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A hand shook Gohan awake. “Hmm…?” Gohan asked sleepily. “Get up, we need to move.” Sally hissed. “Where’s Zane-kun?” Gohan asked in a slurred voice. “He’s already gone.” Sally lied. “Oh alright.” Gohan said as he sat up. Sally looked up at the ceiling; there was a bloodstain on it. Sally remembered it so well, that was from the murder of Tommy, Az and Stary. Strange how Tally and Zane still lived. And Daddy Rex never did really stay around for long. Sally slowly looked around the room, taking in its looks one last time before it was destroyed.

“-he’s not responding properly!” A man yelled. The boy woke up with a start. “-like what’s with him? He’s such a freak and what’s with that weird sword?” Another person said. “Well at least all his memories will be forgotten completely soon.” The man said. “And that’s when we will pit him against his older brother!” The other one said. “And when Goten forgets everything we’ll get him to destroy the others! And this time we’ll make sure this one doesn’t turn on us like Zane!” The man said. G-Goten? Is-is that my name? Goten is my name…? The small boy slumped to the ground. “-will change his DNA and make him a Diclonius!” The man yelled. A Diclonius? What the heck is a Diclonius? The boy, Goten if that was really his name, was left feeling very confused.

A blow quickly landed on Trunks. “That’s it Tommy!” A woman yelled. “Yes mom!” Tom yelled. “Make me proud son, we still need to finish up with Zane!” A man said. “KAMEHAME-HAAAAA!!!!” A girl yelled out. Tom quickly got slammed into a tree. The girl landed. “Long time no see Trunks-kun.” The girl said. Trunks recognized her as Goten’s twin sister Fuko. “What are you doing here?” Trunks asked. “Oh I’m surprised you didn’t sense him! I can feel Goten’s KI!” Fuko exclaimed. Trunks blinked. Last time he checked Zane had killed Goten. “A-are you sure?” Trunks asked. “Yes, can’t you sense him?” Fuko asked.

Zane yawned. "Good morning..." A voice called out to him. W-who? I know that voice... "Wake up sleepy head!" A rough voice told him. "What?" Zane asked, his eyes wouldn't focus so he couldn't really see the people's faces. "Are you alright Zane?" A kind voice asked him. "M-mom?" Zane choked out. "Stary! I told you not to talk to him!" The rough voice yelled. "I-is that you dad?" Zane asked. "SHUT UP BOY!" The rough voice ordered. "But Rex, come on now!" Stary said. "I SAID STOP TALKING!" Rex shouted. "No, you said for Zane to stop talking and you told me not to talk to him, but you never said anything about talking to you." Stary said. W-wasn't there a third voice? Zane felt his eyes grow heavy. "Go to sleep and it'll be all over soon..." A voice told him.

"Look, you have to understand; most of whom you think is dead is really alive and are being molded into something evil and cruel." Mint said. "What are you talking about?!" Debbie asked, slightly annoyed. "Calm down there!" Yumna said. Debbie sighed. "Fine Illusie-kun." Debbie muttered. "Look, did you really think that Dialga and Mespirt would die that easily?" Mint asked. Debbie fell silent. "Dialga controls time and Mespirt controls willpower!" Yumna shouted. "Shhh...they aren't too far from us." Mint hissed.

What is going on? I don't understand what is going on.... Good day young one. Who the heck are you?! Calm down young one. I have a name!! It's Davey Suki! Oh really young one? You're listed as Alex Terre Davis. But Terre is my Seal Name! Not my middle name!! Alex Davis is a fake name!! A fake name? Why would you use a fake name? Because if we didn't they would kill us.... Oh really young one? Who the hell are you?!

The girl took off the headset. "I tried my best sir. Still no real information." She said. "So did he tell you his name?" Rossi asked. "Davey Suki." The girl said. "Good job Amy!" Rossi yelled. Amy sighed and sunk into her seat. She was pretty much betraying her family. Davey was like a cousin to her, he did like her cousin Fuko anyways... "Amy, how long should it take to learn how to control the Seal Sword?" Rossi asked. "Oh I really don't know how to say this..." Amy started to say. But I already know who to use it and how to make False Seal Sword. Oh and I also have my own False Seal Sword, The Raging Blossom. Amy smirked slightly. "So what is it?" Rossi asked. "It might take anywhere between a few days and a few weeks sir..." Amy said. "Well take all the time you need to figure this out." Rossi said as he left. How did I get myself into this?! Amy thought as she lowered her head.

"He surrounded by some humans, they seem pretty weak." Fuko told Trunks. "You sure?" Trunks asked. "Yeah I'm sure Trunks-kun!" Fuko said with a smile. "So let's get him!" Trunks shouted. "Wait a minute, so what are we gonna do with him?" Fuko asked as she pointed at Tom. Tom was tied up and currently was knocked out. "He'll be fine." Trunks said. "You sure?" Fuko asked. "Yeah, let's get moving." Trunks said as he started to walk forward.

"One, two, I’m coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again" The small boy slowly opened his eyes. "One, two, I'm coming for you. Three, four, better lock your door. Five, six, grab your crucifix. Seven, eight, better stay up late. Nine, ten, he's back again..." "W-who's there?" The boy asked in a scared voice. There was silence and the boy relaxed. He closed his eyes and set up to fall back asleep, suddenly there was a loud bang on the window. The boy screamed. A boy jumped in through the window, the small boy recognized the boy as Zane, the one the workers talked so much about. "Hey." Zane said. "Hey..." The boy mumbled. "What'sa matter buddy?" Zane asked. "Nothing." The boy said. "Your name is what again?" Zane asked. "I don't remember. but they do call me James Taylor sometimes." The small boy answered. "Alright James-kun. You can call me Fallen Moon." Zane said. The boy stopped to think. Didn't they say I had a middle name...? What was it again? The boy sighed and remember something, something big...

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