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A/N This is a fanfictin with Elfen Lied and DragonBall Z. It is short because I want to see if people want me to go on with the story.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN DRAGON BALL Z OR ELFEN LIED (No matter how much I wish I did) THEY BELONG TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS (Which sadly isn't me)

He held the knife at his throat. His lavender hair fell into his sky blue eyes. "Trunks-kun...put the knife down.” A girl said. She has long pink hair and red eyes. Two horns rested above her ears. Trunks looked at the girl. "'s either me or you." Trunks said.

Mariko laughed and unleashed her vectors. Trunks dodged all of her vectors. "Die you Diclonius scum..." Trunks yelled as he threw a knife at Mariko's head. Mariko used her vectors to fling the knife away. "People like you shouldn't be allowed to live!" Trunks shouted. "How would you like to die?" Mariko asked. "I'll die when your kind dies!" Trunks said. "No one gets away with killing my best friend!"

Trunks grabbed the ball. "Pass it over Trunks-kun!" Goten shouted, his black eyes shining. "I'll pass it as soon as you take off the stupid hat!" Trunks shouted. Goten wore a sheepish grin as he took off the hat. "W-what happened to your hair?" Trunks asked shocked. Goten's black spiky hair had been cut into a clean and neat haircut. "My mom cut my hair...she didn't want to be reminded of dad anymore." Goten said.

Trunks threw the ball to Goten. "It's not that bad." Trunks told him. Goten quickly caught the ball. "Oh really?" Goten asked. "I have seen better hair on an old grandma!" Trunks said. "Oh! How rude Trunks-kun!" Goten shouted as he threw the ball. Trunks dodged the ball. "Hey! It was a joke Goten! No need to- where did the ball go?" Trunks said as he glanced around for the ball.

"Oh! I'm sorry Trunks-kun! I'll go find it!" Goten said as he ran off. Trunks waited impatiently for Goten. "Hi there." Some one said. Trunks turned around and saw a girl in a wheelchair. "Hello there! I'm Trunks." Trunks told her. "I'm Mariko; I want to talk to your friend Goten." Mariko told Trunks. "Well he's around." Trunks mumbled.

Goten landed behind Mariko. "I found the ball Trunks-kun!" Goten shouted. "Hello Goten." Mariko said. "Huh? Who are you? How do you know my name?" Goten asked. "Huh? I thought you knew her!" Trunks shouted. "My name is Mariko; I want to talk to you Goten." Mariko said as her vectors went for Goten.

"What do you wa-" Goten started to say as his head got cut off. Trunks screamed. "What have you done? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?" Trunks shouted.

Mariko looked at Trunks. "Your friend? He was lots of fun!" Mariko said with a giggle. I want to be with my friend... Trunks thought as Mariko got her vectors ready.

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