you know, always been in charge of this side of things. I have now and again taken over of the messaging system, but only in a small way. I only hope I can come up to his standards. Sionn has also told me to make students aware that the messages will sometimes seem to be lacking in security. Please be aware that I cannot always tell students when this will happen. Sionn has asked me to also take control of Debra! He told me that she was very limited at the moment due to Dan being away. I only hope that I can keep control of my emotions. Sionn then touched me behind the neck. I could feel a tingling in my head but it soon went. Sionn then asked me to concentrate on Debra. I no sooner did this when Debra appeared! She looked younger by several years and had a nervous look in her eyes. ‘Have you found Dan?’ She said. ‘I have looked everywhere. I have even been to his home in England but someone else has moved into his house! I was going to punish them but I realized that they were only low in consciousness and wouldn’t have been able to trap Dan.’ I looked at Sionn. He looked at me as if to say we might have a bigger problem here than we think.

Sionn said, ‘Debra, you will have to promise me that you will do as we say for the time being. We are going to search for Dan in the higher regions. We want you to agree to merge with Reeas for now. If you should separate from her in any way it could be disastrous. Will you agree?’

‘Oh, yes, Sionn, please find him.’

‘Now, Debra, Reeas, whoever has taken Dan has to be a powerful entity. I feel sure that Dan is being held somewhere on the mental plane. There is no need to worry about this message being intercepted as Mannus himself gave me access to a mental- Isolation programme. I have now given this protection to you Reeas when I touched you behind the neck; I also did the same to you Debra. We, as a team, are now ready to track Dan through the many levels on the mental plane. Be aware, Reeas, that you will have to keep a keen eye on Debra when we get near to Dan. The entity that has taken him will probably attempt to control Debra through you. Mannus has suggested we concentrate on the 31st level, but we will start at the 29th level. Let me just touch you on the neck again, Reeas, to send Debra back into your mind.’

‘What about Deria? Is she not coming with us?’

‘No, Reeas, She and her sister will be looking elsewhere for Dan or anyone who knows anything about this situation; she is still on our team, so to speak. Her brother Darian is also searching for Dan and will contact me when he finds anything. Darian has been in deep silence for years. This makes him very hard to contact and locate by anyone but me. In my opinion, he will be invaluable to us.’

Chapter 8

Dan’s story continued…

I was now facing the entity known as the mind monster. One of the Brain’s robots picked it up from the glass jar and put it on my head. I didn’t feel anything at first but a little silly. I was thinking how I looked with this thing sitting there. I then felt the first pain as the thing started to squeeze. My head was beginning to hurt badly. I thought of my son saying act stupid dad, they will be expecting you to fight, but you can beat them with your tactics just like at Far-station. My son was always mentioning tactics. I know now the reason why. He spent many past lives as a military commander. I was smiling with loving remembrance when I lost consciousness. I became aware in a large room with a glass screen separating me from a door. Through the door walked Debra. Not the Debra from the ship, but the Debra from my past life. ‘Dan. What are we doing here?’

I knew that this was a trick to get me to open up to the Brain. I sat down in the lotus position. Debra was now talking about everything we ever did in our life together as kids, from her liking of dogs to my loathing of spiders. I didn’t react. I tried to meditate but to no avail. The glass screen separated and Debra was now able to touch me. The Brain was starting to assert himself. He knew Debra was my weak link; she was now holding my hand and stroking my hair. Of course this wasn’t the real Debra, but a mental image conjured up by the Brain to get me to bring back the all-powerful Debra.

Students will probably not be able to access this part of the story, but if you can and I believe anything is possible in the worlds of God then please help.

‘Debra, why did you leave me? Why did you have to go off with that guy and get married? You left me with our baby boy who was only a year old, how could I take care of him?’

‘Enough shouted the Brain. You will not be allowed to continue this farce.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘This is an attempt to trick me. Do you think I am naïve enough to accept this rubbish?’

‘Maybe, speaking of you, I have a joke for you.

‘Why didn’t the ghost need a telephone?’

‘What are you trying to do, be funny?’

‘No, that’s not the answer. It is because he had no body to call, just like you, ha. OK, ‘Mr. Brain, I have another one for you.’

‘Silence, I will have your brain removed without delay.’

‘That would be like the last joke. I would have no body to call, ha, ha. Here’s another one, what weighs seven tons and wears a dress?

‘I’m not sure if a mental-insertion-capsule would help me gain access to Debra but I may try it.’

 No, that’s not the answer, its Cinder Elephant. Ha.’

‘This is childish. I thought you at least would be above such things.’

‘Speaking of children, why was the baby ant confused?’

‘I’m not going to stoop to this level.’

‘Wrong again. The answer is because all his uncles were ants. Ha.’

Debra had now disappeared.

‘I will have this Debra. Eventually, you will submit to my superiority.’

‘As long as I don’t have to be your tailor, I would hate to fit you up with a suit. Now, here’s one that will crack you up, I hope. What do you get when you cross a T Rex with a chicken?’

‘I may have to fuse your brain. I don’t want to injure you too much, but I have to get access, you understand.’

‘Wrong again! It is tyrannosaurus pecks. Have you even got a sense of humour?’

‘I was a master physicist when you weren’t even thought of.’

‘What happened? Did you take in one particle too many? One things for sure, your hat fitter would make a fortune.’

Students will understand what I am trying to do. I don’t know whether you can actually log into this part of my story as I am in no fit state to even think straight. Forgive me if I am becoming vague and nonsensical. My head still hurts and I am not even in the physical body. Usually I can override these things, but the Brain has me in his power for now. All I can think of at the moment is my Reeas. I know she will move Heaven and Earth to find me. Sionn also will not stop until he finds and defeats the Brain. I was now in the other room with the mind monster still on my head. The pain was so bad that I could no longer function as myself. God, I wish I could die and move back to Reeas. Students forgive me; I am in no fit state to carry on with the recordings.

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