Colour Of The Water

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A couple of years have gone by since the events of Swords Of The Seal. Zane and his siblings have finally escape from a insane asylum and are trying to find the others, but what happens when they get caught by Trunks' small group AND evil people? Soon Zane gets brainwashed and he's out to kill his friends!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Red River Of Blood

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The cold air assaulted the four kids, they walked along silently. The one who acted like the leader was only about 6; he had straight black hair and dark brown eyes. The oldest boy was about 10 or 12 and had spiky black hair and dark brown eyes. There was one other boy in this group, he was also about 6 and had messy black hair and dark brown eyes. The last one in the group was a small girl, only about 3 or 4 and had long purple hair and black eyes. They were walking along a long forgotten path.

Oniichan, how much longer until we arrive?” The girl asked the leader. The leader stopped dead in his tracks. “How much longer until we arrive? Uh I don’t really know Tally.” The boy said. Tally sighed and walked forwards. “Hold it! We’re taking a break!” The other 6 year old said. “Why are we gonna do that Tommy?” The leader asked. The oldest child chuckled. “Shut up Azzy!” Tommy yelled. “Az is older than us so don’t be rude to him.” The leader said. “Thanks Zane.” Az said. Zane smiled. “This is soooo stupid!” Tommy yelled. “Shut up, it won’t be much longer now.”

“So now what?” Tommy asked. Zane leaned against one of the cave’s wall. “We’re trapped aren’t we?” Tally asked as she whimpered softly. “Don’t cry! We’ll be okay!” Zane said. Tommy sighed. “Don’t worry little sis, we’ll be okay. I’m sure someone will be looking for us soon.” Az said. “Ya, but when they find us they will take us back there. I don’t want to be in an insane asylum anymore…” Zane said softly. Az fell silent. “But we need to get our swords back.” Tommy hissed. Tally started to cry.

In this world there was good and evil and there was the Chosen One’s and the Etrina Clan. They fought to save the world with their Seal Swords, or Swords of the Seal. In the end they won but lost their lives. Years later they were reborn as kids who had no idea about any of it and were given their swords at different times and different ways in their life. Originally there was only 8 Seal Swords which grew to 10, then 12 and then 20. Fire, Water, Darkness, Light, Wood, Earth, Air, Lightning, Thunder, Rainbow, Life, Death, Strength, Hope, Arms, Chains, Angel, Demon, Time and Willpower.

20 kids who had almost nothing in common were joined together to save the world. Trunks, Tommy, Zane, Gohan, Chey, Davey, Kimai, Goten, Shay, Yumna, Bra, Az, Tally, Abby, Debbie, Sally, Ratt, Volt, Spence Jr and Nicola.

Zane looked up at the ceiling of the cave. “What’s wrong?” Az asked. The two other kids were asleep. “Well I don’t know where everyone else is and I don’t know if their safe so I guess I’m worried about them.” Zane told him. Az nodded his head. “I know what you mean. I’m worried about Trunks and his group, he always got into trouble.” Az said. Zane frowned. “You know, it’s all weird now. Being with them for about almost 8 years and now we’re all separated I feel like a part of me has been ripped away.” Zane admitted. Az nodded his head. “Me too little bro.” Az whispered.

Most of them were related in some way or another. Davey and Kimai were siblings. Bra and Trunks were siblings too. Gohan and Goten also, Shay and Yumna too. Zane, Az, Tommy, Tally and Sally were siblings, and Ratt was their cousin. Spence Jr and Nicola were half-siblings. Volt and Abby and Ratt were Chey’s childhood best friends. Debbie was Sally’s best friends when they were in High School.

Tally slowly opened her eyes; standing over her was a person with a scarf covering their face. Her older brother Zane was tied up and looked like he was beaten up pretty badly. Her other brother Tommy was pinned up against the wall and her oldest brother Az was lying on the ground not moving. “Who are you?” Tally whispered softly. “Shh, we’re here to help you, just play along like your brothers and we can get out of here.” The person told her, by the sound of the voice Tally determined that the person was a male. Tally nodded her head slightly. “YOU LITTLE BRAT!! YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO ME!! ANSWER ME!!” The male yelled. Tally knew what to do; she forced tears to fill her eyes. The male hit her, but it was very lightly. Tally pretended that it hurt a lot. “Almost done over there FB?” Another male asked. “Almost done CL.” The male replied. Tally knew who those people where!

The male picked her up. Tally giggled softly. “Is that you Trunks?” She asked quietly. “Yes it’s me.” He answered. “Then that other one is Goten, right? Who else is with you guys?” Tally asked. “Ya and there is Davey, Chey, Ratt and Debbie.” Trunks answered. Tally smiled slightly. “Thank god…I was so worried that we were gonna have to go back to that asylum.” Tally said as she started to drift off to sleep.

They weren’t really ready for that war, they suffered so much, one of they lost a whole arm, many of them suffered from Post-Traumatic-Stress Disorder or PTS. Some of them were pretty young when they first started the war, others were pretty old. It was such a shame that their innocence was destroyed by what they saw and what they had to do. Some of them never really trusted other people again.

Zane groaned softly and opened his eyes; two kids were standing over him. “What now?” One of them asked, obviously he was a follower. “We have to hurt him, or else we can’t work on our plan.” The other one asked. “Who…who are you?” Zane asked. “You already know me Fallen Moon-san.” The follower said. “Who? What are you talking about?” Zane asked, his mind clouded by a heavy fog. “I’m Davey.” He said. “I’m Ratt.” The other one said. “Who are you following?” Zane asked. “Huh? What do you mean?” Davey asked. “Are you the enemies of me?” Zane asked. Ratt looked confused. “What are you talking about?” Ratt asked.

They were all pretty paranoid after the events that have taken place, wars, assassins, and tricks. So much that gave them all grief. At least two or three of them have always been careful of what they tell people and what they do around others.

Az opened his eyes. “What should we do?” A girl asked a man. “Listen up; I want you to do whatever you need to do to get information from him!” The man said. “Yes Mr. Rossi.” The girl said. Rossi turned and left the room. The girl was left alone with Az. The girl carefully pulled off her hair, reveling that she was wearing a wig. Az quickly recognized her as Debbie. “Hey Azzy.” Debbie said softly, her purple eyes shining. “What are you doing here Debbie-chan?” Az asked. Debbie giggled. “I’m here to recuse you!”

Tommy opened one of his eyes weakly. He saw a girl and a boy arguing. “I’ll watch him!” The girl said. “No! You can’t watch him as good as I can!” The boy shouted. “I can do it!” The girl yelled. The boy slapped the girl hard across the face. Tommy’s eyes widened. The girl started to cry. The boy muttered something in Japanese and stormed off angrily. “Are you alright?” Tommy asked the girl. “I’m fine Aqua-kun…” The girl said. Tommy’s eyes widened again. He choked back a sob. “C-Chey?” Tommy asked.

They had no idea how to deal with all the pressure and all the confusion. Each and every one of them suffered from PTS and paranoia. They only trusted each other and never trusted anyone outside of their group. Not even their parents. Times were hard and strange, since when did the government send assassins to kill kids? It was like nothing they had ever seen before. They were on the most wanted list and people were given orders of if they were seen to shot the kids. Soon a father of one of the kids knew about it but was trying to kill the kids, soon after another father of one of the kids stabbed their son and then one of the kids went to jail. Day after day the things got worse and they never knew who was going down next. When some of their own turned on each other they couldn’t believe it. They complained that it wasn’t possible and that it couldn’t be happening.

“FB! Come on! Let’s go!” Goten shouted. “We have to hurry and meet the others!” Trunks said. Tally was still sounding asleep. Alarms sounded out. “Oh no! We’re gonna be caught!” Goten shouted. Trunks and Goten raced towards the woods. Soon they were under the protection of the woods’ undergrowth. “Man that was so not fun.” Goten said. Trunks nodded his head and laid Tally beneath a tree. In a flash the trees disappeared and the three kids were left out in the open. Standing in front of them was Chey and Tommy. “Hey guys, where is everyone else?” Chey asked. Tommy looked drugged. “Is he alright?” Goten asked. “Ya, he just got injected with a drug.” Chey answered. “We better hurry.” Goten said. Chey and Trunks looked at Tommy and Tally and knew that it was hopeless.

Zane laid on a cot. “Let’s find out what makes him so strong.” A man said. Zane opened his eyes but everything was blurry. “Put him under again.” Another man said. Zane closed his eyes and felt his mind start to fade. What’s going on?

Zane looked at the lake. “Going in it?” Tommy asked. “Naw, I don’t like swimming.” Zane answered. Tommy laughed slightly. “You scared of the water Zaney?” Tommy asked with a smirk. “No, I just don’t wanna swim.” Zane said. Tommy laughed again. “I just don’t wanna swim! I just don’t wanna swim!” Zane said over and over again.

“I just don’t wanna swim…I just don’t wanna swim…” Zane mumbled. “I don’t give a damn whether you wanna swim or not you’re still gonna suffer.” Rossi said. A man looked at Rossi. “What should we do now?” The man asked. “Shut up Jason!” Rossi shouted. Jason fell silent. A small voice started to speak to Zane. Zane had no idea what was going on. Kill them Zane. You must protect yourself. Who are you? You should already know very well who I am. What do you mean? You know very well who I am Zane. “Is he still under?” A man asked. “Yes he is Henry.” Jason said. “Good, I really don’t wanna hurt him, he looks so young.” Henry said.

Debbie saw the others. “ILLUSIE-KUN!!” Debbie yelled. The boy looked up. “They’re back.” The boy told a girl. “Yumna, let’s go help them.” The girl said. “Hey Shay!” Goten yelled. “Need any help?” Shay asked. Chey dragged Tommy over. “He’s been drugged and now he’s really out of it.” Chey told her. “Tally’s just sleeping, I don’t know why.” Trunks said. “Aah, okay. I’ll go and get it set up then.” Shay said as she turned and left. Yumna looked up at Az. Az looked at Yumna blankly. “I haven’t seen you in a while.” Az said softly. “I know…” Yumna whispered.

Ratt and Davey looked up at Rossi. “We’ve told you all we know, so please let us go!” Ratt shouted. Davey glared at Rossi. “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!” Davey screamed as he lunged at him. Rossi easily flung Davey across the room. “DAVEY!!” Ratt yelled. Rossi let out a low laugh. “You bastard!” Ratt growled. Henry walked in. “Sir, the boy is now awake and seems to be following orders perfectly. “Huh? What do you mean by that?” Davey asked. “That is none of your business kids.” Rossi said. “Want us to bring him in?” Henry asked. “Yes, please do. I have something for him to do.” Rossi told him. Henry left and returned with a small boy. Ratt’s and Davey’s eyes widened. “Zane?!”

Listen to me. I am ordering you to kill those people! Don’t you understand what they have done to us?! I don’t know who you are. In all due time you shall know Zane. Just tell me who you are! Zane, you already know who I am deep in your heart. No! Tell me! “I want you to kill those two traitors.” Rossi told Zane. “Yes sir.” Zane said, devoid of any feelings. “NO DON’T!! FALLEN MOON-SAN PLEASE DON’T!!” Ratt screamed. Davey started to cry. Kill them and then kill that man! No! I can’t! They haven’t done anything to me! Kill them you weakling or I’ll do it myself! Zane charged at Ratt.

“Hey! Where are Ratt, Davey and Zane?” Kimai asked. “Out still, probably will be back soon.” Volt said as he clicked on a link. “Oh…I hope they’re okay…” Kimai whispered. “Don’t worry Vento-chan!” Nicola said. “Alright Mespirt…” Kimai said. “Cheer up! I’m sure they’ll be here soon!”

They never knew what could happen to them. They grew up too fast. A three year old aged at least 25 years in 8 years. A four year old aged at least 25 years in 4 years. Their lives were destroyed due to their destiny. But what could they have done? If they didn’t do it the world would have been destroyed. If they did they would save the world but at a cost that was very high to pay. They were no longer the same kids they were before, they were changed. But what made them change so much? Was it the wars? Was it the pressure? Or was it the Swords of the Seal themselves that changed them?

Zane walked towards the camp, dragging Davey’s and Ratt’s bodies behind him. How much longer do I have to go? A tent soon appeared in his sight. “ZANE!!” A boy yelled out, Zane recognized him as Gohan. “Hello again Lighter-san…” Zane said softly. “What’s up? Where are the other two?” Gohan asked. Zane threw the two bodies at Gohan. Gohan’s eyes widened. “There, they’re now in your possession.” Zane said with a smirk. Gohan let out a shrill scream. Goten and Trunks came running over to him. Goten’s eyes widened as his eyes fell on Davey’s dead body. Trunks grew furious and charged at Zane. Zane neatly sliced off Trunks’ hand. Trunks screamed in pain. “Don’t even try me. I’m not the same person you knew before…” Zane told them calmly.

“Did you just hear screaming?” Shay asked Abby. Abby moved her white hair out of her face. “I don’t know, but I think I did.” Abby said. “Let’s go then!” Shay shouted. Abby and Shay raced out of their tent and saw a bloody scene. Trunks was holding a stump on the end of his hand and Davey’s and Ratt’s dead bodies were on top of Gohan. Goten was covered in blood and bleeding from a hole in his chest and Zane was in the middle of them all, smiling calmly. Shay screamed. Zane looked up at her.

Volt typed in his password and logged on to the group’s website. A scream made him stop what he was doing. He looked around the tent and wondered why someone had screamed. He noticed that Kimai was gone. “Where did Kimai go?” Volt asked. “I don’t know.” Nicola said. Volt got up and walked outside he saw Kimai crying. “What’s wrong?” Volt asked. “He killed them!” Kimai sobbed. Volt was confused. “He did what? And who’s he anyways?” Volt asked. Kimai sobbed louder. “Shut up! You’re making it hard for me to think!” Volt yelled. Kimai fell silent. Volt quickly tried to calm down.

Zane looked up at the sky. Wasn’t that fun young one? Go away, you’re bugging me. But wasn’t it fun Zane? Shut up! Just shut up! Why won’t you answer? Is it because you don’t want to admit to yourself that it was fun? Shut up! Stop acting like you know everything! He heard someone walking over to him. Zane sat up. “Hello again boy.” Rossi said. “What do you want now?” Zane asked dryly. “I was just wondering where you were, that’s all.” Rossi told him. Zane scoffed. “Ya right, you just want something else now, don’t you?” Zane asked sharply. Rossi laughed. “What’s the matter boy, scared of me?” Rossi asked. Zane felt his anger rising up inside of him. “Go to hell!” Zane hissed. Rossi stepped towards Zane. “You belong to me now!” Rossi said. “I ain’t belonging to anyone!” Zane yelled. “You’re only 6 years old but you act much older than that.” Rossi said. “I said shut the hell up!!” Zane screamed. Rossi slapped Zane hard across the face. Zane grabbed his cheek and felt tears starting to burn his eyes.

Tommy opened his eyes and sat up. “Huh? Where is everyone else?” Tommy asked out loud. He scanned the room, hoping to find some type of clue to help him figure it out. Tommy got up and slowly walked to the tent’s door. All was oddly silent. Tommy was puzzled and walked out of the tent, no one was in sight. “Hello? Where is everyone?” Tommy asked in a small voice. He heard someone behind him. “What is it Gohan?” Tommy asked. Gohan was quiet. “What is it? What is going on?” Tommy asked. “He killed two of us…” Gohan whispered softly.

Tally sat up. “What’s wrong?” Mint asked her. “Quiet-kun! What are you doing here?” Tally exclaimed. “I just came here to visit my childhood friends.” Mint quickly answered. Tally remembered that Mint was Hope’s, Chey’s best friend, boyfriend, and that he use to always hang out with the group of Chey, Hope, Volt, Abby and Ratt. “They’re not here right now. TroublePast and PineOak-chan are currently out. RainbowDove-chan and HaloWings-kun are doing something.” Tally told him. “Oh…I didn’t know that, no one told me…” Mint said softly. “Let’s go find them then!” Tally shouted. Mint smiled.

He hurt you! Now what shall we do?! I won’t do anything! And you won’t be doing anything! I can take it! No you can’t! Yes I can, when my father hurt me I was able to take it, it’s no worse than that. Stop lying to yourself young one. “Had enough?” Rossi asked. “I can take it.” Zane answered calmly. “Quick! Put him under again!” Rossi shouted. Jason quickly pushed a needle into Zane. Zane felt his mind fading and closed his eyes.

“Oniichan! Come on! Let’s hurry!” Tommy shouted. Zane slowly dragged his feet. “What’s wrong?” Tommy asked. “It’s nothing.” Zane quickly said. “Are you sure?” Tommy asked. “Yes, I’m sure.” Zane said. There was a noise from the bush in front of them. “W-what was that?” Tommy asked in a small voice. “Probably just a bird.” Zane said as he walked ahead. An arm reached out and grabbed him. Tommy screamed. “You’re so weak!” The person hissed. “I’m not weak!” Zane screamed in a shrill voice.

“I’m not weak…I’m not weak…” Zane mumbled. “I don’t give a damn if you’re weak or not boy, you’re just gonna have to listen to me!” Rossi yelled. “I’m not weak…I’m not weak…” Zane mumbled again. Rossi slapped Zane and he awoke with a start. “Where am I?” Zane asked. “Shut up boy!” Rossi growled. Zane received another slap. Tear stung Zane’s eyes. “Stop it…please…” Zane begged. Rossi proceed to slap Zane more times. Zane let out a yelp of pain. “Enough! Please!” Zane sobbed. “Shut up boy! You’re gonna learn not to disobey me!” Rossi shouted as he raised his hand to hit Zane again. In a flash Rossi was on the ground. “Don’t mess with me.” Zane said coldly. Rossi looked up at Zane in shock. “Now leave this place right now before I kill you right here and now.” Zane told him. Rossi got up and scampered away.

“Ready yet?” Chey asked Gohan. Gohan nodded his head. Today was the day they were finally gonna take Zane down! “Are you two ready Sally and Abby?” Gohan asked. The two girls nodded their heads. Gohan sighed and hoped to get this done better than the last times they tried, he had to avenge their deaths, and mostly his… “Coming Sunshine?” Chey asked. Gohan frowned and ignored her. Chey started to get annoyed. “Fine, be like that but just remember I was there to help you when he died, I was by your side the whole time and that you were the one who came to me crying, begging me to help you!” Chey shouted. Gohan held back tears. “Aah, so you do remember that.” Chey said softly. “Chey-chan, he still is a bit unstable so be nice to him.” Abby said softly. Chey was shocked, could this be the same Abby from her childhood? Could this be the same Abby who had yelled out that she hated everyone that took her friends away from her that hated every boy that hung out with Chey and Hope? “Abby, I’m so sorry I didn’t know you felt that way about it…” Chey whispered. “Let’s just get moving.” Abby said coldly, acting just like she had in her childhood. But then again back then she was with the loves of her life, back then she was torn between two people, two of her best friends. Back then she had himAah yes, him…I had him. And all was well, all was great and then I had her. She made things a bit confusing but made everything a whole lot better. There was 6 of us, me, Hope, Ratt, Mint, her and him. Oh how I miss those days… “Coming Break-chan?” Sally asked with a grin. “Ya, whatever…” Abby muttered.

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