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Trunks powered up. "I'm not gonna let you get away!" Trunks shouted. Mariko quickly hid. "I can feel your ki. You can't hide from me." Trunks told her. "I don't know what you're talking about but I will still kill you!" Mariko said. Trunks glanced around. That's odd...I don't sense her anymore... Trunks thought as he quickly took to the air. "WHERE ARE YOU HIDING YOU COWARD?" Trunks shouted.

"Who said I was hiding?" Mariko said with a giggle. Trunks turned around. "N-no way!" Trunks said shocked. "You're not the only one who can take into the air." Mariko told him. "TAKE THIS! FLAME KAMEHAMEHAA!" Trunks shouted as he unleashed his attack. "What are you doing little boy?" A woman asked Trunks. "Huh?" Trunks asked as he turned to face her.

She has short pink hair and red eyes, she also had two horns! "What are you doing here Lucy?" Mariko asked. "Tsh! Not another one!" Trunks shouted. "Why don't you fight for real." Lucy told him. Trunks looked at Mariko and then at Lucy. I can't take both of them... Trunks thought as he landed. "CAN'T YOU FIGHT FAIR?" Trunks shouted at the two Diclonius. "Fighting fair doesn't help anyone." Lucy said.

"No! Please! I'm just a kid! I don't wanna die!" Trunks screamed. "No one will be spared..." Lucy told him. "M-my daddy will kill you if you hurt me!" Trunks shouted. "And where is your dad now?" Lucy asked. "He's gonna be here anytime soon!" Trunks said. Trunks felt a ki coming closer really fast. "What's the matter little boy? Don't tell me you're scared." Lucy said.

Trunks saw Gohan. "GOHAN!" Trunks shouted. "'s another one." Lucy said flatly. "This will be fun!" Mariko giggled. "Gohan is a lot stronger and he always brings friends!" Trunks told them. "Which one of them killed Goten?" Gohan asked. "Mariko, the girl in the wheelchair." Trunks told him.

"We'll take it from here!" Krillin said. "They're a lot stronger then they look, Mariko killed Goten in the blink of an eye." Trunks told them. "They don't look so tough!" Vegeta said. "Dad! They don't fight fair!" Trunks shouted as Krillin's head was cut off. Vegeta was shocked. "N-no! Krillin!" Gohan shouted. "No one will be spared, all humans must die." Lucy said coldly.

"HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOU!" Gohan shouted. "Stay back boy, you saw what they can do." Vegeta snapped. "If they killed Krillin and Goten without even caring then they will kill my mom and Bulma easily." Gohan told Vegeta.
"They wouldn't dare!" Trunks shouted. "Hmmm...interesting...maybe we should find these women and kill them Mariko." Lucy said. "DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH MY MOM!" Trunks shouted as he charged at Lucy. Mariko used her vectors to fling Trunks to the ground.

"TRUNKS! Damnit!" Vegeta shouted. "I'll go make sure he's okay!" Gohan said as he went down to Trunks. Vegeta was frustrated. "EAT THIS! BIG BANG ATTACK!" Vegeta shouted as he unleashed his attack.

"Trunks are you okay?" Gohan asked. "Is my daddy okay?" Trunks asked. Gohan lowered his head. "What happened to my daddy?" Trunks asked, scared to know the answer. "Please don't look Trunks..." Gohan said softly. Trunkssaw his dad's body. Trunks stood up.

"Papa..." Trunks sobbed. Vegeta's head, legs and arm had been sliced apart. "I'm so sorry Trunks, it was so hard..." Gohan told him. "Mom is gonna be so upset..." Trunks said with a small laugh. "She would have been so sad..." Gohan mumbled. "Huh? What do you mean?" Trunks asked. "If it had been my dad again my mom would have freaked!" Gohan said holding back tears.

Trunks fell silent. "They're going after them aren't they?" Trunks asked. "Yes...I don't think they have a chance up against those monsters!" Gohan said angrily. Trunks looked at Gohan. "The rest are gone aren't they? And so is half of the Earth's percent." Trunks said. Gohan slowly nodded his head. "Damnit! They work fast!" Trunks shouted.

Gohan sighed. "This is going to be hard..." Gohan muttered under his breath. "Who is the real monsters, us or them?" Trunks asked. "Huh? What do you mean by that?" Gohan asked. "Are we the monsters and are they the victims?" Trunks asked. Gohan looked away. "We are the victims!" Mariko shouted.

"What do you want?" Gohan asked as he stood up. "I just wanted to tell you that we of the Diclonius race are the true victims, not you guys." Mariko said as she turned to leave. "Wait a minute! Don't go just yet!" Trunks shouted. Mariko stopped. "What is it?" Mariko asked.

"Which one of you killed my daddy?" Trunks asked. "It was Lucy..." Mariko told them. "Then tell Lucy that I'm gonna find her and kill her!" Trunks shouted. Mariko smiled slightly. "Okay then!" Mariko said. "So they think they can kill me, but they can't..." Lucy said as she turned and walked away.

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