1, 2, 3...they're coming after me.

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - bye bye daddy

Submitted: June 16, 2011

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Submitted: June 16, 2011




I tried not to notice the screaming of people behind me and Kayla…and in front of us…and on both sides of us.
I ran and dragged a sobbing Kayla on with me till we got to my house, we ran into the door and I locked it behind us.
“Jessica! You’re ok!” my brother screamed as he hugged me, Mike was only 11 and he was cute as pie he had blond curly hair and baby blue eyes along with ivory colored skin.
“Where’s mom and dad?” I asked him.
“Dad is boarding up the upstairs widows and mom is getting food and water” Mike replied.
A frantic knock on the door made us all jump.
“Let us in! LET US IN!” I heard a couple voices scream from the other side of the door.
I looked through the spy hole and saw Kayla's little sister and older brother outside.
 I undid the dead bolt and unlocked the door letting them both in.
“Where’s mom?” Kayla asked them and Lily (Kayla's younger sister) burst into tears and Ed (Kayla's brother) cringed.
“One of those things got her on her way back from getting food…we were there but we ran here as fast as we could…” Ed started crying as he finished.
Ed held Kayla to his chest while Kayla held Lily to hers.
“What’s going on down-” my dad was saying as he came down stairs, he saw us all. “Where’s your mom, guys?” he asked Kayla and her brother and sister.
“sh-sh-she’s dead!” Kayla wailed.
“Oh guys I'm so sorry, you stay with us, your my family as it is with Kayla and Jessie being such great friends” dad said as he came all the way down the stairs.
“David! It’s me! Let me in!” my mum shouted from outside the door.
I opened the door and she rushed in carrying about 20 bags full of food and bottled water.
“Those things are everywhere!” I'm mom said as she dropped the bags and started panting.
“Everywhere?” me, my dad, Mike, Kayla, Lily and Ed all said at the same time.
“Yes! Everywhere, everyone…there all…they are…” my mom couldn't finish…she started crying.
I leant my back against the wall and sunk down till I was on my butt with my back against the wall.
Mike and Lily were curled into each other sobbing; Kayla and Ed were locked together in a vice like hold as tears streaked both of their cheeks; my mom and dad were talking quietly and clearly worriedly in the corner.
“AAARG!” there was pounding and shouting on the door…I looked in the spy hole…it was one of those things!
I nearly screamed but Ed clapped a hand over my mouth before I could.
“They are sensitive to noise…the news said so” Ed whispered in my ear.
Kayla had her hands on Mike and Lily’s mouths; my mom was curled into my dad’s chest with his arms around her and his face buried in her hair.
Ed checked to make sure I wouldn't scream before he bent down and took a shot gun out of a band that was wrapped around his calf.
He stood up and then looked in the spy hole again; Ed then shocked me by undoing the dead bolt and unlocking the door.
Ed flung the door open and I heard the gun go off.
“Take that you zombie son of a bitch!” Ed cheered before he closed the door then locked it then pulled the dead-bolt across.
Lily and Mike were beyond hysterical, they sobbed and tears poured from their eyes.
I just sat and watched the changing scenes before me…I was in a kind of shock.
My mom was holding a sobbing Mike in her arms; Kayla, Ed and Lily were in a 3 way hug…my dad…my dad was in a corner…he was twitching and mumbling to himself. I stood up and slowly approached him…
“Dad?” I said slowly and reached out to touch his shoulder…he slapped it away.
“Don't touch me!” he shouted…his skin was pale…his eyes were blood shot…he was becoming one of them!
I jumped backward and hit Ed “what is it, Jessica?” he asked and I pointed a shaking hand at my dad who was standing up now.
“David! David, not you!” my mom stuttered between sobs.
“Daddy!” Mike sobbed.
“Get back guys!” Ed warned us and we backed away, Ed pulled out his gun “don't look guys, don't look; I'm sorry, Mr. Riverflow, I really am it’s the only way”
My dad seemed to realize what was going on at that moment and he turned to look at us.
“I love you all, I'm sorry, Maria I love you more than words can say, always remember that! Mike, you grow up to be a kind, strong, loving man ok? I love you. Jessica…you be a good girl, I will watch you become a young woman and if and when you get married I will be there, I love you baby girl, I'm sorry to all of you…don't look guys…don't look; do it Ed” my dad said slowly as his eyes flickered.
Mom pulled Mike into her chest as he sobbed; Kayla buried her face in lily’s hair as she held her, I however ran to hand my dad my charm…he had given me a silver charm on a silver chain, it was shaped like a pair of angel wings…
“I love you daddy” I whispered as I hugged him for a second.
“I love you too baby girl, love you…do it now Ed” he whispered back, I took a step or two away from him.
I looked into my dad’s eyes as I heard the gun go off, my dad’s eyes closed and a small smile appeared on his lips as he fell to the floor…he was dead.
Mike sobbed louder my mom cried, I sobbed and Kayla and Lily sobbed too Ed just inclined his head and closed his eyes.

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