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Zane walked along the path towards the campsite. He loved going there just to relax. Zane stopped as he heard voice coming from up ahead. What the hell?! This is a sacred place! What are those normal people doing here?! Zane felt rage starting to build up. Zane leaned in to listen to the people.

“Are you sure he’s here?” “Those people tell us he comes here almost every day.” “But how to we know it’s him?” “They say he never seems to age and he’s way too fast for them to catch him.” “So what should we do now that we’re here?” “Now we just lay in wait.”

Zane’s face grew dark. I can’t stay here any longer…I have to find a new place to stay… Zane slowly walked away.  “What ‘cha doing?” A small boy asked him. Zane quickly turned around. “Oh, it’s just you Tom.” Zane mumbled. Tom smiled cheerfully. “Do you need someplace to stay?” Tom asked. “Why do you want to know?!” Zane asked sharply. “I have a place for you to stay!” Tom exclaimed.

Trunks closed his eyes. “Stay up.” Yumna whispered. Trunks forced his eyes open. Kimai yawned. “We’ve been up for about 6 days now!” Debbie whined. “Stop your whining!” Shay snapped. “We need to rest. If we don’t get some sleep we’ll end up crashing on a job.” Trunks said with a yawn. “But we can’t let our guards down…” Yumna whispered. “I know but we have to sleep sometime…”

Gohan stared up at the sky. “You okay Meal-kun?” Chey asked. Gohan ignored her. “Are you mad at me?” Chey asked softly. Gohan still ignored her. “If you are I’m sure you have a very good reason for it and I just want to say that I’m sorry…” Chey said. Gohan frowned slightly. “Gohan…?” Chey asked. “I feel like something ain’t right.” Gohan told her. “Maybe it’s because the others are out getting stuff.” Chey said. “Yeah right!”

Tom turned on the light. “Here it is!” Tom said cheerfully. Zane scowled. “So this is it?” Zane asked slightly annoyed. “Uh ya, why do you ask?” Tom asked. “No reason…” Zane said softly. “My mom and dad don’t use this place anymore but I get it so you can use it if you like.” Tom said. Zane fell silent. “Is something wrong?” Tom asked. “Wh-why are you being so nice to me?” Zane asked. Tom didn’t answer. Zane was now very confused.

Zane sat down, he was very scared that someone would come and take him away at any moment. Why so scared boy? I ain’t scared. You so are! Zane sighed and went outside. Why can’t I shake this weird feeling? Why can’t I shake the wanting to kill?

“Coming Zane?” Tommy asked. “No, so go away!” Zane shouted as he pulled his covers over his head. “Get up sleepyhead!” Sally said in a sing-song voice. “Go away!” Zane yelled. “It’s time to get up, we got work to do and you can’t stay home alone.” Az said. “But mom’s here!” Zane exclaimed. “She has to go soon.” Sally said. “But I can take care of myself!” Zane snapped. “No you can’t.” Sally said. “Yes I can, I am mature!” Zane said sharply. “You’re only 5 Zane.” Az said. “I can take care of myself.” Zane repeated.

“Alright Zane, I’ll be right back in an hour and a half.” Stary said. “Whatever.” Zane muttered. Zane heard the door close and he snuggled under the covers, he soon heard a knock at his window. “Go away!” Zane shouted. “Hey come on, let me in!” A man said. “Go away! My mom and dad are busy!” Zane shouted. “Let me in Zane!” The man snapped. “Come back in half an hour!” Zane yelled. “Do you want to be grounded?!” Zane’s eyes widened. “Fuck…” He muttered. Zane got out of bed and opened the window. “What do you want now Dad?” Zane asked sharply. Rex laughed softly. “I wanna stay home today, I feel sick so can we get this over with already?” Zane asked. “You know what I came here for.” Rex said. “They’re in the dining room.” Zane said.

Zane sighed and held his head down low. “Why was I such a fool back then?” Zane asked himself. He couldn’t think of an answer. More memories came flooding back to Zane. No, no! I don’t want to remember! I don’t want to!

“Where the hell were you last night?!” Diana asked sharply. “I was out.” Zane said. “You have a curfew Zane!” Diana said. “Fuck off; you’re not the boss of me!” Zane shouted. “Do you wanna be out of here?!” Diana screamed at Zane. “Go to hell! You’re so stupid!” Zane yelled as he stormed up the stairs. “You’re such a problem child Zane!” Diana called up to him. Zane sat in the room that was called his. “Stupid adult! She ain’t my real mom!” Zane growled. Zane sighed sadly and opened his window. He had to escape this house!

“Hey kid, do you want some pot?” A man asked. Zane was puzzled. “Who? Me?” Zane asked. “Yeah you, so do you want some pot or not?” The man asked. Zane shook his head. “I’m just trying to escape my foster house.” Zane said. “Aah, a foster house. I know how that can feel. I was in one too man. It really sucked. I turned to drugs as my escape.” The man said. “Who are you exactly?” Zane asked. “My name is Steven.” He said.

“Where the hell were you Zane?!” Diana screamed. “I was out! YOU DON’T HAVE TO FUCKING STALK ME ALL THE TIME!!” Zane snapped. “GO TO YOUR DAMN ROOM!” Diana yelled. Zane smirked. “Whatever you ugly old faggot.” Zane said as he went up the stairs. Once he got to his room he went out on the roof. He needed his fix again.

“What now?” Abby asked. “I don’t know…” Sally said softly. “We have to do something. We have to…” Abby said as she held back tears. “Don’t worry Abby; we’ll take down my little brother sooner or later.” Sally said. “Hey, hurry up you guys!” Gohan called out to them. Sally nodded and she and Abby hurried after Chey and Gohan.

Trunks sighed and walked along the river’s side. Come now little boy, you must listen to me! Trunks tried his best to ignore the voice. Trunks looked across the river, he saw a house. A place to stay maybe? Fool! Don’t you dare ignore me like that! Trunks couldn’t hear the other’s cries over the sound of the thundering waterfall; Trunks couldn’t hear their warnings over the shouting voice in his head. An arrow flew by Trunks’ head. Trunks ignored it and kept on walking towards the river’s edge. The others cried out for him to stop but he couldn’t hear them; he was too focused on his mission. The arrows kept on flying, closer and closer to Trunks’ head and body, but he still ignored it and kept on walking. Shay screamed as an arrow hit Trunks and went right through his chest.

Zane groaned as he got up, he had such a splitting headache. Zane glanced around the room. What the…? This isn’t the campsite… Zane was utterly puzzled. Where are the others? Zane slowly dragged himself up and walked to the door. Hmm…this place kind of looks familiar… Zane walked outside and saw a broken-down playground set. Zane’s eyes widened.

“Come on! I’ll race ya to the top!” Tommy yelled. “Oh hell no, I’m gonna beat ya!” Zane yelled as they raced for the jungle gym. Az was pushing Tally on one of the swings. Tommy giggled as he and Zane raced up the stairs.

“I-it can’t be!” Zane exclaimed. There was no way that this could have been where he uses to live! There was no way that this could have been where he uses to play as a child! Zane felt dizzy. He slowly made his way down to a bench. Can this really be? Can this really be my old house?

“I thought we were supposed to meet the others already.” Abby said sharply. Gohan fell silent. “Well they did say that we were supposed to meet them at 12 o’clock.” Chey said. “It’s now only 11:45.” Sally said. “They’ll be here, I know they will. They always come no matter what!” Gohan exclaimed.

“Stop the bleeding!” Shay told Yumna. “With what?!” Yumna asked. “Oh for Christ sakes! Use your shirt!” Shay snapped. “Put pressure on his wound and that will help make it stop bleeding.” Kimai said. “Trunks! Stay with us!” Debbie yelled. “Wait! What about meeting the others??” Yumna asked. “Screw that! Trunks need us!” Shay yelled.

Trunks opened his eyes. He groaned. He heard the others talking in hushed voices. “What are we going to do?! He could die!” “But we have to try! We can’t just let him, he’s our leader!” “Shh!! Don’t raise your voice. The others are resting.” “Don’t you dare boss me around!” “Oh stop being such a baby!” There was the sound of a blow landing. “I’m older then you so you better listen to me!” Trunks felt scared. He had never heard his team mates sound like this before.  “I really hate you! The only reason I stay here is because of Trunks and the others!” “Well good, ‘cause I hate you too!” “That’s fine by me!” There was the sound of someone stomping away. Trunks heard someone walk into the room.  “Stupid Debbie-chan! Thinks she is so great just ‘cause she’s older…” Trunks heard Kimai mutter. “Shh Wind-chan. Trunks needs his rest, we don’t want to wake him just yet.” Yumna said softly. Well it’s too late for that guys…way too late for that… Trunks thought bitterly.

“They’re not coming Meal-kun…” Sally said. Gohan sighed. “But they have to!” Gohan protested. “Gohan, it’s 3 o’clock, and the others are asleep. Just face it, they’re not coming.” Sally told him. Gohan knew that Sally was telling the truth. “You’re right…we should go then…” Gohan said as he got up. Suddenly they heard the sound of branches snapping. I knew it! I knew that they would come! Gohan thought happily.

Zane walked out into a clearing. He blinked a few times. Is that…? He rubbed his eyes. He couldn’t hear what the people were saying. Wait is he in attack mode? Is he going to attack me? Zane was puzzled. Do I know them? Yes Zane, you know them. I do? Yes you have killed some of their kind, some of their people. I did? Yes, do you really not remember? I can’t…I don’t… I don’t really remember that… Suddenly Zane could hear their voices clearly. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” The boy yelled. What was his name again…? Oh yeah that’s Gohan… “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM US?!” The girl yelled. Aah yes, that’s my older sister named Sally… “I’m not here to fight…” Zane said in a horsed voice. “Then why are you here?” Gohan asked as he eyed Zane suspiciously. “I-I don’t really know, I was just walking along this path…i-if you want to talk we’re right near my childhood home.” Zane stuttered. “Really? We are??” Sally asked a look of shock on her face. “Yeah, I saw the old playground we had. So it has to be our old house.” Zane said.

“Sit down where ever you want; uh do you guys want some tea or coffee?” Zane asked. “Uh, tea’s fine for me.” Chey said. “I’ll take a coffee.” Gohan said. “Tea please.” Abby said. “I’ll have a coffee also.” Sally said. “Okay…I’ll get that started up.” Zane told them. Gohan slowly sat down; oddly enough all this old furniture was sturdy enough. “Why do you think he invited us here?” Chey asked. “I don’t know, but we better be on our guard.” Gohan hissed. Zane walked back in with the drinks. “Here you go guys, I hope you don’t mind hazelnut flavored coffee and green tea.” Zane said as he pasted out the drinks. “Thanks, it’ll be just fine.” Gohan said with a smile. “Whatever possessed you to come here Zane?”  Sally asked. “I really don’t know. I was just walking aimlessly for a few days until I met this kid Tom who gave me this place to stay which he said his parents didn’t use anymore, turns out this place was the house I grew up in.” Zane said as he sipped his cup of tea. “Tom? Isn’t that short for Tommy or Thomas?” Gohan asked with a frown. “Well yeah but-” Zane started to say but then stopped. The pieces of the puzzled clicked into place. That kid has to be my twin brother Tommy! But didn’t I kill him?!

“Hey Trunks…you up?” Kimai asked. Trunks groaned and sat up. “I am now.” Trunks muttered. “Listen, we want to move on tonight, are you alright with that?” Kimai asked. “Why tonight?” Trunks asked confused. “We have to hurry up and move because there are people who seem to be on to us.” Shay answered. “Oh…”

Tom looked out the window. “It’s snowing…” He said softly. A woman approached him. “So where is he now?” She asked. “He’s at the house right now…” Tom answered. “Good, tell us when you’re ready to betray him boy.” A man said. “And if I don’t?” Tom asked. “Good luck with your love…” The man said. Tom fell silent. I’m so sorry Oniichan…I have to do this or else they’ll hurt Yumna-chan… Tom thought bitterly. “When shall we spring the trap?” The woman asked. “In a few days, I need to finish setting it up.” Tom said. “You better be kid, or I’ll make sure you suffer!!” The man yelled. Tom flinched slightly. “Yes daddy…and don’t worry mom, I’ll make you proud…” Tommy said. Even though I don’t know what Zane did wrong. Tom added silently.

When Gohan awoke there were strange noises all around him. His mind couldn’t register what these random people were saying. Did they just say Sword of the Seal? What does that mean? Gohan was so confused. “-experiment on him, he didn’t like it.” Experimented on whom? Who didn’t like it? Gohan wondered what they were talking about. “-they’re freaks, they have super strength and those weird swords!” Super strength? Weird swords? “-might have to pull the plug soon.” Pull the plug? What the heck does that mean?! “-doesn’t work on him at all.” What? What doesn’t work? Who doesn’t it work on? Why doesn’t it work on them? “-send him in please.” A door opened and a small boy walked in, he was covered from head to toe in bandages. “Hello young one, let’s try this again. What is your name?” A man asked. “I don’t know…” The boy said. I know that voice… “Who do you work for?” The man asked. “I’m unsure of whom I use to work for but now I work for you and your people.” The boy said. It can’t be…oh please show me your face! “Where did you get this sword from?” The man asked as he held up a sword with a lightning design on it. “I can’t recall…” The boy said as he raised he head up. Gohan saw his face and his eyes widened. Goten?!

Gohan awoken with a start; sweat made his shirt cling to his skin. He couldn’t recognize where he was! For a minute he started to panic but then the memories all came flooding back to him. He was at Zane’s old house. They had had coffee and tea and chatted a bit, he must have fallen asleep! Gohan looked around. Chey and Abby were sleeping on the floor and Sally was sleeping in a chair. Gohan noticed that he was in a bed. Zane was nowhere in sight. Gohan sighed. He had been having dream like that for a while now. Those dreams are starting to give me false hope… Gohan got up and tip-toed out of the room, then out of the house. He started to walk down a path. “Going somewhere?” Zane asked. Gohan quickly turned around. “Oh, hey Zane.” Gohan muttered. “Where are you going?” Zane asked. Gohan saw that Zane was holding logs in his hands. “What’s with the logs?” Gohan asked. “We have a fireplace that kind of heats the house, we’re out of wood.” Zane said. Gohan hated the fact that he had said we.  “There is no we! We just met up randomly! It means nothing!” Gohan snapped. “Oh come on Lighter-san! It’s Christmas after all!” Zane said with a grin. Gohan sighed. It’s Christmas already? So how long has it been now?

Sally laughed. “So then I said, Yo waiter! There’s a fly on your wig!” Abby said. Chey giggled. “Hey guys…” Zane said as he walked in. “Oh hiya Fallen Moon! Where’s Meal-kun?” Chey asked. Zane had blood on his hands, he kept quiet. “Well where is Gohan-san?!” Abby asked angrily. Gohan walked in. “I’m right here guys.” Gohan said. “Gohan-san!!” Chey yelled out happily. “Eh? What is it PineOak-chan?” Gohan asked. “I was worried about you ‘cause Zane had blood on his hands!” Chey shouted. “Do not accuse Fallen Moon of anything. He just fell.” Gohan said, remembering what had really happened.

“What are you doing Gohan-san?” Zane asked slight confused. Gohan’s anger was starting to get the best of him. “You will pay for what you did to the others!” Gohan shouted as he charged at Zane. Zane let out a shrill scream and leapt out of the way. Zane felt a surging pain in his hands. “Gohan-san…” Zane sobbed. The blood dripped down from Zane’s hands. “You will pay…” Gohan said softly.

“Let’s bandage him up then!” Sally said. Zane tilted his head. “Really guys? You believe that I’m good?” Zane asked with tears in his eyes. “Of course! You’re one of us after all!” Chey said with a smile. Tears quickly filled Zane’s eyes and started to fall down. “I-I’m just an assassin! Why should you forgive a person like me?!” Zane asked. “Because everyone deserves second chances.” Gohan said. “I-I love you!!” Zane shouted as he hugged Zane tightly. Gohan blushed and hugged back while Chey glared at the hugging boys.

The boy got up and headed to the bathroom. He was still half asleep. He could still remember what had happened to him just earlier today. I thought I heard a voice calling my name…yet I don’t even remember my name or what that person called me…I wonder… The boy flushed the toilet and headed out of the bathroom. He could hear a faint voice in his head from his dream, but it slowly faded away and he forgot all about his true name and his brother.

There was a knock on the door. Zane opened his eyes and yawned. “Come in!” Gohan shouted. There was another knock on the door. Zane and Gohan looked at each other, they were the only two at home. “I’ll answer it.” Gohan said as he started to get up. “No, it’s my house so I’ll get the door.” Zane said as he quickly made his way to the door. When he opened it something hit him in the neck and he fell to the ground in a heap. Gohan was too busy watching TV to hear Zane’s body falling to the ground; if only he had been listening then he would have heard the sounds of Zane being dragged away. But then again Gohan was thinking about how Chey had yelled at him and called him a good for nothing cheating bastard. That had probably hurt him a lot…

Trunks calmly lead his group to the forest’s edge. They followed ever too eagerly. “Say, where’s the meeting spot?” Yumna asked. “I don’t know…” Trunks answered. Shay sighed and started to fall behind the group, with her was Kimai. Trunks noticed this but ignored it. What could the two medics be up to? He wondered. Trunks was quickly brought out of his thought suddenly when he got caught in a hunter’s trap. “SOMEBODY GET ME DOWN!!” Trunks screamed. He heard giggles all around him. “SOMEONE PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!!” "We caught the leader guys.” A boy said. Trunks knew that voice all too well! “TOMMY?! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” Trunks shouted. “My name is Tom; I don’t know who the hell you are talking about!” Tom yelled.

The others just stayed back and watched the trouble unfold. “Shouldn’t we help him?” Debbie asked. “I don’t know…” Yumna answered. “Don’t move…” Came a voice from behind them. “Nani?” Yumna asked. He turned around and came face to face with Mint! “W-what are you doing?!” Debbie yelled. “Shh! Be quiet, we don’t want them to notice us.” Mint told them.

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