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A/N: This chapter is short 'cause I wanted to add in a new person. And also I didn't know if Lucy's half brother had vectors or not and if he had a name so I called him Leo and gave him vectors. Sorry if I was wrong. I have only watched the anime and read some spoilers about the manga.

"Why did you kill him Mariko?" Lucy asked. Mariko sighed. "It just wasn't yet the right time to kill him." Mariko told her. "He's just another human. They hate us." Lucy said. "What about Kohta?" Mariko asked.

"He will have to die someday." Lucy told Mariko. "Did you have to kill his dad?" Mariko asked. "Your dad is nothing like that boy's dad!" Lucy said sharply. Mariko looked at Lucy. "Don't tell me you like him!" Lucy shouted.

"I don't like that human boy!" Mariko yelled. "Then why didn't you kill him Mariko?" Lucy asked annoyed. "His friend might have attacked me." Mariko told her. "Nyu! There you are!" Kohta shouted. "Kohta!" Lucy shouted in shock.

"We were looking for you!" Kohta said with a smile. "Don't cry Kohta!" Lucy shouted. "I found you!" A boy shouted. He had blue hair and red eyes. He was wearing a hat.

"Who are you?" Mariko asked. "My name is Leo, and I am a Diclonius." The boy said as he took off his hat. "What do you want?" Mariko asked angerily as Kohta's head went flying. "I want to help you guys!" Leo said. "How about you go kill this boy named Gohan for us." Lucy told Leo. "Yes Ma'am! I won't let you down!" Leo shouted as he ran off. "This will be fun!" Mariko giggled.

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