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"How many people must die Gohan before they're stopped?" Trunks asked. Gohan stayed silent. "Onii-chan!" Trunks shouted. Gohan opened one eye. "Can't I sleep without questions?" Gohan asked.

"Sorry Onii-chan. I'll be quiet." Trunks said. "Why don't you go check on your mom again?" Gohan asked. "Okay! I'll be right back Onii-chan!" Trunks shouted as he took off flying.

"Mama! I'm home!" Trunks shouted. Leo walked out. "Are you Gohan?" Leo asked. "My name is Trunks. Who are you?" Trunks asked. "I'm Leo..." Leo said as he walked away.

"Mama! Mom!" Trunks called out. There was no answer. "I guess she's not home..." Trunks said as he took off for his base camp. Leo watched Trunks from the shadows. He must know where Gohan is! I must follow him! Leo thought as he took after Trunks.

"Onii-chan! She wasn't home!" Trunks shouted. "She must have went shopping then." Gohan told Trunks. "Ya you're right." Trunks said, agreeing with Gohan. "Who's your friend Trunks?" Gohan asked. "Huh?" Trunks asked as he turned around. "My name is Leo, you must be Gohan." Leo said. "Yes I a- " Gohan started to say as his body was cut apart.

Trunks screamed. "Your mother is dead, I killed her." Leo said as he walked away. Trunks fell to his knees. "N-no! N-now I lost both of them!" Trunks sobbed. "Maybe I should just kill you now!" Leo shouted. Trunks quickly blasted Leo's head off. "DIE YOU SCUM!" Trunks shouted as he blew up the rest of Leo's body.

"Papa...Mama...this isn't fair..." Trunks sobbed. Lucy was ready. "Die scum..." Lucy said as her vectors threw a pen at Trunks' head. Trunks quickly dodged. "You killed my dad.." Trunks said coldly. "I will kill you along with every other human on Earth!" Lucy shouted. "I'm not a full human! My dad wasn't a human!" Trunks shouted as he went Super Sayain.

Trunks' lavender hair turned golden yellow and his sky blue eyes turned aqua green. "Hmm...interesting. You're like us Diclonius. You're not like everyone else, you're different." Lucy said. Trunks was shocked as he saw it was true. "I bet people think you're a freak and that you're not human." Lucy told him. "N-no! I'm human!" Trunks shouted. "What does everyone think of your powers?" Lucy asked. Trunks' eyes grew wide.

"They get scared and hide..." Trunks said softly. "You're not that different from us Trunks." Mariko told him. "I don't kill innocent people like you do!" Trunks shouted. "They hate you, so how are they innocent?" Lucy asked. Trunks looked at the two Diclonius. "We kill humans because they hate us." Mariko told Trunks. "There is little time left Trunks." Lucy said.

"T-they are not innocent anymore?" Trunks shouted. "Hate is a crime when it leads to killing babies." Lucy told him. Trunks started to cry. "I-I don't want this anymore!" Trunks sobbed. "You can chose your side Trunks, us or the humans. If you pick the humans you will die." Lucy said.

"I-I need time to think!" Trunks shouted. "You have one hour to pick your side Trunks. If you haven't chosen by then we will kill you. Do you understand?" Lucy asked. Trunks slowly nodded his head. "Okay then!" Lucy told him. "We'll meet up here Trunks, and don't be late! Your hour starts now!" Mariko told him. Trunks had nothing to lose.

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