The Mist of the Night

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There were so many strange things about that day that he couldn't understand, like how could have the temperature dropped so much that evening? Why were the Streets so empty on a weekday? Why was the public transportation inactive on the very day? Why were the Street-lights unlit and a Major power-cut as far as I could see? Why were all the shops closed and where in the world had all the people gone, why did he look into her eyes? why did he have to follow her?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Mist of the Night

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(Attention folks...Hi,This is my first time publishing something anywhere,due to lack of confidence in my work I always have shied away from posting my stories, so please be very honest in your response and let me know what you think about the first chapter.)




IT WAS so cold that I could barely feel my fingers, my breath steamed out white mist into the air, the hair on my forehead, it felt had frozen and would break from their roots any time with the next gush of wind. I stood still as I could hear my teeth clatter, and my bones shaking like stones, grinding against each other. My hood was giving me no comfort from the frosty wind that bore into my ears taking the very life out of me. I felt my nose dripping due to the heat of me gushing out while I tried to breathe, I let it drip as I had no intention of taking out my already freezing hands from the pockets of my jacket.

I still do not understand so many things about that day. To begin with, how could have the temperature dropped so much that evening? Why were the Streets so empty on a weekday? Why was the public transportation inactive on the very day? Why were the Street-lights unlit and a Major power-cut as far as I could see? Why were all the shops closed and where in the world had all the people gone. I had a 'DailyBrunch' newspaper tucked right under my left arm that I had scanned through a zillion times to find out if there was anything the matter, Like a "UFO",(It most certainly did look like an aftermath of a UFO sighting) or a random side-effect of 'Global-warming' or something else, but I couldn't see anything that would have explained the strange 'behavior' of that particular day.


My pulse suddenly dropped, not due to the glacial cold but due to the fright as I saw a strange figure approach me, I could barely see anything due to the heavy white mist that made it hard for me to see anything even a step ahead, and the lack of light made me absolutely blind.

I pierced my eyes in order to understand the exact form of the thing that was approaching me, while my Conscious and sub-conscious mind started anticipating a "Fight-or-Flight" situation.


The figure was approaching fast and I had no time to waste, It was hardly two steps away when my mind screamed "Tackle" in surround sound effect and I jumped on it, grabbing it with my right hand and shoulder as we crashed together on the concrete ground with a whacking sound and a womanish screech,.....

"Wait..What??? I...Shit..(gulp)...oh no."

"HELP!!!! Please... let me go""Help...(she yelped)".she scratched me on my face with her extremely long nails that were beautifully polished and painted in scarlet red that seemed to contrast with the black and white background of our situation. I caught hold of her hands with a sweep of my left hand, she was practically spread beneath me as I hovered over her breathing hard, I tried pacifying her and trying to explain, "I'm (ahm)sorry. When she startled me with…"Heeeeeelp...Heeellllllpppppppp...Heeellllpp". "whhait...stop screaming women".... "HeeeeelP" "Shut up" ,I Placed my right hand on her mouth..."Shut Up, Shut up, Shut the f*** up". She stared at me in shock, her eyes were filled with so many questions, that I let out a sigh and said in my most deep and masculine tone in the most calm and collected way as if I had all the time in the world, as if it was most natural thing to do in such a position(),"I'm (Looking deeply into her eyes)sorry....,I was startled...,I could not see...(my eyes slowly drifted to her lips that seemed to be dripping with the over-flow of nectar, painted with a similar color as her nails)…who was approaching me, It was...(gulp)a mistake(came out with a sigh), I don't mean to harm you".


It was a relief to see her eyes getting calm, but I sensed something more than that,I felt her eyes smiling at me, the smile was growing bigger now and it was as if they were laughing, I looked up at her brows when I suddenly realized she was mocking at me. Strange sounds started coming from her mouth where my hand was still pressed, and as if a tornado of laughter broke out of her when I jerked back my hand in annoyance. My annoyance was apparent from my face, and by the way she laughed at me for tackling her because I was scared was adding a blush to my freezing cold face, I put a hand on my face and suddenly felt something wet near my upper-lip, "Shit..My nose" ...the laughter was now transformed into a big roar, which echoed in the cold night, magnified due to the emptiness of the streets.

Not going on the specific number, this has to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life; I thought to myself how foolish I might seem to this girl with delicate mouth and glossy hands. Her eyes seemed to be laughing at me, and I felt myself involuntarily smiling at her response, at which her howling laughter simmered down to a choking smile. My eyes stared at her lips from beneath the hair that fell on my fore-head which was covered with my hood, it was a perfect smile. Her smile was not a seductive one, but it was an honest smile, as if she believed that I had no intention of harming her, as if I could be trusted for what I said, as if we are some old friends laughing at a prank that went drastically wrong. Something terrified me and shook my heart; suddenly I got up shaking out the dust from my clothes.  She extended her arm towards me; (my heart-beat raised and I felt I should run away as fast as I can, as if I was being trapped, As if I was stepping into a deep valley and it was sucking me in, she seemed so normal yet so strange and different. I felt as if this is the decisive moment when our fates will be sealed final, as if after this moment there will be no turning back, As if everything that I held dear to this moment wouldn’t matter to me anymore If only I happen to give my hand to her. I looked into her eyes as if trying to see if she can read my exaggerated parade of emotions but could only see two expecting eyes waiting for a response(I still wonder how such an innocent act of looking into one’s eyes could cost you your entire life), My heart crashed in my gut when the realization dawned on me, the decision was made and I lost, for a moment thoughts crowded my head and lost all the ability to hear or think, I lowered my eyes at the defeat I faced with myself, Now was the time to put down the weapon) I just paused for a moment before extending my arm towards her, which seemed to me like an epoch.

She held my hand and got up to her feet all the time trying to look into my eyes, I knew it because I tried as much as I can to avoid it. I kept looking down with a blank expression trying to smother the turmoil within me that would let out the expression of the battle I had just lost, not disclosing the fact that just in a few moments a lurking shadow had become his opponent , and now his ‘Enemy’ for life. I don’t know if she read my expression, for some reason I cared, I cared that she should be clueless. I tried reading her face, her expressions, she was busy dusting herself, and she looked normal as if not having a clue what just happened to me. I took a breath of relief with a caution, she turned around dusting herself. It was way too much now there was no dirt on her clothes. She stopped, as I was looking at the back of her head. She knew. I knew that she knew. She knew that I knew that she knew. She knew that I was looking at her. She looked ahead with what I thought would have been a realization. She started walking, without looking back. She knew that I would come after her. I shook my head at the unbelieving situation, smiling to myself. I wanted to prove her wrong in thinking that I would follow her; I leapt, Almost running in her direction. She fastened her pace, much ahead of me, started running now; I could not believe what I was doing. I had no clue why I was doing this particular act. I had no intention of doing something to her sexually; I had no thoughts of making her my friend, or getting her number, or having a conversation. I was into the ACTION, but without any REASON or Intention. My rational mind stared at me from a distant and laughed at me while I was being lead into these series of follies one after the other, and I was becoming a joke to myself.

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